Martin Schulz Takes An Unpopular Stand For German Votes

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Breaking with SPD vote pandering tradition, Martin Schulz has decided to show some real backbone by telling German voters what they do not want to hear.

Martin Schulz

In a shock move nobody here could have possibly expected, and with the German election just weeks away, Schulz has decided to reshuffle the playing cards by coming out to savagely criticize American President Donald Trump.

Like, you got have courage, you know?

DER SPIEGEL: Before the U.S. election, you told us that as president of the United States, Donald Trump would be “not only a problem for the EU, but also for the entire world.” You were right.

Schulz: It has actually been far worse.

DER SPIEGEL: What do you mean by that?

Schulz: It was clear to me that the White House’s solemn atmosphere would not civilize Trump. But the merciless nepotism with which he conducts politics, in which he places…

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Libertarian Party FDP Hauls in Big Money for Election Campaign

Despite the fact that the German electorate is so shiftless that the pollsters yawn, major donors still have high hopes that a minor change may occur in the case that Merkel decides not to continue her coalition government with the left-wing party SPD, but rather with the libertarian FDP.

More than 1.9 billion Euro went directly to Merkel’s party CDU this year alone, while the much, much smaller FDP could cash in more than 1.5 billions.

Culturally dominant parties SPD and the Green Party could only rack up 100,000 Euro, which shows that nobody believes in effecting a change by funding them. Meanwhile, openly Socialist party DIE LINKE lives off state funding alone.

Five out of six major donors, large corporations or extremely wealthy individuals, put their money to the Libertarians.

Despite their libertarian rhetoric the FDP has a history of solely serving the needs of the rich. They embody the clichés the left has of the right.

The investment will go the way the Hillery Clinton funding went. After all German election results are VERY rigid.


Heinrich Boell Foundation Pillory Taken Off the Web

After protests, including here at Goldstein Web, the pillory has been taken offline. The heads behind the scandal say that they will return but with a much tamed version of it.


German State Lower Saxony Set to Ban Niqabs in Schools

The case of a Muslim pupil refusing to remove her niqab triggered debate in Lower Saxony. Now a new law may mean that full-face Islamic veils will no longer be allowed in state schools.

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Katie Hopkins on the Rubin Report

Dave Rubin has Katie Hopkins on to talk about her life, her work and the current state of Western society. Most shocking is her account on police harassment against her person.

Newspaper Berliner Zeitung Attacks Hero who Stopped Street Violence for Alleged ‘Racism’

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The police report tells us that a 16-year old and another 20-year old Somali man entered a bus in Berlin borough of Schöneweide before having a verbal altercation with a 34-year old man who didn’t give way fast enough.

It does not say why in the world the German should have given way to the Somali youngsters, but the man was already seated when the two men came in.

When they got off the bus they drew the German out of the vehicle and gave him a beating.

Another passenger saw what was going on and jumped off the bus to enter the fray. At this point a ‘racist statement’ was overheard. When the Somalis were overwhelmed and given a proper lesson that required some minor hospital treatment later, the unknown hero left the scene.

Newspaper Berliner Zeitung reported on this. The story was, however, headlined with, “Unknown man insulted two Somalis in a racist fashion and lashed out on them”.

Unsurprisingly, the media turned the whole story upside down. But really disconcerting is the set of priorities we are supposed to accept.

Does one really have to watch one’s tongue in the midst of the brutal bare-knuckle street fight? Shouldn’t civil courage be cheered and encouraged?

It speaks volumes about the decline of morals if a warrior who puts his well-being on the line to defend somebody else from physical harm is attacked for some pettiness. And yes, a slur, also a racial slur, is a pettiness.

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Undercover Journalist Gets Chilling Instructions from ISIS

A German journalist went undercover as an ISIS fighter and received very specific instructions.

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