Internal Maaßen Speech Leaked


According to information from news agency dpa, Maaßen’s speech was uploaded at October 24 into the file “The Leadership Informs” of the protected area of the Verfassungsschutz’ intranet where it can be read by all employees. From the intelligence service, so it is heard, the controversial contents of the Maaßen speech have been whispered to the outside. The employees of Verfassungsschutz are not allowed to take any (photo) mobile phones into the office, but that is often not really controllable. And it is not possible to prevent someone from copying and passing on the text anyway, according to circles who are familiar with such things.

After an internal speech from Hans-George Maaßen, pro forma still the head of intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz, was leaked to all major news outlets with the exception of the “Research Cooperation NDR WDR Sueddeutsche” that is usually the recepient of leaks from the security apparatus WELT offers the explanation above.

The claim is that the speech is sooooo scandalous that multiple people acted in shock and took photos or started scribbling bits of the content to hand it to the journalists. Meanwhile the entire speech has gone up everywhere, making a joke of the whispering bits theory from “circles who are familiar with such things,” a phrase equally odd in the original (German: “in Kreisen, die sich da auskennen”). So you can judge for yourself if you would have raised an eyebrow and leaked it.

I think that the photo or scribble myth is spread because the speech was probably downloaded and the system takes track records of all (potential) moles. But nobody wants an investigation and the AfD is toothless.

The speech is so scandalized now that Maaßen also loses his new job over it, the newly created position to which he was supposed to be moved. I wonder if you can tell what is wrong with it. I can’t.

P.S. All details about his dismissal in his upcoming book. I hope he knows already that he will write it.

Dear Colleagues,

Today I would like to say goodbye after more than six years. Many goodbyes are planned, for example, if the employment contract is limited or if the pension age is reached, as with our friend Rob, other farewells are not planned and somewhat surprising, as with me.

The leaders of the three parties forming the Federal Government in Germany, Mrs. Merkel, CDU, Mr. Seehofer, CSU, and Mrs. Nahles, SPD, decided on September 23, that I should be replaced as President of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution. This has ended a government crisis in Germany. The SPD had threatened to break the coalition if I continued in office.

Background of the government crisis was the fact that on 7th September I had questioned the correctness of the reports spread by the media and politicians about right-wing extremist “manhunts” or pogroms in Chemnitz in [an interview with] the largest German newspaper “Bild”. On August 26, 2018, a German had been killed by asylum seekers in Chemnitz. On the same day there were demonstrations in Chemnitz against the refugee policy of the federal government formed by ordinary citizens, but also included right-wing extremists. There were also occasional crimes. On the following day, the following days, it was not the killing crime that was in the attention of the political and media interest, but right-wing extremist manhunts against foreigners. According to the local police, the prosecution, the local press, the prime minister of the state [Saxony] and my staff, these “manhunts” did not take place. They were a fiction.

I have already seen a lot of German media manipulation and Russian disinformation. But the fact that politicians and the media invent freely or at least spread unchecked this “manhunt” misinformation was a new quality of false reporting in Germany. In the following week, I commented to the [tabloid] “Bild”, in just four sentences, that, according to the findings of all relevant security agencies, there were no such far-right “manhunts”.

In the following week, I made clear to the relevant parliamentary committees that a fight against right-wing extremism does not justify inventing right-wing extremist crimes. The media and green [party] and left-wing politicians, who felt found out by me for their false reporting, demanded my dismissal. In my view, this was for radical left-wing forces in the SPD, who from the onset were against forming a coalition with the CDU/CSU, the welcome occasion to provoke a break with this governing coalition. Since I am known in Germany as a critic of an idealistic, naive and left-wing immigration and security policy, this was also an occasion for my political opponents and for some media to push me out of my office.

Due to the decision of the three party leaders, I will give up my office as soon as a successor is appointed. This is expected to be the case in the next few weeks. Federal Interior Minister Seehofer, who was very supportive of me and my position in this political debate and himself received much criticism from the media, would like to keep me as his adviser. Whether and under what conditions this should take place will have to be clarified in detail in the next few weeks. In any case, I can imagine a life outside the civil service, for example in politics or business. I never imagined that the fear of me and of the truth put parts of politics and media in such panic and hysteria that four sentences of mine are sufficient to trigger a government crisis in Germany.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is difficult for me to say goodbye to you after six years. I was very fond of listening to this circle and found a high level of collegiality and solidarity in all meetings and in all discussions. I have found that we have the same goals, share the same values ​​and fight against the same opponents of freedom and democracy. I believe that we have achieved a lot in the last six years. Much for the safety of my country. I have received a lot of support from them in solving our national security problems in recent years, and I have always tried to assist you in your work to make your countries and Europe safer.

