In Search for a Drug that Makes You Truly Love Migrants and Big Brother

An international team of researchers asks to use a hormone called the hormone of love to force the masses and especially the opponents of migrants to love migrants.

The hormone helps fight racism. The team of researchers, including psychologists, has demonstrated that the hormone increases the desire to help migrants. This hormone alters social behavior. A brave new world.

by Olivier Renault

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Ben Shapiro Interviews Google Rebel James Damore

This is funny. Ben, fast-talking, open chatterbox interviews somebody who is probably an Asperger.

German Court Sentences Businessman to Two Years Prison for Trying to Con ISIS

A German court just determined a Syrian refugee was guilty of trying to defraud ISIS — a surprising ruling that seems to indicate the terror group is worthy of the government’s legal protections. The businessman, a hairdresser, was actually sentenced to two years in prison for fraud. The European Union has ruled ISIS a terror…

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Restaurant Casa Mia Closed because it Hosted Pegida Protesters

In 2014, the campaign Munich is Colourful (German: München ist bunt) was founded to “help” restaurants avoiding “right-wing extremist” guests.

The definition of these extremists was vague from the very beginning. The line could run somewhere between conservative party AfD, fringe anti-immigration party NPD, neo-nazi groups, student fraternities or some other member of the wider populace. It is also perfectly unclear how people accused of “right-wing extremism” can legally defend themselves against such a characterisation.

In early 2016 a small group of Pegida participants started visiting Italian restaurant Casa Mia on a regular basis. Soon Ernst Dill of left-wing party SPD, one of three official embassadors against right-wing extremism in Munich, demanded that Casa Mia declined service to the guests. He went even as far as to give legal advice to Giovanni Costa, the owner of the pub.

To turn on the pressure on Casa Mia, Mr Dill organised letters demanding action, one by the Society of Hotels and Restaurants in Bavaria (German: Bayerischen Hotel- und Gaststättenverband) and one by the Mayor of Munich, Dieter Reiter, also of party SPD.

Still Giovanni Costa did not give in. The guests didn’t disturb anybody, so Costa, and behaved friendly. Dill denounced Costa publicly for cooperating not with the City but with Pegida.

Soon left-wing groups cried for boycotts. His revenues fell by 25%, graffiti was smeared against the outer walls. When Pegida called for a solidarity march for Casa Mia, Ernst Dell and the Counsil of Borough Sendling wrote an open letter, which says, ‘We don’t want brown beer in Sendling’. In German the colour brown can symbolise Nazism, alluding to the SA brown shirts.

Lastly, even the beer provider who had a long-term contract with Casa Mia, pulled out of the cooperation with the restaurant. Casa Mia went bankrupt. In a final letter, pinned on the door, Giovanni Costa “thanked” the Council of Borough Sendling and ‘those brave people who under the protection of the night smeared our walls’.

Needless to say that an office such as Ernst Dill’s, which is to ‘fight whatever extremism’, is unconstitutional as it breaches the term of neutrality of a public official. More dangerous for a democracy, however, is that the police is often asked to step down in left-wing controlled areas and the authorities allow their thugs to get away with everything. The Berkeley riots were a prominent US example of the phenomenon. Those who left vile graffiti on the wall of the restaurant had as little to fear as the SA during the Weimar republic.

More and more groups pop up to dissuade restaurants to serve people on the political right. One group, called ‘[City of] Fulda Objects’ (German: Fulda stellt sich quer) was awarded a price for such dubious activities by Harvard alumni and leading SPD member Ralf Stegner. ‘Fulda Objects’ explicitly targets hosts who serve members of conservative party AfD. Their leader is a member of fringe communist party DKP.

Since the end of the East German dictatorship dissidents in many dubious regimes hardly face direct legal prosecution. The tactics shift to messing up people’s lives and seek to hurt them where they are psychologically most vulnerable. Unfortunately, only German has a word for it: Zersetzung.

Democracy dies in the dark.

Thanks to Christian Erkelenz

David Berger’s News Blog Philosophia Perennis Targeted by Youth Protection Agency


A photo of the letter that David Berger received

Gay theologian David Berger received a letter from some department for youth protection. As the German state keeps expanding, I have lost sight over what there really is and it appears that this government entity is somehow situated on both the state level of each member state and on the federal level.

The obvious breach of the democratic principle of federalism and subsidiarity is even reflected in how they introduce themselves in the letter, which reads, ‘ is the shared competence centre between the federal government and the states for the protection of the youth on the internet’ (German: gemeinsames Kompetenzzentrum von Bund und Ländern für den Jugendschutz im Internet).

Berger, who runs the political blog Philosophia Perennis, is accused of endangering the youth with ‘absolutely forbidden content’. The content in question was no depiction of violence or sexual acts, but rather links in the comment section, added by visitors of his blog.

Both links led to online encyclopedia Metapedia. The first was about the biography of Sören Kohlhuber. I personally don’t find an entry for this name on Metapedia. It may have been deleted. Kohlhuber is a former employee of newspaper ZEIT, who is said to have incited left-wing attendants of the G20 summit protests to attack foreign journalists like Lauren Southern. The entry was probably removed for fear of libel lawsuits and not because it contained something the ‘youth’ may not see.

