Do We Have to Pretend That Greta Thunberg And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Were Any Smart?

9 thoughts on “Do We Have to Pretend That Greta Thunberg And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Were Any Smart?”

  1. My comment now is only focussed on the title of this post. I don’t think that either of them IS smart. Neither are the children who are being radicalized now – by adults – to protest for a radical societal shift to save the earth from certain climate doom. But they’re children; the real culprits are the adults who use the children to attain their goals. I think, the message is clear, decarbonisation of the global economy is the goal. Hopefully many more adults get what decarbonisation really means and put an end to this madness.


    1. I don’t blame children and morons, either. My wrath is directed against Merkel and her ilk who absolutely know what they are doing. Merkel most certainly knows what deindustrialization means, and still just advances her own popularity by strategically wrecking the country. What people often overlook is that she is a highly narcissist person. Even her ugly haircuts and unsightly costumes were fashionable in her eyes. She told Vera Lengsfeld that she does not want to look like a “West-CDU chick” (“wie eine West-CDU-Tussi”).

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      1. They always wondered how Hitler was able to seize control over the population and manage the Holocaust. One answer I have read years ago in the FAZ in a reader’s letter is Hitler’s (supposed) “charisma of evil,” which would have made his soldiers jump out of airplanes without parachute, if Hitler would have wished them to do. I don’t know, maybe Hitler did have a strong charisma, but looking at Merkel and the other politicians, I don’t feel any of them has a strong charisma, and still the people follow them, even though they – probably – know the truth. Or maybe the masses are dumb and gullible and believe everything an “authority” tells them. I mean, I’ve seen stickers from the “FridaysForFuture”, where it says “Do it like us children, become adults.” (“Macht es wie wir Kinder, werdet erwachsen.”) That’s a clear case of Pied Piper, if you’re asking me.


        1. Hitler was not charismatic. I think that most people do not ask themselves why the Nazis could rise. They don’t care. I just see people who use the expected phrases in certain speaking situations and then the shoa is just inexplicable. Of course, it isn’t.

          Masses believe an authority. It is even independent of the IQ. The climate marches remind me of medieval self-flagellation cults. History repeats itself.


          1. Pointing to a charisma is like pointing to a god, who told someone to do something evil. Interestingly, today the so-called “sacred activism” to save the earth from certain climate doom rises, and with that activism a generation of children rises, who demand radical changes. My guess, there will be much more activism of this kind, since politicians and state media encourage this kind of behavior. Well, maybe enough people start to finally understand what’s going on, and we’ll reach a turning point.


          2. I very seriously see the Middle Ages return. That was one of the main reasons why I started with all this activism. The cardinal sins in terms of demonizing basic emotions and instincts like anger, hate, greed, fear … drives me up the wall. History that is forgotten will be repeated and I am under the impression that we are not reliving the War of Thirty Years and much less so the Third Reich, but that we fall very, very deep into the Dark Ages again. The children crusades and the self-flagellation cults are just a part of the picture. The progressives always point to a modernity and a future that is as old-fashioned as it gets.

            I also think that the “charismatic Hitler” was a rhetorical figure to play down the guilt.

            Your point about the god is an important one. It is not just the religious worship of Angela Merkel. You see it also in Turkey and Russia. People worship gods. And this is not just a metaphor. Leftist idiots always talk about the “worship of money,” but worship has a certain shape and form. People try to use images of a god whenever possible, they bless the god, defend him jealously, and sacrifice for him.

            I think that most people will always worship. There are no non-religious times. Religions may have different names and may not admit to be religions, but a people has always a belief. This can be learnt by reading the bible. The book was compiled for hundreds of years, maybe more than a thousand. Many people believe it is about a long list of mizvot, but hardly any legends deal with the nitty gritty of specific rules and few punishments are mentioned. However, there is one rule that proved to be important over all these centuries and breaking it was threatened with the harshest punishment: Don’t worship other gods, i.e. no leaders and no foreign gods (e.g. Allah)! It sounds easy, but it is the most difficult rule.

            Disloyalty and social division follow when leaders and/or foreign gods are adored. In my eyes both Muslims and Christians fail to understand the relevance of this rule and both are habitually breaking it even though Muslims are paying a lot of lipservice to it.


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