US Airbase Ramstein (Germany) Turned Into A Refugee Camp

A sea of tents sprawls over the US American airbase Ramstein (Germany, state of Rhineland-Palatinate) to host at least 20,000 Afghans; more likely 34,000 already. About a thousand arrivals land every day and the troops have moved a 5,000 of them to their nearby military base ‘Rhine Ordnance Barracks.’ The US works feverishly to expand its capacity there to host even 6,000 of them. And while many conservatives have dropped the ball in their obsession to exploit any failure of the Biden administration, the uneasy question who can be rescued, correctly identified and who can not remains unanswered. Commentator after commentator shows compassion with that 50% of women that will have to live under the Taliban despite the Pew Research finding that 99% of those very women want to live under shariah law. Everybody feels heartless asking how the other 1% can be identified so we don’t import the very Taliban we once set out to fight. And now with the sprawling camp smack in the middle of Europe nobody knows how to get some of the “rescued” back home again.


Merkel And EU To Spend €800 Million on New Aghan Refugees

The airport escape route is about to close soon, yet more people are fleeing the Taliban. Nobody knows where they will go, through Tajikistan, through Uzbekistan, through Turkmenistan, through Pakistan, through Iran, anywhere. But Angela Merkel knows already where the most needy are. While the media shows the heart wrenching images from the airport. She offers money. To whom? To Non-governmental organizations, of course. Her buddy Ursula von der Leyen adds some more and, whoops, the bill runs up to 800 million € ($940 million).

The Conservative Objection To Individualism

In Washington D.C. the Uber driver Mohammed Anwar was murdered by two car-hijacking teenagers in the most brutal, revolting and meaningless fashion. Who is to blame?

The easy answer is society. Everybody but the murderers could have provided better education, welfare and whatever the left-wing wish list of the day asks for. How convenient. But the easy answer is, ‘the girls and the girls only.’ The charm of this answer lies in the ease of ignoring the left-wing wish list. With two easy answers I was prepared to record a short video, but it became a long one.

The tension between individualism and collectivism is felt in every school of thought. Even Muslims insist on individualism to vaporize their responsibility. No group should be judged for the acts of an individual. Blame the suicide bomber! Or whatever is left of him.

And while the left-wing wish list is the only go-to for the public in the age of “liberal” media hegemony, an honest search for the remedies of our societal problems is neglected. The signs of cultural decay are written on the wall. Crime as well as professional, financial and reputational insecurities cause high levels of stress which in turn breaks down families and leaves frustrated singles unable to find their matches. The gender confusion (not to be confused with actual queer people) has gotten so badly out of control that even gay (and mostly left-wing) journalist Glenn Greenwald scratches his head. And amidst the exhaustion conservatives wonder whether ‘everybody for himself’ still holds all the answers.

To illuminate the subject, I discuss the case of a sociopathic murderer who was elected member of parliament in Berlin. His victim died either of his brutal beating or his strangulation. The murderer Gerwald Claus-Brunner electrocuted himself to death five days after the murder.

Corona Policy Protest Banned – ZEIT Columnist Christian Bangel Cheers

It was announced today that an anti-corona policy protest, which was to take place the coming Saturday, was banned. The happening was scheduled to draw a crowed of around 20,000 demonstrators. But worse than the ban itself is the overall contempt of our elites that is echoed in the cheering of ZEIT columnist Christian Bangel. He celebrates the ban with an article titled ‘New Toughness’ (German: Neue Haerte).

The article:

Berlin’s Upcoming Police Anti-Discrimination Law, George Floyd And The Banality of It All

Berlin is preparing a new anti-discrimination law that threatens the effectiveness of the police. As it is written it invites activist groups to take legal actions. Court cases against the police could become profitable and fulfill the prophecy that every good cause begins as a well-meaning intention, develops into a business and eventually ends as a racket. The busybodies are, of course, surfing the wake of the George Floyd case.

The story of the African American, who served five years in prison for armed robbery, is a bit hyped. The noise is still deafening across the ocean. Nevertheless racism does exist. There are sensible ways to deal with it and there are people with bad intentions trying to exploit it for different reasons. Evil will always be with man. We must face the banality of it so that the cure won’t be worse than the disease.

What The Farmer Protests Are About

The peasants are out to protest the new flurry of prohibitions from Berlin and Brussels. The protests were already going on for weeks. I run through the demands and explain how a subsidized industry becomes too pussified to confront their opponents as vigorously as the situation demands. Instead they watch how their work is made unproductive on purpose and wonder why in the world they even get up early in the morning.

The demands in the German original:

Youtubers Cause Mass Brawl in Berlin

Misspoke: I didn’t want to say more than 100 subscribers, but 100,000.subscribers.

Example reports for the brawl yesterday:

The mass brawl the day before:

The mass brawl last Saturday:

Brutal Clans in Berlin Believed to Be Behind Gold Coin Theft

I already reported on the spectacular theft of a Canadian gold coin weighing 100 kilo from the Bode Museum in Berlin. The police has revealed now that the suspects happens to be a Lebanese Mafia clan frequently clashing with the law.

Martina Lamb, the investigating attorney, says, “we have to assume that we are dealing with a structure of organised criminality sprawling across Arabic clans.”

As newspaper Preussische Allgemeine reports, large areas of drug trafficking, illegal gambling businesses, prostitution, and racketeering in Berlin are committed by only a small number of Arabic-speaking families. Noteworthy is the sheer brutality and criminal activity of these gangs.

Family ties make undercover investigation nearly im possible. Cases that are taken to the courts, threats against victims and witnesses are commonplace. Convictions hardly make a dent because the milieu is highly indifferent to punishments. ‘Jail makes men’ is the code of honour in their circles. Members behind bars are still capable of leading.

Efforts to deport clan members usually fail.

The families usually called Arab or Kurdish-Lebanese by the mainstream media are often in fact so-called Mhallamiye Kurds. The group originated in South Anatolia and migrated to North Lebanon. The state of Lebanon issues special passports to Mhallamiye Kurds (‘Laissez-passer’) which allow them to leave the county and expire after a year. The then stateless individuals settle in other places and since 1982 also increasingly in Germany. Consequently police reports don’t assign them a citizenship either.

Some also came directly from Turkish Anatolia. Because the families speak Arabic they entered the country as faux refugees from the Lybian civil war.

A special investigation group with the name “Ident” has since been founded by the police in Berlin.

Roman Reusch, former head of Berlin’s public prosecution office for young offenders and member of conservative party AfD, calls for a withdrawal of their citizenships.

Another option is to force applicants for welfare services to explain where their other incomes come from. Many clan suspects happen to be on the dole. Such rules, however, are already in place and are met with the claim that Lebanese ‘investors’ would pay for their luxuries. These claims again can only be held up because Turkish and Lebanese agencies deny cooperation with German officials on this matter.

via Brutale Clans, hilfloser Staat — Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung[Unfortunately, they have pulled the article since.]

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