Comedian Hannah Gadsby Quits because of Feminist Indoctrination

I’m not sure if the world will miss her. I would love to hear from conservative lesbians what they think about the very emotional presentation of many gay women (Ellen Degeneres, Rosie O’Donnel, Rachel Maddow, Vera Int-Veen, Hella von Sinnen….), the heavy swings between attack dog and wells of tears and where it could come from. I’m painting with a broad brush, but it’s actually easier to list the exceptions to the rule (Camille Paglia, Alice Schwarzer, Anne Will…). What could be the social and biological reasons?


The Behavioral Sink DOES Explain our state of Western Civilisation

The videos above explain a series of telling experiments with rats and mice. The animals were kept well-fed and cared for in a limited space where they could breed without inhibition. The only restricted resource was space.

The original experiments were conducted with rats on a quarter of an acre of some sheltered woodland. No special experimental setting apart from the outer fences. Five pregnant females were left inside and the population grew rapidly as expected. Researcher John Calhoun would later dub the period of normal growth “exploitation phase.” Surprisingly though, the breeding leveled off rather quickly at less than 200 individuals despite ample space and food. The mothers ceased to care about their litter and infant mortality skyrocketed. The experiment ended after two years.

Five years later, the researcher John Calhoun resumed his idea at the National Institute of Mental Health NIMH. He constructed four parallel experiments. Each was a cage with four sections separated by electric fences and bridges to cross them. Half the cages started with a lower number of rats and the second division was on what food they were served (pellets or powder). The differences had no relevant effect on the experiment (although the powder groups fared a tiny little bit better than the pellet groups because eating time was shorter and the crowded area around the suspender could be left more quickly). Once the males established their territories and hierarchies, the lower males got up earlier to eat while the alpha males slept. Once they wanted to return to their nesting space the alphas blocked the bridges, forcing the beta males together into the pane where the food was served. Some males who did not get up early became part of the harem of the alpha males. They did not dare to mate with the females and became homosexual. Both the males and females inside the harem would be categorized as “the beautiful ones” because they were grooming themselves all the time and had a good healthy fur. They also lost interest in procreation and child rearing. The “beautiful ones” are a phenotype that would come up in later experiments again.

Because of the restricted space females could not retreat and were constantly group raped by the pack. The dominant males soon began to attack beta males and youngsters without reason, biting their tails. The beta males (outside the harems) fell into three categories:

  • Bisexuals who were beneath contempt and didn’t compete for status.
  • Somnambulists who moved trance-like without any social interaction.
  • Probers who were also bisexual, but would dare mating with females while getting wounded by the alphas. The probers had no interest in procreation either. They cannibalized their litter. In my humble estimation this archetype resembles what has recently been dubbed MGTOW.

Calhoun saw that the experiment resembled human behavior suspiciously. The counter-thesis was and is that the findings cannot be transferred to humans. Calhoun realised that he stopped the experiment at a point where he saw no future for the civilisation and began the experiment again in secrecy, this time with mice.

My personal speculation is that his rat experiment only mirrored the situation of Europe in the 19th century. I also think that people therefore equated wrong phases, trying to map the post-war period to the situation of the rats. The post-war Europe era does better match a later phase that only materialized in the mice experiment. Calhoun called it the “die phase” (sometimes “D Phase” or “death phase”). More to that later.

Calhoun built a cage with many food supplies accessible to all mice. He estimated that the place, which he called “universe 25”, could hold 3,840 animals. The beginning paralleled the rats’ experiment. A social order of the mice was established, the breeding began and at some point it slowed down, reaching a plateau. The “stagnation phase” began and resembled the rats’ situation when the last experiment ended. Without fences and bridges, the alpha mice guarded off the nesting spaces on the walls of the cage while the beta males who could not compete gathered in the center. Under the stress the beta males bit each other. The female outcast also retreated to the higher areas in the wall nesting structure.

This phase is comparable to the fall of European birthrates which began in the early 19th century when medical advances and better nutrition caused a population explosion in Europe. Contrary to popular belief the birthrates were already plummeting long before the 20th century and most explanations that only focus on our current lifestyles fail to address this fact. Even the contraceptive pill or feminism make hardly a dent in the overall picture if you have a look at the actual raw data across Western Nations.

