The Racism Allegations Against Soccer Club President Clemens Toennis


Clemens Tönnies is a successful businessman and the president of one of Germany’s wokest soccer clubs. In a speech the entrepreneur, who became a billionaire with meat factories, explained how CO2 reduction does not have to start and end with hempering the meat industry. The left argues that …racism, you bigot! Tönnies mentioned that power plants in Africa would probably do more to end deforestation, population growth and their damages to the environment than the symbolic, devastating Green policies in Germany. My only gripe is that he apologized. Few people even dare to explore the idea that a lack of electricity and power blackouts could be connected to spikes in child births.

audio of the speech, e.g. here:
Snopes’ claim:
The preliminary study of Alfredo Burlando at the university of Oregon:
The Soviet comrad court described by a former citizen:

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