Is Privatizing The Army a Good Idea?

This is as controversial as it gets. I have mixed feelings about Erik Prince, who seems to be part of a power-hungry family which might reach high offices in future generations. Betsy DeVos is alreay Secretary of Education.

The successes of his private army against piracy is underreported and it stands to ask why the media is not telling us about it. The beef of the matter, however, is whether or not substantial parts of the military should be private.

The main reason for it which is only hinted by Prince, but it’s very obvious to careful listeners: We have over-regulated the forces. Is it possible that we accept enduring murder, kidnapping and mutilation because we don’t want to break some rules while engaging our enemies?

This leads me to a fundamental question: Why are we following the rules which we follow? This has a pseudo-religious dimension for many and is therefore not publicly discussed very often. Whether a rule or not is just was once determined by how G-d (or the pagan deities) was believed to view the matter. Society moved on to acknowledge our own responsibility in law making and we developed institutions like the modern parliamentary system.

International laws, however, are different. They were not produced through a generally accepted legal process. They are the results of backdoor deals. Particularly because of that intransparency they have gained a nearly mythical status.

It is taken for granted that we must find a serene gas attack (as ascribed to Bashar al Assad) morally worse than Boko Haram burning down entire villages with their inhabitants. Nobody suggests that the latter would require any military action from foreign militaries.

This brings me to the most obvious paradox of the elite narrative: If you agree to have international laws, you need a world police to enforce them. If you don’t want a world police to enforce international law, you cannot uphold international law. It is also very obvious that these never questioned international laws are only quoted selectively to advance one group or another. The world police is usually picked by the very country that sees an advantage in usurping the role.

We end up in a mess where everybody does what he wants, justifying it with backdoor deal rules which are religiously worshipped by the masses. At the same time all the smoke and mirror games produce a body of rules so rigid that countries seek private contractors to escape the overbearing responsibilities. It is like privatizing censorship to Facebook and Google. You can dodge rules by bringing the moron left and the moron right together behind the legal status of the organizations involved.

Wouldn’t it be better if we abolished international laws? Maybe we are better off reducing the rule book to two easy items:

  1. An attack on us or our allies will consistently lead to a measured military response.
  2. If your treatment of your people is objectively much worse than other countries’ treatment of their people, we will kill you.




No-go Zones Emerge in Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Duisburg, Cologne

No-go areas are districts or places (in Germany often around train stations) that are run-down, ghettoized, with high unemployment, or meeting points for the lowlifes, drug dealers, and other social parasites, that are considered so “dangerous” and “crime-ridden” that police do not even try any more to uphold law and order [few perpetrators speak German there, anyways], just making sure the dirt doesn’t spill over into surrounding areas.

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Raheem Kassam Interviews Pamela Geller

Cartoon: Gun Violence Is Our Trick To Kill Children

Green Phantom Energy Expensive, Too

How the hell do they do this? It’s magic. And the trick goes like this: Germans spent some 643 million euros last year for energy that was never even produced. The reason is the wind energy operators get compensation payments for lost revenues. How’s that? Is this the New Deal all over again? Nope.

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Alt-Right And Reichsbürger

The video has one message worth understanding. The alt-right are a few hundred people, a ludicrously small percentage of the population. If you want to know what they think you find some web sites and podcasts. I don’t care. What is fascinating, though, is how fake opposition groups are blown out of proportion to slander all opponents of the left.

In German media we have multiple ‘alt-rights’. There is the ‘Neue Rechte’ who at least are linked to a specific publisher with the name Antaios. At least one can find out what they believe. They don’t, for instance, believe that human beings are divided into ‘races’. They don’t care about race. Then there is the ‘Identitäre’, who are a Greenpeace-style youth protest movement who campaign for deportation of illegal aliens and the preservation of Western culture. It should be no surprise that they also don’t believe in ‘races’. Both groups together constitute even fewer individuals than the alt-right.

The most absurd scare group are the Reichsbürger. The definition changes by the day and so one state Verfassungsschutz after the other assures us that the number is always rising. Yet, they don’t have a twitter account, podcast, or really anything from which you could learn who the hell they are. But be scared!

The group is so ill-defined that we are faced with a compound identity, ‘Reichsbürger and self-administrators’. An eternity ago one of them was said to have shot a policeman who broke into his home to confiscate his gun. This one case is used again and again to explain that we are dealing with a real danger.

Legislature was even changed to allow the confiscation of guns from individuals labelled as Reichsbürger. The German constitution does not protect the rights of the citizens to carry and defend themselves. In many articles we are informed that ‘many’ of them have weapons. The last number I read was in the double digits (yes, fewer than 100).

I have written a half-satirical article about them before. The media is flogging the dead horse forever.

Former ZEIT Journalist Becomes Conservative

Wonders happen. While all media shifted sharply to the left, some employees didn’t seem to follow. Ulrich Geiger who used to lead the category ‘Arts and Media’ is leaving the flock.

In a new book he describes a slow estrangement from the left-wing milieu. Like most of us, however, he had a trigger moment. Even though he only comes out now, the event took place long ago when he was 44 years old and had a conversation with a historian and holocaust survivor.

In the conversation Geiger tried to portray Socialism as something smarter and greater than National Socialism which he saw correctly as an amalgam. He substantiates the superiority of mainstream socialism with the number of public figures and intellectuals fascinated with it. The holocaust survivor looked at him and muttered, ‘that IS the evil of it’ (German: Das ist ja das Schlimme).

He criticizes today the cult-like attitude of the Greens who believe to be chosen to save the planet. It’s a belief so urgent and exclusive that it justifies extreme measures. He notices other pseudo-religious memes such as the general sinfulness among all Westerners and sacrifices in lifestyle choices.

He also criticizes an equality fetish that goes beyond political equality. As an example he quotes an outrage of the left when former President Christian Wulff had his favorite breakfast rolls delivered to him from another city. He says that every inequality is seen as a sin of the social collective which required correction by the government.

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