What we also see in the stagnation phase is that some mice were hurt a lot more often than others which eerily resembles the European aggression against minorities aggravating during the 19th and early 20th century.

The alpha males were eventually over-challenged with the population overgrowth and could no longer protect the females against intruders. The females had to defend themselves and as their aggressiveness rose to the task (I assume with an increase of testosterone) they also started to attack their own litter. By the end of the stagnation phase fighting became so common that hardly any mouse was not injured. This is comparable with the two world wars. The three beta-male archetypes from the rat experiment reprised: the beneath status bisexuals, the somnambulists and the cocky bisexual infant-devouring cannibals. Some gays, the “beautiful ones”, hid in the corners mimicking the females. In addition to the new behavior, the females miscarried more often and died while giving birth because they were moving nests all the time.

When the die phase was reached all the females lost interest in having offspring and neglected their litter. The entire male population stopped fighting and having sex completely, which indicates a severe drop in testosterone. Their fur improved and they were categories as the “beautiful ones” by the researchers. They behaved like the harem homosexuals of the earlier phase – only that every male individual was a pussy now. Even when the number of mice dropped they did not just resume their natural instincts again.

Evolution works much faster than people think. We think in dimensions of millions of years because we expect big body transformations. However, epigenetics, which is the chemical environment that blocks individual genes and determines the ultimate phenotype, react quicker to the environment. It seems that the stress associated with breeding under duress can lead to a change in the epigenetics that results in a reduction of mating activity. Changes in the epigenetics system are in turn likely to change the genes over a longer period of time.

We talk about short generations in mice. The whole civilisation starting with 8 mice and peaking at 2,200 died out completely around the 800th day. They are obviously many generations and it is possible that in this time not just epigenetics, but genes may also have changed. However, adoption to the environment works quicker in humans because of our collective memory, our culture. Culture doesn’t work smarter than evolution. It just works faster and as the “Nazi” hysteria shows, it works on dubious stimuli as well (everything resembles Nazis if you are willing to make spurious mental associations). It also spreads faster. Culture is contagious. North America does not have the same overcrowded past, but it is clearly culturally influenced by Europe. It should be noted that the heartland picks up the pattern to a much lesser degree than the crowded coasts.  Japan and coastal China have a parallel history with Europe; Russia or Southern Asia has not. Places like Southern Asia or Africa (particularly Nigeria) are obviously still in the exploitation phase. Large chunks of the Middle East seem to have reached the plateau phase with birthrates plummeting and fighting becoming ubiquitous.

Because most people only remember the 20th and 21st century in the West, let’s remember the die phase once again. Females miscarry as they frantically move their nests. This does not happen 1:1 in the human realm. However, women move around homes and jobs for so long that they reach a dangerous age until they give birth. What is more the feminist movement became outright ghoulish and began to celebrate abortion. There was a shift in tone from the earnest concerns of the 70s to the outright glee and almost religious exhilaration many women show when the topic abortion comes up. Whether the rise of (government) child care facilities and the neglect of the rodents’ litter is comparable is up for debate.

The males stop all fighting and mating. This drop of physical aggressiveness goes way below the normal level. A famous example was the Cologne mass rape event on New Year’s Eve 2015/2016. Men were present, but they did not fight. There are many more examples, but I leave it at that. Mating also goes down. But before I talk about the “beautiful ones” I want to give an example of a phase mismatch. The MGTOW type from the stagnation phase persists in our die phase age. He uses contraceptives and avoids marriages while forcing pregnant women into abortion. The MGTOW type was big in the 1960s and the following two decades. Today it is upheld with a nostalgia “sexual orientation” called polyamory. Human beings are more complex than rodents so the phases don’t separate clearly. We are also talking about culture filling in for epigenetic or genetic adoptations. The biological changes come when individuals of the former generations die off before the new phenotype establishes itself completely. They are much sharper than cultural changes.