I want to thank you for all this. I would also like to thank you for the many personal and friendly moments that I was able to experience. I would be very happy to be able to keep in touch with many of you personally and privately after this time too. Lastly, I would like to express my hope that you and my successor continue the cooperation in an equally intensive partnership.

The Maaßen Witchhunt – Press Review

A quick overview of the media output. I apologize in advance for all the brackets to make translation notes and short remarks. The ‘ß’ in Maaßen’s name is pronounced ‘s’. The blog of Germany’s most popular news show Tagesschau. It is a “public broadcaster.”

For his comments on the xenophobic situations in Chemnitz Maaßen received strong criticism. […] What is the basis of Maaßen’s controversial assessments? […] The Greens, the [openly communist party] LINKE, and the [pseudo-libertarian party] FDP have asked for evidence. “If he should not deliver, Interior Minister Seehofer would have to sack him,” said the leader of Green party’s fraktion [word unimportant, yet explained here] Katrin Göring-Eckhardt. is the blog of TV channel n-tv. It belongs to Bertelsmann. The title is “Last Respite Before The Gallow [German: Galgenfrist] – Will Seehofer Turn His Thumb Down?”

Whether or not the head of the department can remain in office depends on Seehofer’s judgement. But he is also under fire. Again. […] The leadership of [Social Democrat Party] SPD gives an ultimatum: Either he [Maaßen] delivers evidence for his theses or he cannot remain in office. Even [Merkel’s party] CDU does not support Maaßen unconditionally anymore. “I believe that somebody who supports such theses must provide evidence,” says General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer.

[sub-headline] Why is there such a fuss over his statements?

He told [tabloid] BILD that his office has no substantial information that there were manhunts in Chemnitz. With that he contradicts the estimation of Angela Merkel and her press secretary Steffen Seibert that there were manhunts and Zusammenrottungen [the exclusively communist term for unwanted gatherings]. Maaßen said that there were good reasons to believe that a video showing an attack on a migrant were purposefully placed misinformation to maybe divert attention from the murder. […]

[sub-headline]Why does he speak of a murder on Daniel H?

This is also one of many questions Maaßen raised with his insinuations in the interview. The arrest warrant […] only says manslaughter – and not murder. […] He must also provide evidence for that [claim that it was murder] or he will be more susceptible to accusations. [Daniel H. was stabbed 25 times. Two more men were injured by the knife attacker.]

[sub-headline] Is there evidence that there was an intention to place false information so as to distract from the crime?

No, at least not officially. The source of the controversial video is unclear, but some evidence [the word is between cue/hint/evidence] speaks for the authenticity of the video. […]

[sub-headline] Why did Maaßen go to the public with his doubts ?

[Some lines about him having voiced his doubts already internally according to Seehofer] If one believes this, Maaßen’s intention would be to enlighten the public. This is, however, not achieved as he was vague in the details and caused more confusion than enlightenment. A second possible reading of the situation is therefore that he only wanted to attack the Chancellor. […]

[sub-headline] What does the Maaßen case mean for Interior Minister Seehofer?

It also puts pressure on Seehofer. He gave the head of [intelligence agency] Verfassungsschutz his “unconditional trust” – without knowing the full information on Chemnitz. […] The leader of the Green fraktion [They have 2; word “fraktion” unimportant, but explained here] Anton Hofreiter believes that this loyalty was premature. He asks for a sacking not only of Maaßen, but of Seehofer as well. A similar statement comes from Green party leader Robert Habeck. “Seehofer has discredited himself as interior minister by staying silent about the Maaßen case for too long.” [I translated this gibberish verbatim]. […]

[The pseudo-libertarian party FDP is formally called opposition because their members don’t run federal departments.] FDP fraktion leader Marco Buschmann told news agency dpa, “The Maaßen case reflects the poorest government management in the history of the German republic. A head of an agency contradicts the Chancellor and the responsible minister Seehofer applauds, the coalition partner SPD wails and no procedure is discernible to clear the situation.” Merkel should now “make use of her authority” [fancy word only for Chancellors: Richtlinienkompetenz][Note that this guy is the “libertarian”.].