The second link led to the Metapedia entry of Benjamin Freedman, who Berger characterizes as an anti-Semite. Metapedia gives a very neutral account of Freedman’s perspective. I share Mr Berger’s view that Freedman, a Jewish convert to Christianity, peddled weird anti-Semitic conspiracy theories that must be challenged. Again, this is nothing young people should be sheltered from.

Most questionable is that the letter explicitly states that the entire website is indexed by the government entity because it may trouble the ‘youth’.

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Bestseller Finis Germania is anti-Semitic

The Latin title translates to either ‘The Germany of the Border’ or as the warning ‘You end, Germany!’ and like the title the whole book seems to serve as a Rorschach test. After the suicide of left-wing activist Rolf Peter Sieferle, a specialist in climate change fear-mongering, his last book made a final splash.

The reason is that Sieferle took a conservative view on immigration. With the enormous hegemonic power of the left and decades-old bullying, German conservatives only get a hearing when people on the other side pick up one of their issues. Those messengers of conservative causes are safeguarded by a special protection which they earned by relentlessly campaigning for left-wing causes.

That protection, however, does not last long and in Sieferle’s case even his obituary was altered by mainstream news blog to reflect his disgrace. In fact efforts to stifle the book sells were the main driver behind its success. The media denounced it, the German equivalent of the New York Times bestseller list issued by magazine SPIEGEL was purged to hide it, and it took a while for the elites to come around and give a reason for the dislike.

The main focus of the text is on immigration, so Germans reacted cynically and indifferently when the public was told that we are dealing with anti-Semitism. It looked like a smoke and mirror game to avoid the immigration debate and, no doubt, it was. The German government gives large amounts of money to the PLO without ever asking them to stop rewarding terrorist families for the murder of Jews. Concern for the chosen people was hardly the true motivation for the vitriol and the silencing tactics that faced all who were merely touched by the book.

People bought the book in defiance, it sold in large numbers, and served as a huge middle finger to the establishment. I praise those who bought it, those who were just tired of being bullied around.

They may end up disappointed, though. Sieferle, who – I repeat – was a life-long leftist, hides his reasoning behind sticky, unprecise, even evasive language. As the New York Times writes, ‘Mr. Sieferle sees an “affinity” between Germans now and the Jew as he was understood in the Christian past.’ The German word Affinität is just as off as the English word affinity. Sieferle goes great lengths to reduce Jews to a projection screen for all evil to be thrown against and claims that Germans are just that today.

“The Jew” becomes a symbol and we end up with a convoluted text composed of metaphors, innuendos, symbols, and non-specifics. He describes his own phrase “the myth holocaust” as the view of the shoa as the ultimate evil while comparable mass murders such as the purges by Mao and Stalin seem to play in a different ball park. In other words, he makes an enormous effort to hide his views in a darkish Little Red Riding Hood forest where Hansel and Gretel, witches and Jews may find them or not.

What remains after you burn down the forest is the claim that the wrath of the world is no longer against the Jews and Israel but against Germany and the Germans, the claim that Germans internalised that hatred and started hating themselves, and the claim that Jewish suffering by German hands is comparable to German suffering. Responsible for the strange death wishes for themselves, which cannot be denied for any Western culture at the moment, are, of course, the Jews.

The New York Times quotes Sieferle, “Today, the Jews…build memorials throughout the world to their murdered coreligionists. Not only are the victims ascribed a moral superiority, the wrongdoers and their symbols are ascribed an eternal depravity.”

I may remark here that Germans don’t respect Jews as a people with a religion and traditions. That is why he writes ‘coreligionists’ for the largely nonreligious, overtly assimilated Jewish population in central and Eastern Europe of the time. The habit of Germans to erase any identity, and as shown in the quote, not only of their own people, but of all people, is blamed on the Jews because of the self-hatred they inflicted upon the Germans.

The difference between Germans and ‘the Jew’, so Sieferle, is that the former accepted what they were accused of while the latter did not. We are bogged down in mythical thinking already where it doesn’t matter anymore if accusations are about actual crimes or about “eating children” and causing the black death by “poisoning the wells”.

None of this is new to anybody who pays attention to anti-Semitism. I am not all too squeamish. You can talk about noses all day long and use Goebbel’s vocabulary to write a cook book, but the spreading of lies and accusations, hidden behind a wall of responsibility deflecting non-language, is the choking canary bird in the coal mine.

I can’t rebuke all of the claims and well-known mistakes that compose anti-Semitism and therefore will jump to the root cause of the problem. As I have written in many posts, Germans don’t debate anymore. Under every censorship lies a thicket of speculation, conspiracy theories, myths, and craze that meets no daylight. It takes decades to debunk them all for they are so many, but laws such as §130 StGB (incitement to hatred) stop the issues from being brought to open discussion. It is a ticking bomb and with the Islamisation, flat-out denied by our elites, this thicket of craze will continue to grow.

Nadine Strossen, former president of the ACLU, gives some great historical background on the importance of free speech in this fight

Socialist Andre Damon of WSWS Scolds Google for Destroying Independent News Sources – Including Right-Wing Websites

Solidarity across the aisle. Watch!