The Green Assault on Our Constitution

The Green party (currently polling at around 18% and culturally far more influential than that already suggests) have written a manifesto in which they demand the inclusion of anti-racism into our constitution Grundgesetz. Article 3, section 3 is to include the goal that ‘the state guarantees the protection against all group-oriented violations of the equal dignity of all human beings and works towards the abolition of all existing disadvantages.’

Additionally a new Federal ministry is to be set up for ‘social cohesion,’ which will most certainly have the exact opposite effect because it is to focus on anti-discrimination, women, immigration, queer, disabilities, family, seniors, youth and “democracy.” Of course, this shall not take away from the already existing sinecure offices because those issues were supposedly cross-sectional and must also be dealt with on all other legs of our balooning state administration.

More in my video.


4 thoughts on “The Green Assault on Our Constitution”

      1. What I am missing from European and American Leaders and any government in the world, who was “destroyed” by the action of Chinese President Xii. He / his lab in Wuhan most definitely altered the virus to make it more dangerous, then released this man-made ‘thing’ onto the world, WILL NOT GO AFTER CHINA! ALL COMBINED WOULD CERTAINLY COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THE FUTURE. COWARDS! MONEY MAKERS ! AND WHAT NOT, IS WHO THEY ALL ARE.

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        1. They are cowards. The business with China had grown substantially since the 1990s and a lot of manufacturing went off-shore. I remember how it was the left that complained the most about the outsourcing back then. They were right, but they have forgotten it. By now our industry has lost substantial know-how and our children are taught ever more garbage in schools. Nobody wants to risk the price hike. But we will see a terrible inflation anyway. It is already on the way. Our leaders are just too short-sighted.
          And a scary part of the answer to our question is that our leaders are fascinated with the power and cruelty of the Chinese model. Unfortunately that is also a part of our human nature.


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