[sub-headline]What is the future of the Verfassungsschutz?

[Openly communist] Party LINKE, and also the Greens, asks for the abolition of the Federal agency because “the confidence in its loyalty to the state got scratches,” said Green leader Habeck on n-tv.

BTW Bertelsmann has substantial holdings in the book publishing market in the US. Be careful.


Maaßen suspects a campaign behind the Darstellungen [The word means “depictions/views.” They murmur something like witness accounts before. In any event Maaßen never spoke of a campaign.][…]

According to [the supposedly independent, privately held newspaper] Sueddeutsche he writes unequivocally [in his still undisclosed report to the interior ministry] that the video was not fake. The doubts were about whether it shows a manhunt authentically, so Maaßen. This is what he had meant with his criticism [There was no criticism. He stated his belief whether manhunts took place.] SPIEGEL also reports that he does not deny that the video was real. Instead he criticises that the fast distribution of the video by larger media outlets were premature because at this time sources and authenticity could not have been assessed. [note: They still can’t until the suspect is found.]

[…] [FAZ is quoted as saying what the other media outlets say about the still undisclosed report.] […]

After research by ZEIT [they themselves] there is still no evidence to support Maaßen’s original claim that the video might be fake. All currently available information speak for the fact that the events took place how [unnamed] reporters and witnesses say they were.

Newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, owned by the Social Democrat Party SPD through Funke Mediengruppe.

The hiring and firing of the post is a responsibility of the boss [context: That is Interior Minister Horst Seehofer]. Maaßen rests on two pillars: Seehofer in the Cabinet and [conservative party] AfD in the parliament. All other parties have distanced themselves from him. […] SPD demands a clear statement about his motivations to publicly contradict the Chancellor. [Note: He saw no evidence in support of Merkel’s version. It is not even a contradiction.] Maaßen would be well advised to go public. [This and the following quote is vaguely assigned to SPD] “He has already gone public to speculate, then he can also go public to clean it up.”[…]

“If one is as vocal as Ms Nahles, one should also be consistent and say: Either Horst Seehofer leaves the Cabinet or SPD will.”, said vice party leader of FDP Wolfgang Kubicki to [newspaper] Saarbrücker Zeitung. [Note: He claims to be libertarian.]

Newspaper FAZ, supposedly private and independent

Hans-Georg Maaßen loves Japan. His wife comes from there, he spends a lot of time there, he speaks the language fluently. He particularly likes a peculiarity of the complicated Japanese grammar: the mode of the dubitative with which doubts are expressed. In German you have to fall back on words like “probably” or “supposedly.” […] “After my cautious assessment, there are good reasons to believe that it was targeted misinformation possibly to distract the public from the murder in Chemnitz.”, are the words the head of Verfassungsschutz chose to speak to [tabloid] BILD. […] But doubt is not per se a good thing. Doubt is not always an act of honesty. Doubt can also destroy trust that has already suffered in times of worldwide disinformation campaigns. [The author puts her psychic hat on for the next sentences.] In our fast-paced times, the words “well” and “maybe” are often ignored or omitted. Politicians, speakers and top officials know that – and most of them want it that way. The doubts are then not primarily to relativize the message, they are more of a fig leaf, if things get out of hand. […]

The report is not yet publicly available, we at FAZ have still been able to find out about the core of its content. [How? We are supposed to believe that they were a free market enterprise!]

[sub-headline] There is no legal definition of manhunt [The German word does not include the word “man”. The word Hetzjagd is normally used for chasing deer with dogs until they are cornered or fall down from exhaustion.]

[…] The fact that Maaßen sees a lack of evidence for a manhunt is not the reason for the contention about his interview. […] The criticism of Maaßen’s utterances refers essentially to the claim that there was a “deliberate misinformation” with regard to Chemnitz. […] But in the end, there is something good about it: Through the debate surrounding the Maaßen interview, victims and witnesses have finally come out. [Who? Where? How many? How credible?]

Handelsblatt, supposedly private and independent, loosely connected with ZEIT.

