Germany Has Hardly any Conservatives

The most striking aspect about what is going on in Germany is the preoccupation with the migration crisis. I acknoledge it’s importance. What I can read between the lines, however, is that most Germans who bicker about it are perfectly fine with surveillance, censorship laws, media oligarchy, aggression against opposition and so on.

If the elites can cover up the scope of the migration matter, most ‘conservatives’ will go back to their government cheerleading mode.

Most, of course, don’t even notice that media lies go far beyond the migration issue. Although the border opening had the significience of Gulf War II in exposing the behavior of the media, many believe it is a matter restricted only to their pet issues.

Wrong. During the 2016 US General Election German MSM spread CNN/MSNBC tosh completely unchallenged. If you had watched an event on Youtube with your own eyes and heard what was said with your own ears, German media (and CNN) would tell you rather to believe what they wrote or presented than your own bloody mind (gaslighting). You can shrug off one of such incidents but it was systemic.


As polls showed a people showered with that kind of news, with little access to talk radio, FOX news, breitbart etc, votes for the Democrat candidate at a level of over 90%. That was not only true for Hillary Clinton, but also for Obama, Kerry, Gore and potentially goes back much further.

There is something deeply wrong and it goes beyond the migration crisis. Germans are to blame for it. Any government, even the most unjust regimes, can only thrive on the support of its people. And Germans are complicit.

Why Conservative Critics of Jutta Ditfurth Are a Bit Off the Mark

The news about the violent escalation in Hamburg at the time of the G20 summit went aroung the world. I wrote in solidarity about the wounded police officers and I am outraged about the media lying against them. Yet, there is, of course, the other side of the story, too.

By and large the police may have behaved less violent and more noble than the protesters, but there were also such scenes as the one you can see in this video.

Following the summit, talkshow Sandra Maischberger discussed the events. The panel included, among other guests, Wolfgang Bosbach of Merkel’s party CDU, a tepid Paul Ryan type (big, big C) Conservative described by the media as a rebel to manufacture consent, and disaffected co-founder of the German Green party Jutta Ditfurth (she left the Greens since to found her own party Ökolinx).

I must apologise at this point that I really, really can’t sit through a German talkshow. It is too dull. The whole ludicrous concept of having half a dozen people sitting around for over an hour with only 10 minutes speaking time each, scattered across a pre-orchestrated conversation that leaves no room for surprising statements is worth an extra post (if not a book). But apparently Wolfgang Bosbach left the studio during the show complaining about Ditfurth. The host even tried to boot her off.

A slew of media articles came up online denouncing Ditfurth, but as much as I researched I couldn’t figure out why. She did not insult, not screech, become physical or anything of that sort. Her ‘arguments’ were said to have been the problem.

Now, here is my problem. The German word ‘Argument’ is very specific. It does not mean a fight as such but is rather a proposition that you state to make your case. Giving an account on what happened is not an ‘Argument’ for or against a policy. The talkshow was not about such arguments and I doubt that, in a free society, one could have given the reason for the said discomfort.

You may think that a media onslaught on one talkshow guest guilty of calmly presenting an ‘argument’ demonstrates a lack of democratic values, and that is true of course, but the problem runs deeper. Germans by and large have become unable to tolerate any views other than their own. Turkish-German citizens may want to talk about the death penalty, conservatives about immigration, libertarians about dismantling government services, and leftists about the Verfassungsschutz. All of it is culturally verboten at this point.

The mentioned articles are, of course, the reaction of the authoritarian ‘centrist’ media which represents the mindset of the DNC and by extention of most Germans as they hold an intellectual oligopoly. (There is nothing like FOX News, Democracy Now, The Intercept, talk radio, The Washington Times etc and the need for the antitrust authority to step in is, of course, not discussed). What is surprising, though, is that those few (low-budget) conservative blogs that exist on the fringe (achgut, Tichy, pp) did not jump to Ditfurth’s defence despite the fact that they get their own share of flak from government cheerleeders (if they are not punished with ignorance).

The Romans called the phenomenon ‘divide et conquere’, divide and conquer. Instead of safeguarding those who dissent from power, people see the powerful as part of the other group and consequently can’t muster an iota of solidarity.

Jutta Ditfurth is the author of many non-fictional books, most notably of a biography on RAF terrorist Ulrike Meinhof.
She is currently in a legal battle to protect her free speech. Journalist Jürgen Elsasser took her categorisation of his person as an ‘anti-Semite’ to the courts (apparently it passes for slander – she had better called him an islamophobe). You can support her:
  • note to payee: „Elsässer-Prozess“
  • IBAN: DE40 5001 0060 0717 7206 00

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German State TV Channel ZDF has a CNN Moment

This video about the protests surrounding the G20 summmit was shown on ZDF.

And this video shows who attacked whom.

The scene again from above.

Germany toughens Rules on Foreign Buyouts in Strategic Sectors

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Salzburg Officials ban Pork in Kindergartens

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Meet Dubious German Intelligence Agency Verfassungsschutz

Bildergebnis für agent trenchcoat

Each of the 16 States of Germany has one, the Federal Government has one: A Secret service agency of the category Verfassunsgsschutz. Normal secret services arrest foreign spies, prevent terror attacks from happening or protect computer systems. Not so the Verfassungsschutz, which is explicitly forbidden by law to help the police in any form.

I hear you scratch your head. 16+1 agencies not fighting off the villains? That’s right.

So what do they do? They present reports listing groups and people they claim to be a threat to the constitution. Since none of the information coming out of their monitoring activity goes to the police (that is verboten), we are talking about hit lists. Think of the Verfassungsschutz report as an equivalent to the webpage of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Journalists crow over it to justify their hatred with the backing of an authority.

But this is not a private organisation. They are secret service agencies with spies infiltrating opposition groups to collect information. The past has shown that agents even play a vital role in crminial activities perpetrated by some of the observed groups. Sometimes they account for all of them.

Peter Urbach for example handed out molotow cocktails to students in a protest march against media empire Springer. The Baader-Meinhof Gang was a likely offshot of the radicalisation that followed.

The goal is to discredit opposition to the main parties.

Since the late eighties conservative party Republikaner, who were originally founded over the distress about money being credited to the East German dictatorship, were included into the Verfassungsschutz report.

As a result many civil servants and respected members of society left the party. The layabouts formed the cesspool of anti-Semites and madmen that the big parties always painted the Republikaner to be.

The Verfassungsschutz does not only go after conservatives. They gunned at the destruction of many groups including Socialist party DIE LINKE and – in their early phase – the Green party.