Conservative Member of Parliament Frank Magnitz Beaten Up

Frank Magnitz is an MP of the federal parliament Bundestag and the leader of the AfD Chapter of the German City State of Bremen. Mulitiple masked men attacked him as he was leaving a party of the local newspaper “Weser Kurier” yesterday. He was first knocked unconscious with a slab of wood and then kicked in the head multiple times. Two workers from a nearby building lot intervened and stopped the assault.

There is not more information available at the moment. What drives me nuts is that they cannot even present this news item without gaslighting. ZEIT claimed that it were unclear if and what weapons were used and how severely he was injured. Tagesspiegel of the same publisher gives these details, but says that the picture above was published by the AfD supposedly showing the man (German: Foto, das den Politiker mit einer blutenden Kopfwunde zeigen soll.). ZEIT later mentioned the gravity of the harm.

The story also takes no pole position in the news cycle. The supposedly big story is the aggregation of some data leaks and their publication through two twitter accounts. The cables came from left-wing politicians, journalists and artists. They were immediately removed and have obviously been harmless. Otherwise they would have circulated more widely.

The only scandal involved in this minor criminal offence is that homes have been searched by the police over the weekend. One witness, 19-years of age, who said that he had contact with the twitterer after the data release had his home raided and all his IT confiscated. The German constitution also knows its equivalence of the fourth, has a restriction against unusual punishment and demands due process so that police investigations are not abused as wanton punishments themselves. But this constitution is not respected by the current government and this is the actual scandal. According to WELT homes in the states of Baden-Wuerttemberg and Hesse have been targeted.

And because the privacy of our elites is paramount, the installment of a new federal office, the Cyber Defence Center Plus (German: Cyber-Abwehrzentrum Plus) is under way and can be expected to open next month. I don’t even know what “Plus” stands for, but with the German habit of trying to sound smarter than they are and to use Latin or pseudo-English phrases in their official names, you can be lucky that the name does not contain the terms “Task Force” or “Clearing”.


The kicks were obviously a misunderstanding and the jump probably just looked like kicks from afar. Whether an object like a stone or a piece of wood was used to knock out Mr Magnitz is highly disputed. It is possible that the attacker is left-handed, but had to use the right ellbow for the initial blow instead because of the limited time they had running past the victim. There were people in the proximity. I personally assume that a stone was held in the fist and crushed on the head, but the police, who have not found the attackers yet, claims that there was no weapon involved.


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