German Sign Language to Depict Prophet Mohammet

Rabbi Ben Shapiro

I think this is enjoyable to Jews, Christians and some atheists alike.

Review of “The Loyalty to Allah and the Ummah will Always Prevail” by Michael Klonovsky

Michael Klonovsky

The reviewed article was first published on Michael Klonovsky’s blog and republished on

The re-Islamization of the Middle East began in 1979. Within a few years, secular, Western-oriented societies were transformed into restrictive Islamic ones.

The article follows my perception that the Muslim world is in steady decline. Some of the intellectual causes are presented in more detail in my essay on the decay of the Muslim warrior culture into a violent, easily irritatable victimhood culture.

With the Islamization in the Middle East and Central Asia, argues Kolonovsky, the most effective way to put pressure on the West is to facilitate migration.

When German Muslim activists attack the [politcal parties] CSU and AfD today, they are worried that their supply lines may be disrupted.

This is backed by Islamist politicians.

When Recep [Erdogan] the Magnificent accuses the Austrian government of conducting a crusade against Turkey because a number of radical mosques are closed, it shows that he already considers parts of the Austrian and German territories as Islamic.

As a supporter of freedom of speech, I am against closing mosques. Apart from a matter of principle, it is also a practicle matter. Nobody is convinced of changing his mind by efforts of censorship. In any event, Erdogan is hysterical in his rhethoric and it is clear that he supports oppressive groups.

Most moderate Muslims do not resist when religious hardliners change their environment according to the Sharia and limit civil liberties more and more.

The problem of the unpolitical centrists. The same is true for Germans who have watched their media streamline for more than a decade without waking up from their slumber. The same is true for the supposedly innocent centrists that don’t demand that the powers of government are limited and that see their freedoms encroached with more and more EU directives for decades. 80% of all laws in EU countries are only ratifications of what unelected bureaucrats in Brussels decided. It is the same mindset here and there that makes it easy for totalitarians to destroy our freedoms.

But somehow Klonovsky sees a different culprit.

The loyalty to Allah and the Umma does not seem to allow many Muslims to ally with Christians or atheists to fight against the Islamization.

There is no way that the loyalty to G-d is questioned. If one presents the issues as “Decide! Jeans or G-d!”, people will say “fuck you” and turn to G-d. The second aspect is indeed part of the problem. Muslims are still a tribal culture and have a hard time to take seriously criticism of unhealthy developments in their own communities. However, the problem is not the loyalty itself, but the unreflected tribalism in which it is experienced.

He also says correctly that Muslims don’t take up arms to fight for freedom. They only fight for irrelevant trash. That is true. The very concepts that allow freedom to operate are not understood. This is also true (to a lesser degree) for continental Europe.

However friendly, open-minded, liberal and secular individual Muslims may be in a secular society, it says little about how they will behave when society is gradually Islamized.

Because of the ignorance of the “innocent” centrists, the majority plays no role. Also your kind friend who is mildly pro-democracy plays no role. I give the floor to anti-Jihad activist Brigitte Gabriel.

P.S. the last phrase in the video “It is time to take political correctness and throw it into the garbage” was re-used by German conservative politician Alice Weidel and the German media made an outrage circus out of it.

ZEIT for Hatespeech against Evangelicals

The article is titled “God wants it!”

“Illegal entry into the US is a crime,” said the devout Methodist [US Attorney General Jeff] Sessions, and “crimes must be punished.” The consistent and fair application of the law were in itself good and moral, so God had wanted it.

Right from the start the evilness of the evangelicals is proven by their association with Donald Trump and his Cabinet. The rule of law is presented as a fundamentalist Christian idiocy and not as the cornerstone of a Western Republic. I think at this point it is fair to say that Germany has ceased to be a Western nation anyway.

In addition to Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Education Minister Betsy DeVos, and most importantly Vice President Mike Pence are evangelical Christians and decidedly Christian politicians, as well as Minister of Urban Development and Housing Ben Carson and Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Many Cabinet members are members of a weekly bible study, a tradition that no American government has followed for a 100 years.

The pure evil. ZEIT insists that they are many.

Evangelicalism is a growing mass religion, with more than 40 percent of Americans calling themselves evangelicals, according to Gallup polls. They stand in a long tradition of American Free Churches, which believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and an immediate spiritual rebirth through Jesus.

