The Feminism Website of The German Foreign Ministry

As the Kabul University winds up its gender study classes right now, the German Ministry for Foreign Affairs fills the void. Powerful and strong women, inside of Afghanistan as well as outside of it, can now access valuable resources at the URL ‘’ and under the hashtag #zeichensetzen on social media. The website is still a half-fleshed skeleton with an empty glossary, but it presents a summary of the core claims of feminism. There are some surprises. For instance, conservatives continuously fail to address what ‘structural discrimination’ means and denying it on the basis that racism, or in this case sexism, is not universal or institutional. But the feminist claim is fundamentally different. A society would have to reach an absurd, unpleasant goal in order to not be bigoted and structurally discriminatory. Following their definition, our society is not just hate-evil-double-bad, but any society will always be. So check out my video and decide whether you want to pretend to be their ally or not.

2 thoughts on “The Feminism Website of The German Foreign Ministry”

    1. That is the only thing that would remove them from Twitter. BTW the Kabul Gender Studies Program was a REAL THING!

      I worry a bit that the Chinese get a hand on the weapon tech Biden had left behind, but I also saw videos of the Taliban dismantling trucks apparently to sell the parts off. Chances are that they are too dumb to make a huge deal with what they’ve got.

      I’m also not sure who the Americans/Westerners are who were left behind. Quite frankly I don’t want the Taliban to blackmail our governments with hostages. Merkel seems to facilitate payments going nowhere. It’s likely that this is ransom money. I wonder who the f*** stayed behind in Af*** after it was announced that Western troops withdraw. To me that is like the decision to go skydiving without a parachute. Their decision, their consequences. But I also see how a government really has to take care of all its citizens in such a situation. Still, it infuriates me how people could not know how unstable the drug-infested Afghan army was. Everybody who bothered to know knew. How did people who traveled there NOT bother?

      How are you doing?


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