The beautiful ones, however, are fairly obvious. Since a couple of years the left tries to introduce a new oppressed sexual minority: the asexual. I believe that a sizable number of young men don’t actually have sex anymore. The spaces where young people mate are run over by recent immigrants and their descendents. Digital alternatives aren’t nearly as effective to secure sex. What meets the eye is a generation of men that pretends to have a sex life but seldom has. There is also a hike in people who claim to be homosexual or transsexual although they don’t really fit the description. The gender confusion that manifests itself in gender mainstreaming and (pseudo-) transgenderism can only exist in a society that has too little sex. Paricularly the men have changed physically, on the hormone, muscle mass and sperm count level, to a point where they don’t show pride in their manly identity anymore. This manifests itself most at the end of the bell curve with far more male-to-female trannies than female-to-male ones.

Apart from the number of homosexuals rising in times when the reasons to hide the condition are gone for a substantial period, there is another hint that we enter the age of the “beautiful ones.” There is a phalanx of baby faced national leaders that did not exist a mere 20 years ago: Enrique Nieto (Mexico), Justin Trudea (Canada), Alexis Tsipras (Greece), Pedro Sánchez (Spain), and Emmanuel Macron (France). People who still think that Kennedy won the election because of his (average) looks, see an entire generation of gayish looking politicians electrifying the female electorate. Obama was probably the first of them. This is interesting for two reasons:

  1. Women did not use to have the reaction to visual stimuli like men, but are now crazy for this specimen.
  2. The women alone did not do it all by themselves. Men seem to develop a (propbably subconscious) reaction to same-sex visual stimuli.

The most worrisome part of the behavioral sink is that it seems irreversible. The mice did not resume procreation. Even the beautiful ones in the earlier phase that were taken out of the experiment and put into a normal setting did not resume natural behavior. They have become apathetic to external stimuli.

Western culture will most likely only survive in the US American heartland and (ironically) parts of Eastern Europe if the ideals are not watered down with too much immigration (Alabama and Texas for example are quite at risk). What makes our world so similar to the mice cage is the stress that comes with too much superficial interaction. Although the experiment was set up to be about space, neither rats nor mice came even close to the number that would have caused actual space problems.

P.S. Recently the experiment is discussed again in the conservative social media sphere by a few (not many) youtubers and bloggers. They seem to believe that the beautiful ones are the MGTOWs. I don’t know how one can mismatch that so badly, but MGTOWs are present in the plateau phase of the rodent experiments. They are aggressive and go for childless sex. No reader should feel offended by this text, neither MGTOWs nor homosexuals (or asexuals, pantransgenderfluid*** and the growing “beautiful ones” rainbow). Most of us could maybe have done better economically and have more children of our own. This is not about finger pointing. It is just some input to think about the state of affairs and a starting point for a change. I think that MGTOWs, homosexuals, childless women and so on do all have assets to help cure the situation.

Wikipedia Acknowledges Multiple Sexes

Blogger derWaidler has found a peculiar remark on the German-language entry for Gender. It starts with:

Gender is a term used in social sciences and describes what attributes of the sexes a person in society and culture has. Construed in the late 20th century “gender” contrasts the with natural sciences verifiable multiple biological sexes of humans and their so-called developmental anomalies.

I think Wikipedia really has to rework this intro. They imply that there are at least two biological sexes when we KNOW that there is only the ONE uni-sex one-size-fits-all sex. How else would gender roles be interchangable if there were multiple sexes that gave rise to societal roles? Send your protest letters to Wikipedia and organize a mob! Put pressure on their donors! No Nazis at Wikipedia! No tolerance for Wikinazis! Get active! Punch back!

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Rebecca Hargreaves on The Import of Alpha Males by the Beta-Male Producing Womanhood

The Nature of Nature

Multiple German farmers, interest groups and hunters have signed a plea (German here: Aktionsplan) that they want to do something about the return of the wolf. If you are backward and remember something, you might remember the tale of the Little Red Riding Hood. Germany used to have a wildlife that included wolves and they ate men. Now, you know that. The question is: Does the left know that? And, of course, they don’t. We are protecting the earth now and the wolf is shy when he sees men. The shyness thing was at least true for the gene manipulation that dominated the German population after gun powder and gun use became a stable in Germany. It is not so much true for the wolves in Russia and India and elsewhere that just keep eating men. And quite often.

