The New German Law To Combat Right-Wing Extremism and Hate-Crime

This month the new hate speech law came into effect. I had made already a video on its limited impact because of its collision with the data protection laws (title: Germany’s vapid fight against speech). The user data on the internet remains rather well protected. In this video I’m talking about the changes to the speech laws themselves where had been altered by the new piece of legislation.

4 thoughts on “The New German Law To Combat Right-Wing Extremism and Hate-Crime”

  1. I am not quite sure why Germany, Europe, the US is constantly pounding the hate speech, the discrimination, the racism. It has to be the sentiment of our time. Of course my time is totally different of your time, Ben. But I don’t see anything good coming out of all of this hate, especially, coming from our governments.

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    1. I agree 100%. What also irritates me is how fast things go downhill. Looking back one can see the precursors for all of this. But it really rushed in with the Brexit debate, the wrong-headed Charlie Hebdo response and Merkel’s opening of the borders.
      What also shocked me – and I fell into a deep depression over it, gaining a lot of weight and lost sleep from 2015 onwards – is how unexpected this was in Europe. The Americans could react like cool cats because some race hustlers had been around for decades and the US had the constitutional protections to operate. But we were utterly defenseless. We had no immune system against this.


  2. I am sorry Ben, to hear that. I hope you have got your life back. I just retaliate by commenting on many different online publications, who have all found me, because I am so vocal and I would not surprised if this illegitimate government, the Resident of the White, would go after little people myself for expressing the frustration. I am truly hoping for a Revolution or a Civil War. We must stop this; America was such a great country. 43 years of my life have been spent here and I did so many things, that I would have never attempted in Germany. This race card is a total deflection of what is REALLY wrong and if the government pushes further, there will be in uproar with guns. Speaking of: Guns are not the problem in America, people are the problem. Without guns, the criminals will still get them and we can’t even protect ourselves in this hostile climate. 85 Million Americans are upset! Do you think that they’ll stand by, letting hundreds of thousands of migrants into the country, who will each get $ 15,000???!!! We have a homeless situation that is total abominable. San Francisco is completely destroyed. It used to be my favorite town. And so are all the Democrat run cities – destroyed that is. Have a good week and be well again. Sigrid


    1. One must be careful what to wish for. Conflict comes with poverty and disease. Yet, I pray that we find a solution again. I’m also very pro gun. I think, any neighborhood should be free to buy a tank if they can afford it. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and the tyranny of stags and doe. I wish you a good week, too.


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