Orwellian Baby Talk – Are We Getting Dumber?

Hate, fear, worry … Basic human characteristics are used as a basis for a newspeak that makes us dumber. Our thinkiing relies on our conceptualization of the world. Instead of slander, threats and insults, we can only recoil from hate speech. The German citizen is dismayed as an “anger-citizen” or a “worried citizen”, the American as a “deplorable.” It is bad enough that our politicians seem to condition us to a language that a toddler could come up with, but society in general is trying to eschew “negativity”. Is this infantilisation? Are we getting dumber?


3 thoughts on “Orwellian Baby Talk – Are We Getting Dumber?”

  1. Ben, I proudly declare myself a “Deplorable”, because we have to fight the children in our government, especially, the newly elected Representatives bartender ignoramus, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is featured way to much in our Democrat propaganda media CNN,A ABC, CBS, NBC, fostered by AP. Should I be happy living in the US, rather than my birth country Germany???

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    1. The situation in America is also bleak. I still think that America has some potential left to resolve the conflicts peacefully. I expect a horrible war in Europe within my lifetime, but I wouldn’t do what I do if I were only hopeless. I just have not many reasons for hope outside my stubbornness.

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      1. I am frightful for those now growing up or are already there so easily convinced by our mostly leftist media and so gullible for what celebrities would spit out. But then, having lived here now for 40 years, it is totally American to be totally mesmerized by anything and anybody in entertainment. The Hollywood crowd with a few exceptions are completely politicial to one side only or what we call biased. Unfortunately, our youth is mainly indoctrinated by liberal/leftist professors, yet totally ignorant about what really counts in life and what one needs to succeed. They are really the ones, who will suffer eventually from their ignorance.


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