I feel reminded of a green success in Africa. It’s a long while ago that I read it, so I report from my memory. Environmentalists were enthusiastic that in one African region the lion population was growing healthily. These backward locals were not so happy about it. Why? A small group of lions had specialized in hunting men. The locals and the environmentalists were lucky and the family tree that showed the unusual eating habits had some fur markers and could eventually be taken out of the population. But …. who would have thought…I mean…aren’t they fluffy?

A few years back a bear appeared in Bavaria. It was just one bear and the media was all over it. Finally, the return of the bear. A great success for wildlife enthusiasts. Wonderful. Cheering. Then a local here and a local there saw the bear. Even Germans figured at some point, hm, yes, a bear. They decided to shoot it.

What this shows is that the gender-bending, urban left idealizes nature. Anabel Schunke, the video blogger in the German-language video above, has found some interesting explanation. She reports a number of observations that reflect the emasculation of Western society, hammering down on the point that also woke me up to the gender question: the Cologne New Year’s Eve mass rape… shouldn’t it have been a mass brawl?

I wrote about mass brawls yesterday. I just slip in one of today. In Dortmund 15 police officers have been wounded in an attack by masked assailants. The fray happened during a music festival. 80 suspects were arrested. Not eight. Eighty. Flashback to Cologne 2015/2016: No man got into a fight during the Cologne mass rapes. Chances are that we are speaking of men from different cultures. Wink wink.

The lowest point of the unnatural Western emasculation that I’ve seen so far is the story of Karsten Nordal Hauken. The Norwegian politician describes himself as a ‘young Socialist Left Party member, feminist and anti-racist’. After he was raped in the bum by a Somali asylum seeker, he “self-medicated” his depression with alcohol and cannabis. When he learnt that his rapist would be deported, he had a “strong feeling of guilt and responsibility.”

Schunke concludes her analogous line of thought with: I can see already who will win! The buff Muslims or the meek Germans? I can also see it. Who has the balls to win the fight? Not just the fists, the balls, the fists and the balls. She grins a lot when she conveys her observations. And she shows compassion for the German male. They have little to win defending women. Feminists have created a breed of ingrates. But they have to lose job, money, and reputation. She understands. These rowdies don’t have anything to lose. So she is a bit unsafe. She rests with a grin.

This pretty lady is still solo. Young men don’t just have a problem with their fists, right? There is also a problem with the balls. Not only does the sperm count go down and the testosterone level even faster, they don’t hang around.  I don’t mean their penises. They do hang. I mean, they are unlikely to support a family over the long run. There is no interest in protection and marriage has been damaged over the decades. The job situation is more than unstable, requiring both to work to pay the rent, insurances, taxes and the very basics. But there is the luxury of smartphones enjoyed in childless, single-room, single-life apartments.

Is it possible that we have degenerated like a pet, a dog, a cat, or a rabbit that was just bred into something too remote from its wild origin? We don’t recognize our genitals anymore and don’t know what animals would eat us. And the more politically insane Westerners are the less they are connected with nature. They eat pressed tofu schnitzels and have sex outside marria…let’s get real…they do something that they call sex. Still they have this urge to protect nature, find their roots again in most absurd terms. Now, plastic is going to be forbidden Europe-wide because of the – at most – ten percent of garbage in the oceans that originated from Europe. Nature.

And finally Anabel Schunke connects the dots for me, the line from nature exasperation to the noble savage syndrome. I mean Muslims, Native Americans, and blacks. The left does not look at them as equals. They are voting chattel, eternal victim and exotic fantasy. The actual contact with these people is minimal despite the local proximity. Green party leader Katrin Goering-Eckhard called refugees “a gift” and exclaimed that “yes, there will be change and I’m looking forward to it.” It didn’t quite help the urgency myth, but it exposed the nature of the left, or their desire to reconcile with nature. Blacks, Native Americans, Muslims, how are they nature? I’m painting with a broad brush on purpose and you must not say it, because it’s “racist”, but they are all closer to nature than … cough … to (white) Western culture. Test it! Go to a Muslim, an African-American or a Native American and ask him whether he really thinks that he’s a man! If you, dear reader, happen to be a Green party voter, pose the same question to a bear!

