The Leftist McCarthyism Cannot Last Forever

James Damore

Now that Breitbart is on a mission to take Google apart I may let up on it a bit. The memo culprit James Damore, a biology PhD from Harvard, has been fired. Breitbart has reached out to Google’s employees to speak out about their mistreatments. I think this could be the beginning of Google’s ending and that is ultimately a good thing.

Main competitor Microsoft (search engine behind bing and yahoo and probably the most inclusive work place in the world) does not display the same madness. The Yahoo image and video search is of a higher quality than Google’s. And what are we searching other than official websites of organisations or Wikipedia, anyway? Google’s edge is in the prettier design. All other advantages have gone for a while now.

Two decades ago people thought Microsoft is evil and invincible. Today their products are choices on a competitive market. The outrage they have caused where about technological issues that could be fixed.

What the recent development shows, however, is how much of silicon valley has become a cult. Every of their ills are commonplace at Scientology or Jehovah’s Witness churches. They are just a far more influential cult, something we have not seen in the Western World since the decline of the big churches in Europe after WWII. Maybe it is something on par with the rise of Islamism.

One nagging question remains. When will it stop? The McCarthy era was a matter of about five years. You could be an open socialist without losing your job soon after. The social justice warrior era, however, dies a slow death, a very slow death.

Joe McCarthy

Part of its zombi antics may have to do with its long build-up. The McCarthy craze was a shock, strongly felt and short, a phase that set in after Hitler was defeated and the Soviets suddenly flashed their claws.

The social justice warrior disease started decades ago with good causes and ended not just as rackets but as cults. And as in any cult the victims don’t play a role to the true followers who are many.

Because it is so old and has grown out of something fairly innocent, everyone of us had been part of the cult in one way or another and I wonder if I was ever more into it than on the fringes. Alternatively, I might have been so far involved in the inner workings to get thrown out of it with a special vigor. I considered myself a feminist when nobody else did and asked for gay marriage when the Green party people were not even there yet.

Still, I don’t remember to have ever tried to silence people. I don’t remember to have ever had that blood lust for people being removed from their jobs, their families, their children and so on. At least, well, I don’t remember it.

Eva Herman

I was indifferent, though, about the dismissal of star news anchor Eva Herman, who criticised feminism in 2006. When she had to leave, our country was still open to debates. I was okay with it because she was rich and I believed it wasn’t a big deal for her.

Herman lost her money quickly when her real estate investments went downhill. The media mocked her when she made ever more outlandish comments. Yes, she was becoming crazy. It was then that I started to feel compassionate to her. The events kept coming in. Cancer researcher Tim Hunt, for example, was shot down for making a joke about how he met his wife. Germany’s most prominent feminist Alice Schwarzer defended him, and I was on her and his side against the weirdo feminists. Javascript inventor Brendon Eich had to step down as CEO of Firefox for a private donation to the Proposition 8 cause to ban gay marriage in California. We all know the many examples.

In one way or another we all followed the unnamed religion. So many ‘facts’ circled around unchecked that it took us a while to dismiss a significient number of them. A necessity to wake up. One will never be free of all of them.

I believe that the monster can only be killed by telling the truth and busting the lies. The character of us human beings will never change. Some will always find excuses for witchhunts. A climate of lies and fear just makes it easier for such individuals. More people must speak up. As long as only few dare the price they pay will be high. James Damore paid his price.


Venezuela’s Maduro Wants to Lock Up Critics for 30 Years

Venezuela’s socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro told viewers on national television he wished he could sentence opposition members to 30-year prison sentences for their tweets.

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Greece: Muslim migrants attack police at German embassy, demand relatives gain entry to Europe

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The Geller Report

Google Memos Display Warring Factions

Finally the news about Google’s unacceptable bias reaches the most unexpected shores, the premises of Google.

When Danielle Brown, the new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, was hired, some of Google’s employees started a little revolt. Nobody got killed. It wasn’t about the President of Diversity and so on, who they apparently have, but the Vice President of all such things, and yet it was a little revolt.

An internal memo was written by one of the engineers. Left-wing news outlet Gizmodo who published the full ten-page document lets us know that the culprit was male. You can virtually hear the thunder already, feel tensions cracking, smell the manly odour of angry testosterone.

But not so fast. The document starts with a submissive discharge. Sentences like the following run through the entire document.

I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes.

Yes, this boorish man starts the document with an imperialistic ‘I’. He goes on to speak about Google’s shaming culture and the habit of misrepresenting other people’s views. The issue that it stifles discussions, leads to authoritarian policies like job discrimination for the less en vogue “races” or “genders” and protecting ‘sacred’ ideas that might be dangerous wouldn’t surprise anyone to find in such an outcry. The author also claims that…

At Google, we talk so much about unconscious bias as it applies to race and gender, but we rarely discuss our moral biases.

I may add that I can hardly imagine them talking as much about their slow-motion-search-dysfunctional Google+ product, either.

I move forward and leave aside his mistakes about what is left and right, and his little theories about what makes men and women different. Google, he charges, offers a multitude of programs and career chances only to some individuals and that the under-representation of some groups [I guess Evangelicals, elder males…] may be even illegal.

His suggestions:

  • Demoralise the diversity issue (just look at pros and cons)
  • Empowering conservatives to get out of the closet
  • Addressing the fact that there are ideological biases
  • Stop (!) restricting programs to particular groups
  • A number of suggestion regarding redundant special ‘diversity programs’
  • Psychological safety for those whose voices had been suppressed before
  • Stop the ‘unconscious’ ‘microaggression’ courses
  • Rather add programs for unconscious ideological biases

Thank goodness they were all of his suggestions. I hope there won’t be programs about ideological biases and that they get their google+ thing producing something other than error messages.