The speaker for security politics of FDP fraktion Konstantin Kuhle reacts calmly: “It is not enough that the president of the Verfassungsschutz reports to the interior minister. In the face of massive uncertainty after the events in Chemnitz he must also answer to the parliamentarian committees Kontrollgremium and Innenausschuss.” Kuhle also demands a clarification of the role of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer in the Maaßen case. Specifically, it must be clarified whether the interior minister approved of the premature statements of Maaßen’s to hurt the Chancellor. [FDP claims to be the libertarian opposition to Merkel.] […]

For his statements to BILD, the President of Verfassungsschutz had to take a lot of criticism. For example, the prime minister of the state Rhineland-Palatinate Malu Dreyer demanded his dismissal. The president Verfassungsschutz destroyed confidence in the state[, Dreyer says]. […]

Strong criticism came also from Armin Laschet ([Merkel’s party]CDU), the prime minister of [state] NRW. “The agency Verfassungsschutz is supposed to protect the constitution and should watch her enemies. It should not give interviews to BILD.” […]

Laschet also strongly criticized Seehofer who after the riots [!] in Chemnitz had called the migration question “the mother of all political problems” in Germany. “He’s wrong,” Laschet said. “That’s Saddam Hussein language.” [I’m as surprised as you are.]

Maaßen is also under criticism because of his alleged proximity to AfD. Handelsblatt research suggests that his agency is working for the right-wing populist party. As Handelsblatt [referring to themselves] learned from circles dealing with the matter, there is a suspicion in some states that there are “leaks” in the state chapters of Verfassungsschutz to the AfD, and more so in the federal office.

Press Secretary Steffen Seibert Must Go!

A day after the protests in Chemnitz began, Steffen Seibert said the following (video above at 4:10).

We know that a human being was killed in Chemnitz on Saturday night/Sunday morning and that is terrible. Two suspects are arrested and the police does everything to investigate [the case]. This way and only in this ways such crimes are dealt with in a Rechtsstaat.

Rechtsstaat is a fuzzy concept that is meant to include due process, rule of law and the legality of the courts and the government.

What has happened in some places in Chemnitz yesterday and what was recorded on videos (!), however, has nothing to do with Rechtsstaat.

He suggested that the crowd in Chemnitz were trying to take on itself the functions of the legal system. A week later and the officials are now redefining the word “mob.” Yes, it can just mean a noisy, angry crowd. But Mr Seibert alleged specifically that there was something going on that had nothing to do with Rechtsstaat. In other words, the allegation was specific and about a lynch mob. He brought this allegation forward with certainty.

Mr Seibert also spoke of videos, not of one video, but of multiple videos. After a week, we are debating the authenticity of one single video, published by antifa.



It shows a man running behind another man for less than thirty meters. Start and finish of the chase is shown although I’m not quite sure who is who in the end. It is unclear why the man stopped running after the other guy and one possible explanation could be that he thought he was already outside the frame. Since nobody was hurt and there will be no court case, it is highly unlikely that the thuggish chaser will be identified. I would not go the length of questioning this one video if it were not the only one of a mass protest involving thousands of people and showing the behavior which is claimed to have been ubiquitous. The man in black could just as much be from antifa as from a right-wing group. Black clothes are usually a trademark of the left-wing group. Unless he is identified, we all can only guess. A Jewish restaurant in Chemnitz was also harrassed with antisemitic slogans by a gang clad in blackish antifa-style clobber. That story is also making the rounds as supposed right-wing extremism. Let’s wait for the suspects to be caught.

The police, Saxony’s public prosecutor and the prime minister of the state said that they had no evidence of manhunts whatsoever. Yet again the definitions seem to change. “Mob” is a crowd and “manhunts” is this short single chase in the video. I thought “manhunt” was something potentially deadly. Mr Seibert did not say, “People were scared away for short distances.” That would be bad enough. And still, with thousands of protesters recorded with thousands of smartphones through the windows all across the city, it should not be difficult to provide evidence on the ubiquity of the said misbehavior.

When the head of the inland intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz Hans-Georg Maaßen cautiously expressed his doubt on the authenticity of this one remaining video, a huge witch-hunt against the man ensued.