Now, who still thinks that Roseanne is racist? Today there is also some faux outrage about Alexander Gauland. No, he is not an anti-Semite. The story is even too stupid to bore you and me with it. The outrage machine goes on. There was a time when Ayn Rand called more basic cultures “savages”. It was decried then, but the machine was not strong enough to threaten anybody. Rand prevailed and, hopefully, so will we.


Hate Speech – I Hate Thea Dorn

Thea Dorn is a splatter novel author who passes for an intellectual in Germany. Her detective crime stories are popular among bored women and center around corpses and body parts. Fifty Shades of Grey without sex.

All, absolutely all, talking heads in Germany broke into the public scene because they furthered the left-wing cause. If you do art, you better mix it with some politics. The state will eventually pay for you.

Thea Dorn entered the scene as a feminist. To obfuscate the bluntness of her narcissist stunt she spoke rather of the “F class.” Her political credentials solidified in a book of the same name (German: Die F-Klasse). It is a compilation of interviews with snobbish upper-class women. Voilà Feminism. You go gurrrl!

But because all the rest of femi-world was already leftist, she declared that she was rather a libertarian (a lie). A bit lip service to the market here while working for the public broadcaster there. A bit arrogance for the weak here and a bit praise for the pseudo-libertarian party FDP there.

Because nothing means anything, she also drifted into “conservatism.” She is not the next Thatcher, or Netanyahu, or Ayn Rand. No, “conservative” means waffling in a way that will provoke images of a little red riding hood forest or of Valhalla. Imagine a wicket witch growling: “The volcano of literature burrrsts with the thunder of Thor. The oak groweth thick and mighty for the strrrrongest mist of the powers….”! Whatever.

So she wrote a book about what it means to be German. I don’t bother to read it. It was something along the witch growling: Romantic era poets, tales, forests, Germanic tribes, and Holocaust memorial. If I had been the publisher, I would have printed it white on black and in runes. Legend has it that she writes all her books on a graveyard. Okay, I’m kidding.

She was also the first talking head to link Eva Herman, a once very popular TV presenter, to the Nazis. Eva Braun [note below] *giggle giggle*. The famous news anchor and talk-show host soon lost her job and fortune after the attack which was quickly picked up by the media outrage machine. The reason: Herman wrote a book criticising feminism.

Now, the Valkyria Thea Dorn is back and “conservative” again. She tries to tell the rest of us what patriotism is. She says that conservative politician Alexander Gauland were an example of somebody who is not patriotic but “radical.” Then she does what all “moderate” leftists do and claims that they also feel uneasy about political correctness. “Yeah, something with colleges in the US. Bad.” And of course, she mourns that not more pointless poems are read in school.

I get really tired of “conservatives” who are obviously not conservative, never have been and never will be. I am against purity spirals, but people must at least believe their own shit. Angela Merkel suggested playing flute to save the culture. Bavarian prime minister Markus Söder had crucifixes hung on the walls of government buildings. This is not conservatism. This is telling conservatives that you think that we are stupid.

[note] The surname of Hitler’s mistress is the German word for the color brown. Germans also associate the color with the SA brown shirts and therefore with the Nazis.

Cartoon: Gender Is a Media Construct


Alice Schwarzer Smacks Down Judith Butler

Alice Schwarzer (left), Judith Butler (right)

There were times when Alice Schwarzer featured gender studies icon Judith Butler in her magazine EMMA. Somehow feminism made its way into academia and without time to look at it in more detail she saw that as a good thing.

Alice Schwarzer, who was friends with late philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir, has made a career of giving a voice to feminist causes in a manner everyone could understand. Judith Butler, on the other hand, made a career out of obfuscation of her own views with obtuse, pseudo-academic language. One cause, two departments, in wait for a clash.

It started with the publication of an essay critical of “queer-feminism” by a hardly known author in Schwarzer’s magazine. Newspaper DIE ZEIT gave Butler, the prima donna of the discipline, the chance to address the accusations against her field of “studies.”

The result was an innuendo game, suggesting that Alice Schwarzer and her magazine were racist. Even socialist newspaper taz wondered why indeed no arguments were given for Butler’s positions.

ZEIT was fair enough to allow Schwarzer to answer Butler in their news blog ZEIT online, which has a much larger audience than Schwarzer’s own magazine.

