Some Recent Suspicious “Crimes”

Chérif Chekatt had shot at random people at the Christmas market in Strasbourg in 2018 and attacked them with knives. Five people were killed. The assassin was, according to his father, a supporter of the terrorist militia IS.

A few days later, two Scandinavian tourists were murdered by IS supporters in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains. One of the women was beheaded with a knife, the pictures were then posted to hundreds on the mother’s Facebook account.

Much less media attention was paid to the bomb threat against the Vienna St. Stephen’s Cathedral in late December. However, after the rapid evacuation of the temple, no bomb was found. The identity of the caller wanted to give the Vienna police no information. There were no victims. However, around the same time there was a raid on the Maria Immaculata Church in Vienna. Five clerics were handcuffed and severely injured with kicks. The perpetrators, armed with a firearm and an iron bar, have spoken with a foreign accent. They robbed the purses of the clergy and the vault of the church. Even at the beginning of January the victims have not recovered enough yet to answer questions from the police.

In Germany too, it was by no means as peaceful as the media wanted to believe. Several cars ploughed through groups of pedestrians in multiple places.

On 29.12.2018, in Berlin-Wedding, a car raced in a pedestrian group. The public only learnt about the driver that he was not drunk or drugged. He injured 5 people, three of them seriously. One of them, a woman, died later because of it. Even before the investigation began, the media claimed that it was an accident.

On 21.12.2018 in Recklinghausen a motorist raced into a group of people waiting at a bus stop. An 88-year-old woman died of her serious injuries on the spot, and six other people between the ages of 17 and 67 were injured, some of them seriously. The first reports alleged that the migrant man wanted to commit suicide. Later it was announced that the driver did not have a driving license, but had mental health problems that he was already in treatment for.

On New Years Eve, in the town of An der Steinert, pedestrians on the street were threatened by an asylum seeker with an axe. Since he did not strike successfully, the incident immediately disappeared from the media. The axeman seems to have remained unmolested.

In Halle, a 17-year-old Syrian injured a 14-year-old German with a knife on his neck. In Kamenz, a known criminal called “King Abode” committed a knife attack on a local guest. In beautiful Heidelberg, a mob of Arab-looking young men attacked two Germans and send them to the hospital with cruel kicks, including head kicks.

In Dortmund, on New Year’s Eve police in the area Möllerbrücke were pelted by a large group of migrants (estimated 400) with bottles and pyrotechnics.

The police were even worse of at the “peaceful New Year’s Eve celebrations” in Berlin: Policemen received kicks, punches and and were pelted with fireworks by Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian people seeking protection. The beating did not stop when the policemen tried to bring their injured comrades to safety. They were called “sons of bitches” and somebody said in Arabic that they should be shot.

In the largely “peaceful” New Year’s Eve at least two women were shot. One in Schönberg, one in Wedding, because her ex-boyfriend wanted to know what it feels like to kill someone. Since we only know from this ex-boyfriend that he is a man, we can apply Coulter’s Law.

In Frankfurt am Main there were three attempted killings, one of them was “pushed” in front of an incoming train on the track bed.

In Cologne 86 bodily injuries and a rape occurred on the toilet of a restaurant. There were 250 criminal charges, seven of which had a sexual background. At least three policemen were injured.

It’s important to know that NYE required 1,100 additional police officers, plus 300 federal police officers. It’s hard to imagine what would have happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, if it had not been for this police officers! It is foreseeable that such public celebrations will not take place much longer, because that will exceed the forces of the police.

All over the state NRW, where Cologne lies, New Year’s Eve saw approximately 3,500 missions, 422 personal injuries, including 161 dangerous ones, 33 sexual offenses, 439 property damage, 262 provisional arrests, 1,257 place referrals, at least 38 injured police officers. In the other federal states, the balance sheet was propbably similar. Calling this New Year’s Eve “largely peaceful” is misleading the population. In reality, civil war-like conditions prevailed in many places. Lawlessness and anarchy prevailed. The discrepancy between experience and what is presented in the media reality is widening.

source: Vera Lengsfeld


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