Hans-Georg Maaßen

Mr Seibert also says in the video on top of this article:

It is important for the Federal Government, for all democratic politicians and, I assume, for the large majority to tell people that we will not accept such gatherings (German: Zusammenrottungen), manhunts against people who look differently or come from other places, or the attempt to spread hate on the streets.

The word “Zusammenrottung” (plural: -en) is usually not used in German. The East German dictatorship called assemblies “Zusammenrottungen.” Many civil rights activists who brought down the wall, like e.g. Vera Lengsfeld, were convicted for the supposed crime of “Zusammenrottung” and went to prison. Angela Merkel who grew up under the communist regime used the unusual word again a few days later to describe the protests.

Then Seibert gets explicit about the mob allegation.

In Chemnitz and in Germany at large there is no place for lynch justice, for groups who try to spread hate on the streets, for intolerance and for extremism. Our Rechtsstaat protects us all and we all have an interest in that it must be the Rechtsstaat who conducts the investigations and lets justice prevail. Nobody shall think that he can assume the function of a judge on his own.

Leading politicians and media types ask Hans-Georg Maaßen to step down because he expressed very cautiously his doubts on the authenticity of the only video that is supposed to substantiate Merkel’s version of the events. They demand “evidence” to “justify” expressing doubts. Green party politician Katrin Göring-Eckhardt even says, “What Mr Maaßen is doing, is usually only known from right-wing radicals.” I bet that it was not Katrin Göring-Eckhardt’s family, but rather Mr Maßen’s that was wiped out by the Nazis. The Germans will never forgive us the Holocaust.

Mr Seibert has made enormous accusations with certainty and in absence of evidence. Those who express doubts don’t have to provide conclusive evidence. It is on him to leave.

Integrity – Everybody Speaks for Himself

The left stages witchhunt after witchhunt to get rid of Mr Maaßen, the head of Verfassungsschutz

Thousands and thousands marched in Chemnitz against Angela Merkel’s immigration policy last week. The media has footage of less than a dozen individuals showing the Hitler salute, footage they shove into our faces constantly. It is safe to assume that few incidents like these occurred because otherwise we would see diverse imagery of it day after day.

Every big protest march or policy proposal comes with crazy people in support of it. Try to campaign for tax breaks without corporations that don’t want to sell uranium centrifuges to Iran. Try to have an anti-abortion rally without religious zealots who just wait for a mic to also demand death penalty for the homosexuals. You won’t get it. That is why there are official statements. Every protest or campaign is about a specific proposal and uses a neutral wording without frills so that the other ideas of the participants can be sidelined and the cause takes center stage.

I find it baffling that after years people have not thought about the problem before. There will always be agent provocateurs. There will always be abject people with the same cause. The left claims in various newspaper articles that mingling with neonazis were the new “strategy” of conservatives. They demand that conservatives do “something” against it.

Show me one leftist who blushes over the fact that neonazis hold their position on the Middle East conflict. THEY don’t do anything about neonazis in their own ranks! So maybe before panicking, conservatives should brush off demands from outside and ask for an even playing field. Just offer to do the same about neonazis in favor of our cause for everything THEY do to counter neonazis, Islamists, Maoists, pedophiles, drug lords and other scum in THEIR ranks! We will take the very same measures once they start doing something.

I can predict that the left will politicize the inland intelligence agency Verfassungsschutz. The agency was always meant to be a political weapon against any opposition. The head of the agency Hans-Georg Maaßen, however, is resisting pressure from politicians and the media and tries to monitor aggressive groups like Islamists as his job description requires him to do.

Consequently, his Wikipedia entry has a section “Controversies.” It began when he asked for the deportation of Murat Kurnaz whose residence permission expired while he was in Guantanamo Bay. Back then the entire media painted Kurnaz as an innocent victim of three different militaries (Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA). The Turkish citizen claimed that he was just visiting a Pakistani friend of his and that he was captured without reason. Maaßen also met with leaders of conservative party AfD to advice them how to tackle crazy people within the party. Given that the left is demanding that conservatives should tackle the crazies in their own ranks, one would think that they were pleased. The opposite is the case. They openly complain that this was helping the party to avoid an investigation. How would one want a problem to arise so that an investigation of sorts became necessary? Seriously, how depraved does one have to be?

