Vehicle Mows Down French Soldiers

Thanks to the Geller Report, I get to hear about the (probable) terror attack in France. I wouldn’t hear from it through German media, a shame! No, it’s disgusting! I don’t want to hear about Donald Trump’s former home being rent out and other yellow press tosh when our European soldiers are attacked and wounded. It’s sickening. Which side is our press actually on? Traitors!

Edit: Today 10th August, they start mentioning it.

The suspect arrested after the attack on soldiers in Levallois-Perret on 9 August was identified.

Born in 1980 and named Hamou B, he resides in the Yvelines zip code 78000 where a search is currently taking place, according to police sources. After several hours of cavalry, a man traveling aboard the vehicle who drove on soldiers in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), wounding six of them, was arrested on 9 August in mid- On the A16 motorway towards Calais, at the commune of Leulinghen-Bernes. According to police sources, the man is called Hamou B, was born in 1980 and lives in Yvelines.

A search is in progress at his home. To escape arrest, the driver hit one or more vehicles, and the police fired several times, according to a judicial source. If the investigators confirm that this was the vehicle that struck the soldiers in Levallois-Perret, they did not confirm at this stage that the driver arrested was indeed the one who overthrew the soldiers. The security forces have been tracking a BMW vehicle since the early morning after fleeing a group of Operation Sentinel soldiers four days after an attempt to attack other soldiers at the tower Eiffel.

Against the backdrop of a strong terrorist threat in France, the government denounced a “deliberate act”, and the anti-terrorist prosecutor seized the investigation.

Who to Fight? – The Swamp Leeches Seek Blood

Ron Paul, former US congressman and father of 2016 predidential candidate Rand Paul, on the likelihood of another pointless bloodshed.

Over the past several days President Trump has sent two nuclear-capable B-1 bombers over the Korean peninsula to send a clear message that he is ready to attack North Korea. On Saturday he blamed China for North Korea’s refusal to cease its missile tests. He Tweeted: “I am very disappointed in China… they do nothing for us with North Korea, just talk. We will no longer allow this to continue.”

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Bravo Trump! The Tweet That Is Shaking The War Party, by David Stockman

Donald Trump wants to end US support of terrorist groups in Syria. That is causing apoplexy in official Washington. From David Stockman at Most of the Donald’s tweets amount to street brawling with his political enemies, but occasionally one of them slices through Imperial Washington’s sanctimonious cant. Indeed, Monday evening’s 140 characters of solid […]

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Death of German Soldiers in Mali Speaks Volumes

A special permission was necessary to allow the machine, a helicopter of the type ‘Tiger’, to be deployed in the desert with its temperature limit at 42 degrees Celsius and not more. Gao in Mali is known for hard natural conditions. There is the sand brushing against the rotors, the simmering heat, the glazing sun.

As newspaper JF reports rumors that political pressure to participate in military missions abroad were mounting. At the same time the model ‘Tiger’ was considered too outlandish to find pilots flying it. In fact pilots are so scarce that those flying were lacking as training personnel for future pilots.

Most annoying, however, is that Germany did not discuss the value of such military missions and the proper allocation of our ressources. The media silence again – deafening.


Backlash for Military Trassexuals

Bildergebnis für Chelsea Manning

The door was wide open. US military efforts to welcome trans* people have materialised in bathroom designs for upcoming battleships and courses to teach female soldiers how to accommodate not so female mates in their shower rooms.

Now that all was in vain because the President decided that the transgender issue may become to expensive. While everybody in the LGTBIQ* community gets worked up, there is one thing they are unlikely to consider: It gets too expensive.

This is how backlash looks like. Urinals save time and space, law suits about correct pronouns may drain millions, military medical services would include sex change operations and there are likely to be more issues.

I hear you. Why do trannies have to suffer from weirdo law suit freaks, people who don’t save up for their transitioning themselves and those dumbfolded by toilets? Well, because!

The LGBT social justice warriors SJWs have become an industry, if not a racket, and the US military is the only part of the state both parties treat with Socialist policies. Trannies by and large are not to blame. Their representatives in the public, however, are. So is Washington’s military-industrial complex.

