I just decided to kick back and out and write a rather traditional blog post for once. The reason is, of course, that I fell into another research rabbit hole. If you followed my blog, you may recognise the phrase. I tend to look at some topic, get baffled, and then I end up binge reading. At the end of the day, or week, or year, I’m still baffled.

One issue is that I, like most people, still fight for an overview. We saw a dirty change coming up in the past five or ten years and are presented with a fundamentally new challenge. All of a sudden a cult-like ideology had totally taken over all our institutions. The details of the ‘who’ and ‘when’ and ‘how’ are all in these rabbit holes.

When Alice stumbled into her rabbit hole she ended up in Wonderland. I just end up in Merkelland. Which is not that different: The libertarian Cheshire cat becomes invisible, everybody is mad like a hatter and the Queen of Hearts tries to chop off your head.

I try to get a hold on the big boulders rolling over the scene. There is just as much relevance in the latest news item about race-baiting or Islam-appeasement as it isn’t overtalked. By and large we are aware and yet we aren’t. And that is the problem. We wouldn’t have been taken by surprise by all these authoritarian leftists if we had known what’s going on. But there is a difference in mentioning this or that migrant crime and trying to get behind who lets them get away with it, who lets them into the country, who finances whom and all these structural questions.

There is a good German blog digging into the finances of the NGOs and SJW government programs. I had once asked his help for a video series that I planned. And he did, but then an avalanche of boulders came down the hill again and I’m sorry that I had to shelve it.

And the frustration is, of course, also with the nature of the beast. Some of us look at the school children and think that socialism/leftism is only a passing smithereen in the transformation to Islam and that one could jump the topic. But the issue is that this is not how it works. Catholicism has a lot of pagan themes. I also mentioned in passing that Germany has some heathen fibres still in its culture after centuries of Christianity. You just have to look into the Nazi era, for example. Heinrich Himmler was a heathen in the end and married two wives.

One big change in leftism was that they have killed atheism. This was basically what started the ‘Rubin Report.’ On Bill Maher’s TV show, Sam Harris, who is a famous Jewish atheist, got lectured by Ben Affleck on Islam. Apparently, Muslims want what all Americans want, which is hotdogs, which aren’t halal. Following the incidence Dave Rubin had a fallout with his colleagues at the Young Turks and left the show. The rest is history.

Suddenly, G-d is fine. And this helped them to streamline the churches. The Pope is now a weather priest who courts Greta Thunberg and the Lutherans paint vaginas and send ships to assist human traffickers on the Med. If you criticise Islam, “all religion is evil” again, but only really to change the topic.

And the Oprahfication marches on. You believe in G-d. Do you? Don’t you? Uneasy? Oh, don’t sort out what you believe or don’t believe. As long as you believe in “something” and it comes with a lot of bonkers it’ll sure be “spiritual.”

Why is it a big boulder? It isn’t. It is catching my attention. It is relevant. I don’t have to go into much research to point it out. But it’s structural. It matters. Why? Because people kill for their faith. And they also do it when they don’t admit to adhere to a faith. Remember the Nazis!

I am totally confident that Islam and the current heathenism will find a way of coexistence. Novelist Akif Pirincci also pointed that out. In his opinion they can easily get along because both don’t bother to plunder the state. And as you watch the Turkish economy falter, you get an idea how totally irresponsibly Erdogan manages state influence and public spending. There is no conservatism in mainstream Turkish politics despite the ongoing claim from our news media.

Likewise ECB central bank boss Christine Lagarde is ever more desperate to lower the interest rate. The securities she buys went from short-term safe Treasury bills, to southern European government bonds, to long-term securities and now she even announced to purchase corporate bonds with an eye on environmental promises. A recipe for desaster. That is a boulder rolling down the hill. And that hyper-environmentalism which might tank our economy in a split second one day is also a variant of paganism, rooted in Romanticism.

This week I was researching an ‘easy topic.’ Well, that’s what I thought. But then I turned that stone and the worms crawled everywhere. Again. So it’ll probably become a longer video. Which means more research for fewer views. And I need more time for its completion.

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