Google Daughter Youtube Suppressing Political Content

After I reported on Google’s attempt to suppress independent voices here, I have yet to address the behavior of its daughter company YouTube. A number of the video platform’s big stars, probably most famously Dave Rubin, have addressed the issue of politically motivated ‘demonetization’ again and again. YouTube’s business model is to intercept videos with advertisement and let content providers earn a slice of the revenues. The word ‘demonetization’ means that a video is not interrupted with ads even though duration and popularity would pay off. Content providers who upload videos critical of Islam or freakish aspects of the political left, are informed about it. We are not dealing with rumors. Now, YouTube openly says that their censorship efforts are going even beyond that in future.

YouTube works hand in gloves with 15 dubious organisations flagging content and listens to the rage of the (usually left-wing) mob. Among those 15 advisors is the No Hate Speech Movement, a campaign run by the Youth Department of Europe, which belongs to the Council of Europe. In other words it is the Council of Europe, an organisation composed of a slew of Asian despots and members of the European Union, who is telling Google what to hide, de-fund and deface.

Ten founding members (dark green)
 Joined subsequently (green)
 Official candidates (red)
 Observer at the Parliamentary Assembly (yellow)
 Observer at the Committee of Ministers (orange)
 Observer at the Committee of Ministers and the Parliamentary Assembly (brown)

Source map: Wikipdia

As a consequence such videos will no longer be recommended, can no longer be liked and will be kept behind an ‘interstitial’ (whatever that will look like). Since we are talking Google here, they also announced to alter their search to let users end up with what YouTube ‘recommends’ to them.


For the quick. A short video by Marc Dice:





Poland Bullied to Take in More Migrants

European Union leaders sent out a bullying message to Poland, telling the nation it has one month to accept a certain number of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, or face sanctions. Poland has told the European Union: No more migrants. But the statement has fallen on deaf ears.Poland, the site of President…

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Europe’s Cities Absorb Sharia Law or Just Join anti-Sex League

London Mayor Sadiq Khan banned advertisements that promote “unrealistic expectations of women’s body image and health”. Now Berlin is planning to ban images in which women are portrayed as “beautiful but weak, hysterical, dumb, crazy, naive, or ruled by ….

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Google to Align our Thinking through Commentary Censorship Tool

This is very serious. Some cultures like the Germans have not yet transitioned from proprietary held news venues commentary sections to independent social media and other forums. The consequence is that a large part of the debate only takes place under the auspices of powerful authorities and is already now strictly regulated.

More often than not a German news site would allow debate only on specific articles and thus would be ‘moderated’ by a biased authority. Some outlets like Zeit online invests a lot of money to allow more debates which is necessary to censor the emerging content. The result is that the remaining posts cheerleading either Zeit online and/or the government or a note that a comment was deleted for being ‘rude’. People who disagree withdraw. Another classic now is that twenty to thirty comments are deleted at once and the notes say ‘the post this responds to has been taken off already’.

This deleting habits were already around when Google and Co did not interfere and one could compare English-speaking commentary with what was happening on German news sites. I concluded that Germans aren’t so much more rude and that all the deletion frenzy was unjustifiable.

Now a daughter company of Google is offering a tool that will semi-automatically  flag and remove uncommon content. The algorithm learns from complaints what to remove. In other words, the most intolerant will have a say, the majority will rule the minority and authorities will be undisturbed from criticism.


A research team tied to Google unveiled a new tool on Thursday that could have a profound effect on how we talk to each other online. It’s called “Perspective,” and it provides a way for news websites and blogs to moderate online discussions with the help of artificial intelligence.

The researchers believe it could turn the tide against trolls on the Internet, and reestablish online comment forums—which many view as cesspools of hatred and stupidity—as a place for honest debate about current events.

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German Predictibility Almost Bores Pollsters

As the following account by news agency Reuters will tell you, German elections are no ‘winner takes it all’ game. That is code for ‘they have nothing to decide’. If you read very attentively, you will also notice that the polling companies are paid by public funds through public broadcasters.

By Erik Kirschbaum BERLIN (Reuters) – Doubts about the reliability of opinion polls arose after unexpected election results in Britain and the United States last year, but German pollsters say their methods and domestic circumstances mean Germany should be immune to election shock next month. German opinion surveys have been precise in the past because […]

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Pamela Geller Likely To Fall Victim To YouTube Purge

As I have already reported here, the google daughter YouTube is going rogue, too. First public victim: Pamela Geller.

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New Biker Group Between Hell’s Angels and Sharia

I have reported already here  how Berlin is struggling with Arab-speaking gangs. Now Germany sees the emergence of another racket that is likely to combine extortion, prostituion and drug trafficking with sharia enforcement.

German Muslims have established a self-styled biker gang — modelled on the Hells Angels — aimed at protecting fellow Muslims from the “ever-growing hatred of Islam,” according to Die Welt.

The emergence of the group, which aspires to open chapters in cities and towns across Germany, has alarmed German authorities, who have warned against the growing threat of vigilantism in the country.

Muslim vigilantes enforcing Islamic justice have become increasingly common in Germany. The government’s inability or unwillingness to stop them has led to the rise of anti-Muslim counter-vigilantes. Germany’s BfV intelligence agency, in its latest annual report, warned that an escalating action-reaction cycle could result in open warfare on German streets.