“Systematically Lied To By The Media?”

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What? They do that here, too?


German media were too uncritical in their coverage of the 2015 refugee crisis, giving Angela Merkel’s open-door policy a free pass and failing to represent the legitimate concerns of ordinary people alarmed by the influx, a new study has found...

It said newspapers made no attempt to differentiate between rightwing radicals and ordinary people who were left feeling politically insecure or marginalized by the refugee influx. Instead of critical reporting, journalists had merely “adopted the viewpoint and also the slogans of the political elite…”

The report said Willkommenskultur became a kind of “magic word” used by certain sections of the media to turn ordinary people into good Samaritans and encourage them to carry out acts of kindness towards newcomers…

A recent poll by the University of Mainz, cited in the study, found that 55 per cent of those asked felt “systematically lied to…

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Bertelsmann Foundation Puts Out Study That Claims One in Three Germans Were Populisten

Bildergebnis für founding fathers

Before I get to the meat I have to define a word that I can’t define. Bear with me!

‘Populisten’ is not the translation of populist. Populist means pushing for policies that are wildly popular in the electorate. The folks at Breitbart.com use that term. It must not be confused with the German word populisten. Nobody ever uses it for himself and a meaning is only assigned at the very moment an opponent is smeared. So in a way the headline reads ‘Bertelsmann says one third of Germans are trash.’

So what is Bertelsmann’s on-the-fly definition for populisten? Jean-Jacque Rousseau is one. If you believe in a government that respects the sovereignty of the people (they use the very word ‘Volkssouveränität‘) you are one of these evil populisten. They even invent a new word, the detestable ‘provolkssouveränität’!

The US founding fathers are also populisten for they were sceptical about a concentration of power and the elites as a group.

Robert Vehrkamp, one of the authors of the study, condescendingly says, “Populisten in Germany are rather disaffected democrats than radical enemies of democracy as such.”

People who don’t believe in the sovereignty of the people and who -after Germany has seen two dictatorships over the course of the last hundred years- feel elites can still be blindly trusted are most likely to vote for Merkel’s CDU or the Green party (and they are supposed to be the good people).

For everybody who pays attention that doesn’t come as a surprise. For a cynic like me it is rather a surprise that one in three Germans do believe what the founding fathers believed and another third partly believes in democracy (as it was defined by those who created it).

sources: ZEIT ONLINE and sciencefiles

The Wages of (Not) Dealing with the Past

The Wages of (Not) Dealing with the Past

Cliff Arroyo on the transition of Poland from Socialism to today’s society.

What’s going on now in Poland is not really about the court sysem. It’s probably the last death throes of a conflict that for most people ended in 1992. For lots of reasons, communist Poland from around 1960 on was much more ‘liveable’ than any other European country (apart from maybe non-Soviet Jugoslavija), not materially […]

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Four German ISIS Women are Currently Begging to Return Home

Bildergebnis für German female jihadi

After Iraqi and Syrian forces have led multiple successful campaigns against ISIS, most notably in Raqqa and Mosul, member of the terror group flee in drag (queen costumes) or are caught.

Among the caught are currently four German women begging to get home to their families.

Many lives have been destroyed and the ultimate question is still never asked.

Who is responsible?

That sounds easier at first than it actually is. Wouldn’t you kill for what you belief? If the belief is strong enough? If you believe, for example, that you are physically attacked, wouldn’t you kill? You would!

So who is guilty? The suicide bomber who puts his very being on the line for what he believes or the people who make him believe?

What is with the very people that claim Muslims are under constant oppression, persecution, harrassment and violence by non-Muslims? What is with those who don’t stand up and clarify what is real discrimination and what is a hoax? What is with those that don’t care about the lies that drive some to violence? The truth is that many have blood on their hands. Maybe most of us.

Sexcrime Toys — The Worked Shoot

Stories about the supposed future production of sex robots has got me wondering…. given the current cultural climate I wonder how long before sеx toys come under attack for anatomical appropriation. Now obviously, use of didlοs will probably be exempt from criticism. But I can easily imagine that feminists would start complaining that flæsh lights […]

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Germany expects greater quantities of cocaine to flood into Europe

BERLIN (Reuters) – German customs police expect much more cocaine to flood into Europe in future and have seized nearly five tonnes of the drug in northern sea ports so far this year, more than three times their total in 2016. Officials seized 3.8 tonnes of cocaine valued at 880 million euros ($1 billion) in […]

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Poland Descends into an Authoritarian Regime – says German Media


For many Polish this is no news. The left claims justice reform will bring doomsday and state TV dismissals are a sign for an ‘authoritarian state’.

Sadly, it will also not surprise many Polish either that Germans have little to say about the claims. Yet, since all media is on the left, the charges voiced by the Polish left are taken for granted.

The media doesn’t even explain enough of the impending danger to allow the reader a fair assessment. Longer texts are hidden behind paywalls. If it was critical for them to get information out, that wouldn’t be the case.

Why is it a good idea to remain in the EU with an authoritarian state? To cover up the descrepency between the call to fight a dictatorship and the mandate to closely cooperate with one, we are taught some doublethink.

Poland is not going to be a dictatorship but an authoritarian state. The difference is that the first cannot be partnered with while the second can. Given the hysteria we witness, the difference does not lie in the human rights thingy. It is more … how dare you question Brussels, you authoritarian!