What is backlash? Backlash is when even trannies don’t know anymore how they may call themselves in order not to be sued by a weirdo. Backlash is when public policies around a minority become taxing for everybody.

Yet, it is not only trannies who have to live with the consequences. A surprising percentage of them, above the percentage of the wider populace, are willing and ready to serve in the military. Some do secretly. It is a shame that their ressources may be lost and it is a damage to the public good.

Four German ISIS Women are Currently Begging to Return Home

Bildergebnis für German female jihadi

After Iraqi and Syrian forces have led multiple successful campaigns against ISIS, most notably in Raqqa and Mosul, member of the terror group flee in drag (queen costumes) or are caught.

Among the caught are currently four German women begging to get home to their families.

Many lives have been destroyed and the ultimate question is still never asked.

Who is responsible?

That sounds easier at first than it actually is. Wouldn’t you kill for what you belief? If the belief is strong enough? If you believe, for example, that you are physically attacked, wouldn’t you kill? You would!

So who is guilty? The suicide bomber who puts his very being on the line for what he believes or the people who make him believe?

What is with the very people that claim Muslims are under constant oppression, persecution, harrassment and violence by non-Muslims? What is with those who don’t stand up and clarify what is real discrimination and what is a hoax? What is with those that don’t care about the lies that drive some to violence? The truth is that many have blood on their hands. Maybe most of us.

Geopolitics is only a Fancy Shmancy Word for Tribalism

During the Cold War many intellectuals and even honest leaders like Margarete Thatcher believed East (E) and West (W) were fighting over Socialism or freedom. With Gorbachev and his diplomatic genius the ice appeared to melt, the Berlin Wall came down, a future of freedom and prosperity was awaiting Eastern Europe. It goes without saying that for ordinary citizens in the West such hopes included a happy Russia herself.

Yet looking back we have to ask ourselves if the Cold War was ever about ideology. The frontiers have shifted. Poland, Hungary and many other states that belonged to the East (E) now belong to the West (W). But how can we even pretend the blocks have gone?

Most wars and conflicts today still run between the power centers Washington DC (the swamp) (W) and Moscow (E):

  • Ukraine (W) vs. Russia (E)
  • India (W) vs. Pakistan (E)
  • Sunna (W) vs. Shia (E) [that includes the current wars in Syria and Yemen]
  • China (E) vs. India (W)
  • Israel  (W) vs. Iran (E)

The list goes on and on. They are explained by …

  1. …the government and gullible people with some selective application of international law or moral principle
  2. …leftists with some exploitation conspiracy theory (even if there is no oil and they can’t point to the trade thingy or whatever they fancy)
  3. …conservatives and some leftists with religion

The third point comes closest to the truth because religions are by and large a tribal matter.

That is also the main reason why Islamism can’t be fought effectively. The war between shia (E) and sunna (W) ist just too useful for our elites.

When sunni (W) leader Saddam Hussein of shia majority country Iraq fought Iran (E) he was wholeheartedly supported by the West. One of very few wars where the left’s oil obsession played a role took place when Hussein changed gears and attacked fellow sunni leaders in Kuwait in the subsequent Gulf War. Thatcher, possibly the only honest statesman the world has ever seen, urged George Bush not to be wobbly and attack his recent ally Saddam Hussein to enforce international law.

That was very naive. Elites don’t care about international law. Bush’s wobbling stopped when the threat to the more important ally Saudi Arabia took precedent over the sunni infighting between Iraq’s leadership and unimportant Kuwait.

ISIS as important as it is for ordinary people, who watch in horror its metastasizing all over the world, is a varsity team for elites who hardly get killed in such conflicts. As they are unaffiliated with the rest of the world a cat and mouse game about who is to own that (at the beginning) little patch of desert they occupy (at a time of low oil prices). The West was and still is trying to reap Syria from the East.

The second Gulf War, which indeed was fought over the oil interests of Bush administration members, took less than two and a half months with few casualties. At the time Iraq was said to have the strongest army in the Arab world. If Moscow and Washington had rationally agreed on the removal of ISIS that pity gang wouldn’t have lasted longer than a fortnight.

Everybody is cowed by the term geopolitics because all the tribes of the world and their affiliations seem innumerable. They are actually just two that go under many names. It may also be easier for many to believe the lies.