Germany to slash funding for Islamic organization DITIB

Note that Germany is not a secular country despite the fact that her constitution would demand it!

Berlin plans to cut project funding for the Turkish Islamic organization DITIB by around 80 percent, according to a newspaper report. DITIB has been criticized for having close ties to the Turkish government. Despite concerns over the Turkish Islamic organization DITIB’s relationship with Ankara, the German government will continue to provide the organization funds for projects, […]

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Austria’s Social Democrats Urge Facebook to Unmask People Behind Smear Campaign

VIENNA (Reuters) – Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern’s Social Democrats asked Facebook to disclose the identities of those behind sites which they say are spreading libel in an attempt to clean up a smear campaign scandal ahead of an election on Oct. 15.

Kern has pledged to get to the bottom of his party’s links to Facebook pages which have made unsusbtantiated allegations against Sebastian Kurz, the head of the main opposition People’s Party, who is leading in polls for the forthcoming parliamentary vote.

The scandal has already cost Kern’s campaign manager his job.

The Social Democrats’ lawyers wrote to Facebook in Ireland on Tuesday saying the group must, according to EU rules, hand over details about users who operate sites showing potentially libellous content about Kern and Kurz.

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AfD Have a Bigger Share of MPs of Foreign Descent Than Merkel’s Party CDU

BERLIN (Reuters) – The anti-immigrant Alternative for Germany (AfD) will have proportionally more lawmakers with an immigrant background in the new parliament than Chancellor Angela’s conservatives, according to a survey.

The AfD, which enters parliament for the first time after winning 12.6 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election, has been sharply critical of Merkel’s decision to take in 1.3 million mainly Muslim migrants and says Islam has no place in Germany.

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Military Officer Who Made Coup d’Etate Joke Found Not Guilty

In the wake of the witchhunt that followed the strange Franco A media story a military officer told his soldiers to speak out against the false accusations leveled against the military by the disloyal Department of Defence headed by Minister Ursula von der Leyen (of Merkel’s party CDU).

He finished his advise with the quip ‘or start a putsch’. The audience reacted with laughter, but the utterly humourless left-wing administers took it very seriously. They charged him with treason.

The state prosecuters office has dropped the case against the officer on September 11, 2017. Formally, it was not the Department of Defence, but the military Bundeswehr itself that got involved in the legal battle. But it is very clear that they acted to please Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen.

The case illustrates how nervous German elites have become particularly after the failed coup d’etat in Turkey. More and more legislation was added since to crack down on free speech and the possession of weapons. We have reached a point were knives and even pepper spray is outlawed. Citizens who bear weapons professionally are met with special suspicion.

The officer reacted to his indictment with charging Ursula von der Leyen. The army clamps down on him with the tools of internal regulations that are available to the forces. He is expected to pay 1,000 euro for his comment.

The officer insists that he won’t pay a cent because he will not agree that there is any fault on his part.

News Outlet ZEIT Online Trivializes The Holocaust

Micha Brumlik: today’s Islamophobia is somehow like the holocaust

A new article ZEIT online does not even hide the organisation’s Marxist nature. Author Thomas Assheuer quotes Karl Marx and praises him for his “grand analysis”. Everything other than Marx’ badmouthing “capitalism” is mere ‘wishful thinking’, he says.

Now, the proletarian revolution does not go the way that Marx predicted because the evil conservatives are the ones kicking up the fuss. Surprisingly enough, he claims that today’s right is at least honest. This can, however, not be said of Thomas Assheuer. The conservative agenda, he claims, is to ‘burst liberal democracy from within’ and to replace it with an ‘authoritarian presidential system; their example is Poland and  Hungary’. Note that Poland has a prime minister and the Hungarian president is even more reduced to a merely ceremonial function!

If that is still too honest for you, he adds that conservatives are led by Vladimir Putin. Conservatives are also honest, according to Assheuer, about their method which includes ‘unleashing wrath energy’. He puts this strange combination of words into quotation marks, but leaves it unclear what Donald Trump email the deep state has yet to leak in which we will find them.

‘Fascism is no taboo either’, he asserts. Parts of conservative party AfD were ‘affirmative to National Socialism. What was anti-Semitism then, is Islamophobia today’. The notion is that somehow trivialities like asking a Muslim to unveil her face in public spaces, something even ISIS asked their women to do in security sensitive areas, is just as bad as gassing millions of Jews to death.

For this saucy piece of trash statement Assheur quotes Micha Brumlik, a Jewish socialist. The recipe in the fight against the right is, of course, more Marxism. The political correctness stuff must be complimented with more government goodies.

The lack of futuristic utopias gave rise to the ‘backward utopias’ of a right that wants to go back in time. Alexander Gauland, a leader of conservative party AfD, is now said not only to be proud of German soldiers, but according to Assheuer, to those who murdered. I can’t read Assheuers mind, but I wonder if he believes that there is a special pride for the murderers or if all soldiers are honoured by the evil conservatives equally. It could also be that he feels that all soldiers in the chaos of wars can be found guilty of murder. But this is speculation.

The government is criticised by conservatives because they are ‘agents of turmoil and “people mixing”‘. He quotes “people mixing”, but he won’t tell us from where. The culture that lies under the metropolitan foam will rise again if only the right politicians came to power, is what conservatives believe according to Assheuer. This would explain Alexander Gauland’s statements that he wants to chase Angela Merkel and that he wants his country back. Since Gauland said that he wants his country and people back the media believes this American tea party slogan has something to do with Hitler.

Somehow the mentioned statements by Alexander Gauland lead Assheuer to believe that Alexander Gauland is in for some cleansing. This is the innuendo we have grown used to. Hitler’s ethnic cleansing is something that matches Gauland’s statement to ‘want [his] country and people back’.

To prove that one thing has to do with the other, he goes the length of portraiting Ernst Jünger, a Marxist and (National) Socialist from the era of the Weimar Republic. According to Assheuer, Ernst Jünger was not just interested in overcoming economic classes, but also in changing the culture. Whatever the heck that has to do with conservatives is never explained.



German Female Executives Bank More Than Men

Women may be vastly outnumbered in the boardrooms of Germany’s top firms, but they earn on average five percent more than their male counterparts as large corporations pony up to reduce gender imbalances, a consultancy report found Friday.

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Death of Joy Fleming

She was one of Germany’s true divas, Mrs soul Joy Fleming. Rest in peace!