Yes, ZEIT tells their readers that 40% of US Americans believe the Ark of Noah collected all animals of the earth. Literally. And without even voicing a mischaracterization themselves they build on an anti-Christian prejudice and see a contradiction between the supposedly hectoring Christians and a lack of interest for Trump’s sex life.

“The moral convictions of many evangelical leaders have become a function of their partisan identification. This is not mere gullibility; it is utter corruption. ,” wrote conservative politician Michael Gerson in a furious essay for the Atlantic.

I don’t even bother to look up “Michael Gerson.” Hell, the Atlantic complains about the right! I wonder what Angela Merkel has to say.

Even more than other conservatives, the evangelicals have created a dense bubble, even a parallel society. They marry among themselves, send their children to separate schools and universities and have their own media, which are courted by Trump.

There are more than 40% conservatives? I’m pleased. I thought, there are the unpolitical bimbos and some thirty-something percent on each side. I wonder if the leftists marry conservatives. All studies that I’ve seen show that left-wingers are far less accepting of roommates, friends and relatives of other political persuasions.

It wasn’t Trump to teach evangelical Christians that the facts of the media and the elites can be ignored if they threaten the own identity: almost 70 percent of evangelicals eventually deny the scientific theory of evolution.

Whatever “threaten identity” means, the quote makes clear that the German media expects 100% gullibility. Evolution is a broad term. It isn’t that there is a consensus on sheer everything and all missing links in the fossil records were connected, but this is how the left presents it to you.

The fact that homosexuality is met with ever less contempt in the American population looks to many like a sign of definitive decadence.

This is much more true for Muslims than for evangelicals. And this is the whole problem with the text. They pick a modern, law-abiding group and smear it while the same people are perfectly willing to gloss over Islam.

Fifty percent of the white evangelicals she interviewed believed immigrants were detrimental to the economy, she [Janelle Wong of University of Maryland] wrote in the Washington Post.

I’m shocked. What is wrong with the other 50%? Then the Ku-Klux-Klan is mentioned, not as the military arm of the Democratic party, but as a bunch of middle class Protestants. Their rhetoric resembled the anti-Islam rhetoric, says ZEIT. I know, ditzy.

I haven’t followed the kids-in-shelters drama on the Mexican borders. They just lace the article with hints that the situation kind of proved Trump’s depravity. The end is strange. The entire whiney media charade resulted in a legal change that puts the kids into prisons with their parents and not into these shelters. So the left got what they wanted and …eh… is that good?!? Anyway, according to ZEIT evangelicals tended to side with the media on this one and are now fine with Trump again because the children are in prison. These cold-blooded lizzards.

I don’t believe for a second that anybody ever gave a fig about these children including the supposed parents who tried to carry them across the borders (There is a lot of human trafficking going on).

But anyway, the article lists what evangelicals are: Methodists, Baptists, members of the Anglican Church, and so on. Just everyday Christians. And it is anti-Christian hatred that drives the writers to pen these pointless articles. The piece also tries desperately to link evangelicals to a white skin color. I wouldn’t mind if the game was fair, if evangelicals were given equal time to defend themselves and if criticism of Islam could be voiced in the same way without negative consequences for people who express their views. The truth is, however, that aggression knows one direction: from the left against the right.




Feedback on Article about the Biblical Justification for War

The debate belongs to this article. If you haven’t read it already, do that first. I think it’s quite interesting even if you hate religion.


The German peace movement during the Cold War often cited ‘turn swords to ploughs’ (Mi 1,1-4). This is part of the prophecy of Micah and did not mean to resist from war. It is the enemies of Israel who will be disarmed and their weapons will be destroyed in the final days – according to his prophecy. The identical prophecy with the same context was made by Isaiah (Is 2, 3).

   Christian Republic

In fact, Micah 1:5&f refers to God coming down from heaven to destroy Samaria and Jerusalem for idolatry.

As for the apparent topic of your piece, war is a natural state of man, and always will be until Christ puts an end to it as it pleaseth Him. However, I have long considered how war is petering out. There are very few hotspots of active military engagement in the world today, but that’s not the point: war is now less military than it used to be.

War today is ongoing but it is espionage, surveillance, financial, cyberspace and the like, that are the broadest fronts with the hottest battles. There will never be another Pickett’s Charge or Normandy. At no time in history has there been as much firepower in the hands of governments and the general population as we see today, yet except for Yemen and Syria, there isn’t much government-to-government shooting going on these days.