There were a number of other witchhunts against him. Currently, he is in the crosshairs because he questioned Merkel’s version of the Chemnitz protests. There were no substantial evidence of lynch mobs taking justice into their own hands, no manhunts, and so forth. One video is constantly shown because it does show some aggression. A man faces a group of approaching protesters. What he says is inaudible. For an unknown reason another man runs into the picture and chases him away for a few meters. The preceding situation is unclear. The video was first published by antifa. In an interview Maaßen said that he has seen no evidence for the authenticity of the video. Multiple leading politicians ask for his head because he questioned antifa.

When Maaßen goes, there will be a radicalized head of Verfassungsschutz who will call everything conservatives do unconstitutional all the time. And this is when the persecution will become violent. Antifa and co just need the ultimate justification from authorities to commit all kind of crimes. This is how Mao purged his own party during the “Culture Revolution” and this is what we will see in Germany.

Germans don’t understand that they must defend a principle and defending a person has the purpose of defending the principle. If somebody in your group gets attacked, you don’t have to like him to defend him. This is not about selecting a leader which obviously comes with higher standards. We will hear more and more voices within the conservative movement caving in to the left and asking to isolate first this then that person for supposed transgressions. Learn to ignore them. You stand for your views and for your principles.


Saxony’s Prime Minister Contradicts Angela Merkel: No Manhunts in Chemnitz

Angela Merkel claimed that the peaceful protests in Chemnitz included “manhunts against foreigners.” The media was very creative to add more to the accusations. “Pogroms” were said to have taken place. Dozens of people were injured. What is and what isn’t true is impossible for me to say. I cannot say, for instance, what counts for an injury, but I can say that the media did not release adequate pictures or video material to underpin their claims. It is also clear by now that this particular “pogrom” came without a single broken window.

After the Office of the Public Attorney felt pressed to say that they have not noticed any of the things Angela Merkel and the mainstream media made up, the prime minister of the state of Saxony spoke out.

There was no mob, no manhunt and no pogrom.

The man, Michael Kretschmer, is member of Merkel’s own party CDU. Merkel responded with:

We have seen pictures that have shown hate and therefore also persecutions. We have to distance ourselves from that. [Press Secretary] Mr Seibert has done that, I do that and I had done that already. And with that everything is said.

First off, we have not seen such pictures. Secondly, hate is not the same as a persecution. She was changing her original word “manhunt” (German: Hetzjagd) to “persecution”(German: Verfolgung). In German “persecution” sounds still more like a chase than in English (Latin per + sequi also means chase).

The obvious contradiction between the statements will probably be met with a stiff omerta. We have two versions of the same event and they will be a marker for political division in future. The “good people” will be the ones who repeat the version of a “persecution” and a “pogrom” while the bad people will call the event a peaceful protest.

I have mentioned in an earlier post that unresolved contradictions like this have already create two separate German languages. The very words we use have become markers of our politics.

It all goes back to the inability of Germans to discuss their differences. The truth is that the peaceful protests were also very noisy. Primed with the years of media propaganda, foreigners could have felt threatened and stayed away from the street. Unlike the footage of actual violence, there is footage of black and colored people walking calmly through the masses. It depends on who you ask if the marches were scary or not. But we will never hear the media admit that their scare tactics might have been the reason why people felt terror in a perfectly save place.

On Monday the left threw a party on the site of the murder that sparked the protest. The slogan #wirsindmehr, meaning “we are more”, tells you all you need to know about left-wing mob culture. A majority is not always right and Hitler was backed by a majority back then.

The right was wailing that such an event were disrespectful in the light of the recent murder. The left retorts that the right were weaponizing the death. Both are right, of course. I don’t feel any personal emotions about the death of a stranger. This is normal and I don’t feel sorry. I also don’t feel sorry about people pretending to grief for political gain. To some degree fire must be fought with fire. The pretense of emotional stress has completely replaced dialogue at this point. One side: “You hurt my feelings! My dead! My fears!” The other side, “No, my dead, my fears, my feelings!” Then they turn around, call the own side “rational” and complain about the emotionality of the other. It is not even that both sides have rational and whiney folks. No, the same people who call for rationality in one minute, will pretend to be utterly stressed out in the next. And while in the US the conservatives actually do behave like this less often, both sides are equally unintellectual in Germany.

The musicians were not hurting feelings, but eardrums. This is the full event, start the video at any point and tell me if you hear somebody hitting the right key.

