Africa Massacre Today

It is a bit off-topic given the usual content of my blog, but as the mainstream media is silent I want to give a quick shout-out to honor the victims.

In South Sudan 45 people were killed in a racially motivated fight.

In Kongo 19 soldiers were killed by rogue miliamen.



AfD Politician sued for “racial incitement” for reading out news about Muslim migrant crime

AfD politician, Rainer Rahn, of the Frankfurt city council, was sued for racial incitement by the left-wing faction leader of “Die Linke” Martin Kliehm. Why? He had the audacity to read 30 newspaper headlines out loud.

In an interview with Frankfurt broadcasting, Martin Kliehm said the AfD member was trying to incite the people against refugees, Muslims and migrants. Hence, he sued him.

The reason for Rahn’s action was his criticism of SPD party migration officer Aydan Özoguz. Mr. Özoguz said that there is no German culture because it has always been influenced by outside influences and migration.

Mr. Rahn proceeded to say that you can see the daily results of Migration on the street. He then read 30 newspaper headlines from different papers, on proven or suspected crimes by foreigners, Muslims and migrants.

Many councilmen left the room because of it. Mayor Uwe Becker even went so far as to call him an embarrassment, followed by applause.

Kliehm says Mr. Rahn was using this platform to demean refugees and migrants across the board, calling them criminal and inferior. He further believes he may have disrupted the public peace with his words.

Mr. Rahn told the Frankfurt broadcasting station: “There are enough idiots suing someone every day for something. That’s nothing strange.” He further stated that it was now in the hands of the judicial process to investigate the claims and that he is not worried by it.

The only racial incitement he sees was inflicted by the politician Özoguz when he stated that there is no German culture. “That’s incitement of the people!”

originally published on Voice of Europe

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Merkle Visits Loved Ones of Breitscheidplatz Terror Victims

Almost a year after a truck ploughed through a Christmas market in Berlin, killing twelve and maiming many more people, the loved ones of the victims penned a letter condemning Merkel’s inaction.

So far Merkel has not contacted any of the loved ones in the course of the last year, but she feels pressed to do so now. She will see some of them in person.

Source Zeit online

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Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière Seeks to Ease Observation

Zeit online reports that laws 100c StGO and 100f StGO are up to change in order to ease wiretapping in criminal investigations. Until now cooperation of private telecommunication providers with law enforcement is voluntary. The minister tries to enforce mandatory cooperation.

The German constitution provides special protection of the home. I don’t know if there are constitutional problems with issuing subpoenas to parties who are not under investigation themselves.

Such laws will not be widely discussed in public because they are important. The news rather talks about foreign yellow press blather like Trump tweet stories. The reason why it hits the news on Zeit online is that the ministry made minor public corrections to reports from small blogs which reported about the ambition.

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