Geller on The MILO Show

Milo sat down for a second interview with Palmela Geller. This is better than the first one. Share it with all your gay friends! It’s double-sissy!!!


Milo Interviews Pamela Geller

This is the campest thing on the internet. Share it with all your gay friends!

British jihadi Sally Jones is KILLED by US drone strike fleeing ISIS hell

Ding dong, the witch is dead. The notorious Muslim convert Sally Jones threatened my life a number of times. Her husband, Junaid Hussain, was behind a plot to behead me. “Hussain communicated with at least four men in four states, imploring them to initiate attacks or help spread the Islamic State’s message. Mr. Hussain was behind…

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Interview About Pamela Geller’s New Book Fatwa

Denmark Deploys Army To Deal With The Consequences of Mass Immigration

Skyrocketing terror and crime following increased numbers of migrants and refugees from Islamic countries has seriously depleted police resources. Yet another EU country will see a decrease in its ability to fulfill international military obligations as a result of domestic instability. Rule of law in Denmark is imploding as the police run out of resources. An…

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Palestinian Terrorist Hijacker to Speak About Women’s Rights in EU Parliament

Leila Khaled, a Palestinian woman convicted of terrorism who has continued to advocate violence against Israelis, is slated to speak at the European Parliament about women’s rights.

Khaled, who was invited to Brussels to speak Tuesday by lawmakers representing the far-left Izquierda Unida party from Spain, was arrested by Israeli sky marshals in 1970. She was carrying two grenades while attempting to hijack an El Al flight from Amsterdam with a partner, whom the security officers killed. British authorities released her in exchange for hostages from another hijacking a month after her arrest.

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Islam in Switzerland: The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Jihad

What you would never know, from all this hand-wringing about “Islamophobia,” is that only a few weeks before the conference, the country’s media had reported on a popular imam in Biel who, in his sermons, “asked Allah to destroy the enemies of Islam —

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