The Ills of the German Constitution

To begin with there are naturally so many ills of the constitution, the Grundgesetz, that I just come down with the most important shortfalls.

It is a Book

That sounds silly, particularly for people who don’t live in the English speaking world, but there is a problem in itself when a constitution is not concise. The reality of the thought out and crisp US American constitution is that everybody read it and is constantly talking about it. Only a people that knows what needs to be defended when it matters will defend it.

It is already Outdated

First it sounded like a good idea to restrict government power by defining exactly what the government can do and would allow for nothing else. However, that did not only lead to the oversized text, but required the writers to know everything about the future. Debates whether the writers had thought of the internet, gay marriage and so on haunt Germans forever more.

It is treated like a Religious Book

Like any religious book the Grundgesetz is never read, always believed to say what the individual basing his argument on it wants it to say and must not be contested, not even amended beyond some petty left-wing policy goals.  To leave ‘the ground of the Grundgesetz’ is a phrase uttered whenever somebody is accused of apostasy. The name Grundgesetz replaces the words democracy, human rights and so forth, leaving the populace wildly uninformed. Germans regard their constitution as an embodyment of their values, which are actually the zeitgeist of the day. They see it less as a document to restrict the powers of the government. The saints of that ‘religion’ are called the ‘Fathers of the Grundgesetz’ and nobody can say who they are and why they are always right.

It doesn’t do what it says it does

Church and state are seperated. Problem is that churches are legally organs of the German state and even school indoctination is commanded by the Grundgesetz. The contradictions go on and on, hardly mentioned, hardly discussed. Who would? Nobody reads it! And doesn’t government and media put out ‘legal constitution experts’ to safeguard the people against government overreach? Isn’t that good enough? For Germans it is.

It doesn’t enforce Democratic Principles

The government is elected in a way that the majority party leadership, the government and the leading functions of the parliament are in the hands of the same people. These small circles of power don’t even change much over the course of multiple elections. The Supreme Court is hardly explaining on what legal section they base their judements on. Only G-d knows how they manage to demand law changes to set government payments to the penny.

That is just a quick overview of what is wrong with both the text and the practice.

Disclaimer: Since the government is a tad nervous at the moment, I confirm that the constitution must be respected. Changes are applied by the channels that the constitution itself sets and must not result in the removal of our freedoms.



Threat of North Korea completely Exaggerated

What’s needed in North Korea is a different strategy. Here’s David Stockman’s proposal, from The threat of nuclear war has again sharply escalated owing to North Korea’s apparent successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), albeit one that traveled only 600 miles, not the 6,000 miles needed to reach California. Likewise, it was […]

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Church Bell with Swastika and Pledge to Hitler Decoration May Remain

After we have seen an extraordinary iconoclasm in the Western World in recent years, removing statues, street names and much more to eradicate the mixed and often painful memory of our past, there is a sign of hope.

The village Herxheim am Berg in Rhineland-Palatinate decided to keep the Bell. The wording says ‘Everything for the Fatherland’ in the first row and ‘Adolf Hitler’ in the second.

The bell was made in 1934 and should remind us all today that there was a zeitgeist hardly objected at the time that led to catastrophic consequences.

Source:  FAZ.NET

Pakistan Discusses Transgender Bill

This sounds utterly like the direction the Western Left is heading to. Protection for transgender looks like segregation. Separate identity for official documents like ID cards, separate prison cells and so forth. All in the name of equality of course.

The Federal Ombudsman on Friday forwarded a bill on the protection of transgenders’ rights, prepared in consultation with several stakeholders, to the Senate’s Standing Committee on Human Rights for further deliberation. However, the committee, despite the Ombudsman’s go-ahead, has decided to further consult members of the society on the bill. Sources told DawnNews that one…

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Blogs and Social Media – Brainstorming

At the beginning blogs were for the most part a matter to display special interests. These artsy photoshots you wanted to display, the recipes of your nana, your life as an  Asperger and so on.

Then came Zuckerberg. His college interest was about shaming fellow students. He created Facebook. I’m not using FB, because I started taking interest in such affairs fairly recently, but leave all marketing aside and there is nothing but an ordinary blog. With time some gadgets were added to upload and play videos, send files and so forth, but nothing of it was extraordinary.

The whole reason why almost everybody is blogging now is that we as human beings have a tendency to be mean. And FB was the first ‘mean first’ blogging site.

Along came reddit. This started fairly innocent about following news and discussing matters of the day. Mean bloggers + politics = even meaner bloggers. Somehow, the age of doxxing began.

I’m neither on reddit so far and can’t speak of its shortcomings, but somehow ‘Twitter’ rose up to more attention. Twitter differs from other blogs that never-ending texts are replaced with the one-thought-one-post concept. Anywhere in a discussion a different user can come in and make an argument or issue a correction to a post. Also new is that comments and posts are one and the same thing, giving everybody the same tools to slug it out.

The situation today is that Facebook is the basis for many arrests of political opposition around the world. We can’t prove that the company might even be cooperating but we know that they are very gullible to governments. Until fairly recently Twitter was more defiant driving governments (like Germany) mad and having the lacky media complaining about it with no end.

Now Twitter cracks down on their users. The tool from Texas promises freedom of speech. However, Germans who access receive a warning message not to break the law. If is willing to kowtow to the German government (and given the threats to fine them I understand it), I’m sure that they will not resist the Chinese, the Pakistani, the Russians and so forth.

Along comes disqus. Disqus allows more signs per post and groups people into channels. You can join a discussion or issue a new post to one of the established channels. I can’t really tell, but I think that is equivalent to the FB Group concept. Disqus, however, does not have the reputation of constantly blocking users, closing accounts, or (I can’t prove it) passing information to totalitarian governments. They have found their niche by offering a widget that manages the comment section of many blogs (most famously Breitbart News).

As far as I can tell, disqus is also better programmed than slow-motion Twitter.

And then of course there is WordPress and (Blogger) blogspot who are very traditional. Their strength is that they still serve the cat-photo-autism-poetry clientele well with features most other sites can’t provide. The weakness is indeed the lack of connection between the different bloggers.

That is my quick, uninformed brainstorming on Blogs and social media. Tell me what you think in the comment section?


More than half of the people who came to Germany since 2015 are now unemployed

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Stone Pelting

Stoning is one of the reasons why I have difficulties to decide what is a Western World Leftist and what is an Islamist. Two of a kind.