The Old Testament is like a child’s Bible picture book, full of symbolic stories and allegories involving actual events that, in God’s providence, carry great spiritual truths – illustrating Christ and His Church and their victory over the world, the flesh, and the devil. Until those victories are in our bag, there will always be wars and fighting among us. The means may be less violent these days, but it is war nonetheless.

Good catch. I do indeed not read prophecies very intensively. (For quick readers: Swords to ploughshares are still no command to abstain from war.) Prophecies are a part of the bible that I really don’t know much about. So I went for the quotes and the immediate environment make it sound as if Israel may simply dominate. The Micah part reads:

Indeed, the Law will proceed from Zion,
and the message of the Lord from Jerusalem.
And he will judge among many people,
rebuking strong nations far away;
and they will reshape their swords as plowshares
and their spears as pruning hooks.

The more I look at it, the more I think that the text is a hybrid. Jerusalem is already a rubble at this point and yet the Lord speaks “from Jerusalem”. This is no logical contradiction because Zion is in Jerusalem. It just makes no sense to edge in the name Jerusalem at this space when the city is rubble. The Isaiah part does the same:

For out of Zion shall go forth the law,
and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.
He shall judge between the nations,
and shall decide disputes for many peoples;
and they shall beat their swords into plowshares,
and their spears into pruning hooks;
nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
neither shall they learn war anymore.

So I believe that this is an older text. And indeed had the meaning that I interpreted. This was then embedded into a final days prophecy that sees Jerusalem destroyed. Integrated it doesn’t read like only the enemies of Israel, but instead really all destroy their weapons. This is only possible because the Lord establishes himself as an authority over nations and can enforce a rule of law between them – a luxury today’s nations don’t have.

BTW I stumbled across something that is quite fitting (Micah 3, 5). The passage is about false prophets and comes right before the Lord names their punishment.

This is what the Lord says about the prophets
who are causing my people to go astray,
who are calling out ‘Peace’ when they’re being fed, but who declare war against those who won’t feed them:

Exactly my problem with the pacifist movement.

The problem is that people try to believe all prophecies despite their contradictions. The final days will be a big war. The final days will be the kingdom of the lord and peace. It is put together that the hopeful, the peace parts come after the big war parts. So some people believe a big war must happen to come to the peace.

I personally take the prophecies with a grain of salt. The hill of Zion will have grown higher than all other hills in the region (Micah) and shall even grow higher than all mountains (probably worldwide, Isaha). The nations of the world ‘come’ to it….*g*

Christian Republic

Rome completely razed Jerusalem in AD 70. The Jewish historian Flavius Josephus declared that there was no evidence that a city had ever been there. The stones were even carted away. What remains today of Fort Antonia’s western wall is wrongly assumed to have been part of the temple mount, but this is false.

(note Ben: No, it isn’t. I embed a video here for you to explore)


The term “last days” or “end times” refers to the *last days* of Jerusalem before the siege and sack of the city, the last days of the Law of Moses, the temple, the sacrifices, etc. It is not in our future.

In this case the hill of zion is already larger than the Mount Everest or at least larger that all other surrounding hills. No. The entire description of events does not fit any historical period. I understand that some Christians avoid that realization by declaring everything that doesn’t fit to be a symbol that stands for something that fits into their agenda. But this is not an objective reading of a text. Of course, you are free to believe it still.

Very few Christians see the prophecies of the end times as a happening of the past. But it is an interesting thought.

I say above that zion grows. This is true for the part that pertains to the peaceful prophecy. Shortly before we learn that, we learn that it is razed down and ‘plowed like a field’ in the war prophecy for the final days. This, of course, does not necessarily mean that the hill shrinks, but the religious sites on it are destroyed and it is now plane enough for agricultural usage. I can really hear the different voices coming through the prophetic texts. In any event they give little moral guidance or clues about actual historic events. To turn ‘swords into ploughshares’ isn’t a command, it is a hope. And I think that it was first a phantasy of dominance and establishing the own law over the surrounding nations.

Christian Republic

The golden rule that you quote is a rule of thumb. It isn’t mentioned directly in the bible…

(note: quote Ben, This was in a discussion and related to another participant).

Matthew 7:12

“Whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

One would think that the utter destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 would have been prophesied in the Bible, momentous event that it was. Where is this prophecy?

The international standard version ISV of the bible translates it with:

Therefore, whatever you want people to do for you, do the same for them, because this summarizes the Law and the Prophets.

