Article 6 of the German Constitution

I was about to write a more complex post, tried to quote the constitution, translated the relevant section, which Germans call article 6, and here is the result. Sorry, but does that constitution sound smart to you?

  1. Marriage and Family are under special protection of the state.
  2. Child care is a natural right of parents & their duty. The state ensures that it will be provided.
  3. A child may only be taken from his/her caretakers on the basis of a law and only if they have failed or a child’s neglect is to be feared for other reasons.
  4. Every mother may ask for protection and care provided by the community.
  5. Children born out of wedlock are granted the same conditions for physical and emotional development and standing in society as a child born into a marriage.

It was used to fend off gay marriage or to let the Supreme Court decree how much tax breaks you get for a child. I just can’t stop shaking my head. Sorry.