Backlash for Military Transsexuals

Bildergebnis für Chelsea Manning

The door was wide open. US military efforts to welcome transsexuals have materialised in bathroom designs for upcoming battleships and in classes to teach female soldiers how to accommodate not so female mates in their shower rooms.

Now, that was all in vain because the President decided that the transgender issue may become too expensive. While everybody in the queer community gets worked up, there is one thing they are unlikely to consider: It gets too expensive.

This is how backlash looks like: Urinals save time and space, lawsuits about correct pronouns may drain millions, military medical services would include sex change surgeries and there are likely to be more issues.

I hear you. Why do transsexuals have to suffer from weirdo lawsuit freaks, people who don’t save up for their transitioning on their own and those who are quizzed by public toilets? Well, because!

The queer social justice warriors have become an industry, if not a racket, and the US military is the only part of the US government both parties treat with socialist policies. Transsexuals are not to blame. Their representatives in the public, however, are. So is Washington’s military-industrial complex which oversees the ballooning costs in a variety of treats for the servicemen, including healthcare.

What is backlash? Backlash is when even transsexuals don’t know anymore how to call themselves in order not to be sued by a weirdo. Backlash is when public policies around a minority become taxing for everybody.

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