The quality is the result of leftism being the only criteria that furthers a career in arts. The entire industry is subsidized and state controlled. The result is rubbish. Compare that with my post from yesterday including soundtracks from lay musicians. Everybody can do better than these subsidized clowns. I don’t have a great key range with my singing voice, but at least I can control it. How narcissist does one have to be to work for years in a business that just asks you to sing trite trash and you still cannot even listen to somebody who would tell you how to breathe?

Brittany Pettibone on Saturday’s Chemnitz Protest


Pressure Will Be Released (One Way Or Another)

The following text appeared first on Cliff Arroyo’s blog The Worked Shoot. Arroyo is originally from Florida and lives in Poland. His writings cover a variety of topics including art, lifestyle, history and politics. Check it out!

Poland suffered massively and horrifically at the hands of Germany in WWII, the Soviet Union finally drove the Nazis out of the country in 1944. By the late 1970s, however, Polish resentment against and dislike of the Soviet Union was far greater than negative feelings about Germany.

This was partly because the Soviets forced the country into an unwanted political, economic and military alliance but the far greater factor was that Soviet misdeeds could not be mentioned in public. Overall Soviet crimes against Poland were far less than Germany’s but Germany’s actions could be openly discussed and criticized while Soviet crimes were not only not discussed, but alternate Soviet fantasy versions about events had to be repeated in public by everyone even though they knew they were lies.

The biggest danger is trying to put this down too early….

It wasn’t until well after the collapse of communism and the withdrawal of Soviet troops and years of finally being able to openly discuss and criticize Soviet actions that Polish dislike of the Soviets (and Russia as the successor to the USSR) lessened. There was even a short period of warming relations brought to screeching halt with the Russian-Georgian conflict of 2011.

This is why I’m not so alarmed by the mass protests in Chemnitz (aka Karl-Marx-Stadt when it was in East Germany). A German citizen was killed (stabbed 25 times) and two other injured by two “refugees”. The absolute normal reaction to those given a safe haven and a major life opportunity is collective anger. A lack of anger in such a situation is far more disturbing than loud public protests. Reports of crowds tracking down random migrants have been, as far as I can tell, exaggerated because…. Germany and Germans have always, do and will always freak out their neighbors.

Part of the problem that gives rise to movements like Pegida or the rise of the AfD is not being allowed to notice or publicly discuss that German’s migration/asylum policy is fundamentally misguided and deeply dysfunctional. Everyday Germans pay the bills (and bear the physical brunt) of this dysfunction and are not allowed to criticize policy in any but the blandest most general terms that allow for no possibility of a change in policy.

As far as I can tell the events in Chemnitz so far are badly needed and should open up more public dialogue that deals honestly with the fact that country has imported several hundred thousand young men that either don’t want or can’t integrate in any meaningful way and too large a number of them are victimizing German citizens. It’s not a random crowd, even if a little violent around the edges, that is a great danger in Germany. The biggest danger is for the frustration of the public to keep building up with no outlet until it explodes.

WELT Shows Chemnitz how you Didn’t Know It!


The caption reads “Thousands demonstrated against right-wing radicalism and hate in Chemnitz.”

You see masses of people in this broad Chemnitz parade street. In the back there is a sign of the Chemnitz undergrou…. hm….Chemnitz does not have an underground station.

CNN is that you?


Martin Sellner, Britanny Pettibone and Red Elephants – Commentary about the Chemnitz Situation

Hooligans ‘attack migrants’ in Chemnitz after stabbing at city festival

This story is so big right now that I cannot ignore it. The escalation is reaching new levels. The accounts differ. Either one or two men were killed by a migrant mob over the weekend. As a reaction a spontaneous street protest errupted the following day. The protesters are said to have also turned into a mob and physically attacked policemen and bystanders. It is reported that the bystanders were migrants. I don’t know who started what and any details. There might be others who can look into the details (I hate crime stories). Clear to me is that the situation keeps escalating. Now, the politicians are even less willing to listen. There is only one certainty: When speech dies, weapons will speak. I am very pessimistic.

Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday condemned far-right protesters who were “hunting down” foreigners in street mobs following the killing of a German man, allegedly by a Syrian and an Iraqi.

via Hooligans ‘attack migrants’ in Chemnitz after stabbing at city festival — The Local

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