Cartoon: Don’t Yell Fire in a Theater!


Maggie Thatcher About Sweden

This dialogue encapsulates almost everything that is wrong today. Maggie Thatcher represents the common sense against smug virtue signalling and group pressure.

Saudi calls for people to report subversive comments on social media

A Saudi man explores a website on his laptop in Riyadh February 11, 2014. REUTERS/Faisal Al Nasser (Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has urged its people to report subversive comments spotted on social media via a phone app, a move denounced by a human rights watchdog as “Orwellian”. The appeal, announced on a Twitter account run […]

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Facebook DOUBLES “Hate Speech” Sharia Police, Introduces “Tougher Rules”

Social media giants have readily accepted the mantle of the new totalitarians. Facebook will also step up its monitoring of hate speech, adding 3,000 [sharia-compliant] content reviewers to nearly double the size of its existing team. Who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden? Why is anti-semitic, anti-Israel propaganda rampant on Facebook, while criticism of jihad…

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Leading Book Store Chain Thalia Boycotts Bestseller which Critizises Angela Merkel


“This title won’t be presented in Thalia bookstores” says the sign on the shelf that exhibits current bestsellers

Thalia is the largest book retailer in German-speaking countries with 280 stores across Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

On the shelf that usually displays the current bestsellers, however, a sign replaces number two (usually the one in the picture above). In the Thalia store in Bremen the sign claims that the book was unavailable. The publisher denies the claim. In Berlin the place for number two is filled with the title on the third rank of the Spiegel Bestseller List.

The Spiegel Bestseller List made headlines recently when Spiegel publicly admitted to compile it not only on the basis of hard sales numbers but with political considerations as well. The admission followed when people noticed that the conservative, yet also a bit anti-semitic, book Finis Germania, was not represented albeit the pure numbers would have placed it at number six.

The new book which causes all the  consternation is Loss of Control (German: Kontrollverlust) by Thorsten Schulte. The topics range from attempts to abolish cash, over the euro rescue policy, the breach of the Dublin Agreement on how to deal with refugee, to criticism of the European Central Bank. 

Newspaper Welt Leaked Email by Conservative Alice Weidel

Welt online presents an email from Alice Weidel, front-runner of conservative party AfD.

The email is probably fake. Weidel denies to have written it, but the newspaper claims the source has sworn that it is authentic. The swear does not bind legally, but the way that Welt phrased the story they make it sound to the untrained ear as if some legal assurance was involved. This is wrong and a deliberately false impression the newspaper tries to create.

The email reads:

The reason why we are flooded by alien cultures such as Arabs, Sinti and Roma etc is the systematic destruction of the citizenship as an opposition to the enemies of our constitution who are ruling over us.

The pigs are puppets of the Siegermächte [that is a neutral umbrella word for France, UK, USA, and Russia] who see it as their job to put down the people by inducing miniscule civil wars in the cities with cultural estrangement through foreign cultures (German: Überfremdung).

Just read the following link about the “sovereignty” of Germany! The fact that Germany is not sovereign sheds light on the disgusting fatalism of our politics, e.g. being disowned through the euro rescue policy, corrupt judiciary (supreme court)…more on that in another email.

I may add that the original German uses very flawed grammar that does not match Mrs Weidel’s usually very articulate speech, leave alone her writing.

Anyway, you probably ask yourself already what the fuss is about. Media outrage. That is all there is.

Ann Coulter on 9/11