Schwarzer argues that Butler tries to pit the efforts in the fights against racism and sexism against one another, particularly when it comes to Islamism.

Butler’s proximity to Islamism is not new. The Jewish lesbian praised Hamas as a progressive movement and once accused all gays attending a pride march of islamophobia, culminating in her refusal to accept an undeserved award.

One woman, Schwarzer, is the face of feminism and yet has never fully treated it as a religion (though sometimes she was damn close). In doubt Schwarzer’s positions were always pro-women and pragmatic. The other woman, Butler, was not spearheading social campaigns, collecting money for good causes and making a difference. She rather served her narcissism by creating a community with speech codes, impervious to ideas from outside. Socialist paper taz also noted that Butler’s article was indeed all about policing other people’s speech.

Schwarzer may be fired by Google for her attitude, but the comment section under her ZEIT online  article clearly suggests that people from all political persuasions were putting down their misgivings about her and applauded her piece.

Views may differ and I might have written unjustly about Butler, but whatever her positions are we may ask for the respect of her giving arguments and not play with innuendos.




Google Memos Display Warring Factions

Finally the news about Google’s unacceptable bias reaches the most unexpected shores, the premises of Google.

When Danielle Brown, the new Vice President of Diversity, Integrity & Governance, was hired, some of Google’s employees started a little revolt. Nobody got killed. It wasn’t about the President of Diversity and so on, who they apparently have, but the Vice President of all such things, and yet it was a little revolt.

An internal memo was written by one of the engineers. Left-wing news outlet Gizmodo who published the full ten-page document lets us know that the culprit was male. You can virtually hear the thunder already, feel tensions cracking, smell the manly odour of angry testosterone.

But not so fast. The document starts with a submissive discharge. Sentences like the following run through the entire document.

I value diversity and inclusion, am not denying that sexism exists, and don’t endorse using stereotypes.

Yes, this boorish man starts the document with an imperialistic ‘I’. He goes on to speak about Google’s shaming culture and the habit of misrepresenting other people’s views. The issue that it stifles discussions, leads to authoritarian policies like job discrimination for the less en vogue “races” or “genders” and protecting ‘sacred’ ideas that might be dangerous wouldn’t surprise anyone to find in such an outcry. The author also claims that…

At Google, we talk so much about unconscious bias as it applies to race and gender, but we rarely discuss our moral biases.

I may add that I can hardly imagine them talking as much about their slow-motion-search-dysfunctional Google+ product, either.

I move forward and leave aside his mistakes about what is left and right, and his little theories about what makes men and women different. Google, he charges, offers a multitude of programs and career chances only to some individuals and that the under-representation of some groups [I guess Evangelicals, elder males…] may be even illegal.

His suggestions:

  • Demoralise the diversity issue (just look at pros and cons)
  • Empowering conservatives to get out of the closet
  • Addressing the fact that there are ideological biases
  • Stop (!) restricting programs to particular groups
  • A number of suggestion regarding redundant special ‘diversity programs’
  • Psychological safety for those whose voices had been suppressed before
  • Stop the ‘unconscious’ ‘microaggression’ courses
  • Rather add programs for unconscious ideological biases

Thank goodness they were all of his suggestions. I hope there won’t be programs about ideological biases and that they get their google+ thing producing something other than error messages.

Anyway, the document went viral, which is the revolt I was talking about. It stirred the pot so much that Vice President of Diversity, Integrity and something Ms or Mrs or zee (?) Danielle Brown responded with her own memo.

Looking down her nose she did not even show the courtesy of linking to the disputed document that she was answering.

I’m not going to link to it here as it’s not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages.

Of course, she does not address one single of the suggestions. Instead she says the company will continue as before which she believes is a ‘change’ that is both ‘hard’ and ‘uncomfortable’ to some. Thank goodness she keeps her trite screed short. So I share a final eye-rolling moment with you and encourage the warrior rebels of Googlestan to soldier on!

We are unequivocal in our belief that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success as a company, and we’ll continue to stand for that and be committed to it for the long haul. As Ari Balogh said in his internal G+ post, “Building an open, inclusive environment is core to who we are, and the right thing to do. ‘Nuff said.”

Thanks to Cliff Arroyo of The Worked Shoot

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