Newspaper ZEIT Sends Reputation Death Eaters After Columnist Don Alphonso

Antonia Baum of ZEIT wrote a cozy little hit-piece on conservative blogger and columnist Don Alphonso. Her focus was the perpetual mob-rage conservatives can stir up on places like Twitter and Facebook against unsuspecting, pure and innocent left-wingers. She is so afraid of the unleashed baying crowd that she avoids Don Alphonso’s pen name throughout the entire article and uses his actual name instead. With a little luck she will be able to redirect the potentially murderous one night towards him just in case the full moon rouses them to seek her.

Fair enough. Alphonso can be mean, very mean, yes, even funny. He is basically the German answer to Katie Hopkins. So maybe Baum should be afraid? Don’t you think? The suit and tie corner of the political spectrum is one big scare.

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