Anyway, the document went viral, which is the revolt I was talking about. It stirred the pot so much that Vice President of Diversity, Integrity and something Ms or Mrs or zee (?) Danielle Brown responded with her own memo.

Looking down her nose she did not even show the courtesy of linking to the disputed document that she was answering.

I’m not going to link to it here as it’s not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.

Of course, she does not address one single of the suggestions. Instead she says the company will continue as before which she believes is a ‘change’ that is both ‘hard’ and ‘uncomfortable’ to some. Thank goodness she keeps her trite screed short. So I share a final eye-rolling moment with you and encourage the warrior rebels of Googlestan to soldier on!

We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we’ll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, “Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do. ‘Nuff said.”

Thanks to Cliff Arroyo of The Worked Shoot

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Magazine STERN Sued Blogger for Criticising Bana Alabed Story

In December 2016 magazine Stern published an unbelievable article on their news blog

We learnt that a seven-year old girl, called Bana Alabed, was tweeting from Aleppo in the midst of the fights. It was at a time when German media told their audiences how educated all the refugees are that come to us and that we are to expect medical doctors and engineers that would exactly meet the needs for high-qualification jobs in our society. In this atmosphere Stern decided to blow it and introduced that English-writing Arab child of seven years to German-speakers. (Her account description reads today ‘managed by mom’ who apparently can’t just write for herself.)

When a blogger Jens Bernert called the story ‘fake news’, Stern sued him for libel. While in America libel means writing something about somebody that is factually untrue, German sentiments include judgements they don’t like.

In July a court issued a restraining order against Bernert to take down the entry and not to do it again. If Bernert defies the order, he will have to pay a fine of up to a quarter of a million Euro.

The court specified that Stern may not be called a ‘fake news producer’ and may not be alleged to ‘produce fake news for the purpose of propaganda’. It is also forbidden to say Stern peddles a ‘story that is an obvious lie’ and separately to say that Stern ‘lies’.

Blogger Jens Bernert was supposed to proof to the court the intent behind the obvious lie. This, however, would require mind-reading technology not available to this date. The judge explicitely said again and again that neither truth, state of science, journalistic responsibility, nor ‘common sense’ play any role in this.

Bernert’s lawyer Markus Kompa says, ‘It is absurd that a publisher that relies on the freedom of the press produces a legal precedent against it.’ He finds it equally absurd that obvious war propaganda can be published without consequences while a blogger who calls out an author or company for doing so has to proof the intention of lying.

Both Bernert and his lawyer also criticise that the court communicated with Stern from the very beginning, but did not give a hearing to the accused blogger until the third day of the trial. Because Bernert was not informed about the first two days he also could not counter their arguments well-prepared.

Lawyer Markus Kompa vows to assist his client through the legal battles ahead. They expect a long, tiresome fight through all court circuits necessary. A fund was set up for private donations.

source de.sputniknews (a German-speaking leg of the Russian state media).

Broadband Provider Sky Treats WordPress Blog OffGuardian Like Malware

August 4, 2017 Dear OffGuardian readers: A reader in the UK has just advised us that SKY has been blocking the OffGuardian as a malware site, using its Sky Broadband Shield to deny the public access to us.

People using Wifi through their Sky package may not find this out and will probably not know how to terminate this intrusion. The Sky number to call to have them remove their shield is 03442414141.

As the reader who passed this information to us points out, “The assault on truth and sites promoting it has begun and is far reaching and OffGuardian, like WSWS and other left-wing alternate media sites, is obviously being targeted. Hope OffG makes it known as did WSWS.”

via Sky Blocks OffGuardian as a Malware Site — OffGuardian

ZEIT Lies and Hides Own Article to Cover it Up

In November 2015, Dubravko Mandic of conservative party AfD and MP in the state of Baden-Württemberg, posted a picture on Facebook that showed the Nuremberg Trials with the faces of modern politicians photoshopped onto it.

What would be perfectly legal and protected by the first Amendment in America is punishable by German law as an ‘insult’.

Influential news blog Zeit online reported on it on 22nd of March in 2017, or more specifically they copied the report of German news agency AFP. It said, his action is an insult and is not covered by his right to freedom of expression, the court had decided. The article ends with a legal reference number (Az: 2 QS 53/16).

A day later local newspaper „Badische Zeitung“ reported on the same story.

This time though the following sentence was included: ‘At the same time the court decreed that the police searching [his] apartment … acted against the law.’

Multiple requests by readers of Zeit online asking why the sentence was dropped met deaf ears. But Zeit online did do something. They changed the search engine on their website, dropping the indexing of the full text search. For the name ‘Mandic’ five results come up. The article in question is not among them.

However, Google (on the way to the dark site themselves) were unaware of the matter and it can still be found this way.

But that is not all. News agency AFP was dishonest as well. The legal reference did not belong to a decision against Mandic but against the police. They broke the law by entering and searching the department of a citizen without proper reason.

But isn’t that the same decision that also ruled against Mandic? At least that is what the AFP article says. The truth is that there were never any legal charges against Mr Dubravko Mandic that have anything to do with the picture in question.

But isn’t at leat the Badische Zeitung, the local paper that published the full AFP article unchanged, innocent? They headlined the story with ‘Court Ruling on Mandic’.