The EU Is Scared of Humor

The EU Commission solicited a report on right-wing extremist’s humour. The writers in charge were Maik Fielitz and Reem Ahmed of the Radicalisation Awareness Network RAN. It isn’t quite clear how they define right-wing extremists, but their enumerations don’t contain Islamists who, as the left is convinced, are ‘conservatives’ that, left to their own devices, would degrade any beautiful desert to a stinking free-market economy. We are no longer looking at ‘backward-looking, stiff and formal’ neo-Nazis, they say. But if it isn’t about all these top-hat, tailcoat skinheads with baseball bats that are abundant in Europe, apparently, who are we looking at? Pepe, of course!

And we look at Saul Alinsky, a ‘civil rights activist,’ who wrote the ‘renowned’ book ‘Rules for Radicals.’ ‘Rules for Radicals’ proposes that humour can be used as a weapon. And while sneering does the trick for the left right now, Alinsky’s idea was supposedly ripped from his innocent and harmless communist intentions and misappropriated to sinister internet memes.



2 thoughts on “The EU Is Scared of Humor”

  1. Immer ist ja auch die Rede vom “friedliebendem Islam” den “tolerante”
    Muslime eben nur in Europa ausleben können, weil ihre “kulturelle Be –
    reicherung” in den Herkunftsländern nicht gefragt.


    1. Der Cartoon-Wahnsinn war definitiv auch ein Zeichen der totalitären Humorlosigkeit. Das sind auch die immer gleichen Spinner, die mit nichts umgehen können. Der einzelne Araber ist eigentlich humorfreudig, aber der Gruppenzwang ist hochexplosiv.


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