So it somehow summarizes the law. It is a nice rule of thumb. I didn’t know that Jesus was indeed saying it.

I don’t believe in prophecies at all.
The correct translation of the quote is “Is the law” not ‘summarizes the law.’ But there seems to be an error on how this was preserved. I also checked Martin Luther’s translation and the phrase is ‘it is the law and the prophets.’ It makes grammatically no sense. So …. it’s a rule of thumb.

The golden rule reminds us of something important and yet neglected: Moral should not have double-standards. The tension between the primate of the “tribe” and the universality of the application of your morals is extreme when it comes to war. It means to judge an enemy soldier by the same standards one would judge a friend. Suicide bombers are then not cowards, but brave, beheadings don’t make ISIS worse than its enemies (who did the same – even some US troops), the Crimean annexation becomes just as legitimate as the recognition and de facto Western annexation of the Balkan states. Some, not many, but some, of your very mortal enemies act in good faith with the information available to them. They might follow your very moral system and be reasonably engaged to always find better information in order not to be misled. Christians often quote their prophet with ‘Love your enemy!’ They ignore that no logical interpretation of this phrase can mean that the enemy becomes anything else but an enemy. One sensible interpretation can mean ‘not to take it personal.’ One of the greatest weaknesses of the German right is its double standard and the overall intellectual weakness of the general discussion. They stomp on the ground and demand that Muslims “integrate”, i.e. do what they do. Most arguments for the right-wing course shrivel down to ‘we are here for longer’ and ‘we are the majority’. Both mottoes won’t fly when demographics change, so we better should change the line of arguments rather sooner than later.

The Innocence of Muslims

Allah Is Gay


More Anti-Jewish Garbage From ZEIT ONLINE

ZEIT drives me crazy. They hunt down every single self-hating Jew to write articles for them. Omri Boehm did an article with the title “Jerusalem – Our Golden Calf.” The teaser written by somebody else makes already clear that Jews really have it all wrong and are morally dubious if they think to have a relationship with the place.

Theologically nothing speaks for the romantic identification of Israelis with their capital. Rather to the contrary, this is messianic idolatry.

Note that they make the “mistake” from a liberal perspective to acknowledgement Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is so obvious that one has to watch the tongue in permanent political correctness to ensure the Jews be shamed enough. Whoever wrote the teaser slipped and admitted that he saw Jerusalem as the capital. That is heresy on the left.

The article, which is a translation from this English blog post, starts with Boehm’s declaration that the ‘heart’ of Judaism is the Tora only and the rest of the bible is some kind of paraphernalia. It is true to some extend, but not to the extend that he makes it out ot be. In the Tora, he asserts, Jerusalem is mentioned as rarely as in the Quran. This is very handy because of the time period that the Tora covers. Tora ends before the chosen people reach the Holy Land. Jerusalem and Salomo’s Temple have not been erected. The reason why the city is never, and indeed the entirety of Israel seldom, mentioned in the Quran is that it plays no theological role in Islam whatsoever. Jerusalem is not Mecca or Medina.

Boehm goes great lengths to say that the people asking for a kingdom to replace the revolving reign of Judges was an act of heresy. Prophet Samuel prays to G-d and the Lord agrees with a kingdom immediately in hope to make the people more loyal to him. Boehm sells it as a betrayal to G-d. In the same way, the Christian concept of Jesus Christ as G-d becoming human to lead more effectively could be interpreted as an act of mistrust and the people’s desire for a savior as an act of disloyal heresy. Boehm is so convinced of his interpretation that he smears the kingdom as idolatry.

Then he claims that Jewish law forbids that Jews rule Jerusalem. He does not quote the law because he can’t. Instead he says that Trump’s decision to move the Embassy is against Jewish law as well, so is the reestablishment of the state of Israel in the twentieth century. Jew-hatred replaces actual quotes from the scripture to justify the claims. Despite the fact that he doesn’t quote scripture, he is sure to talk truth to fundamentalism.

Then he throws around the word zionist twice and sees the admiration for the country as pagan. In my humble view the only pagans who care to grab the land of Israel are Muslims. For Boehm modern left-wing novel authors, Hebrew intellectuals, are prove enough that Jerusalem does not matter.

Trump is finally the explanation for the title. The capitalist Midas turned Jerusalem into a tawdry golden calf. “[Jerusalem] is also not the basis of Jewish thinking or literary significance.” In his mind the bible is not of literary significance. With religiously illiterate Jews like Boehm, you don’t need calves.

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