The Terror Attack at The AfD Office – Suspects Released

The office of AfD in the city of Döbeln was target of a terror attack at 7:20 p.m. on Thursday. The bomb detonated in a trash can before the building. It broke the windows of the office and some of the windows of the neighbouring houses. Two cars were also destroyed in the blast and a fire broke out inside the office.

The police arrested three suspects yesterday who have been released since. It is unlikely that the perpetrators will be found. It is the most severe instance in a series of lesser attacks.

In mid December a window of the AfD office in the town of Borna was broken by violently crushing a slab of stone into it. In September, two offices of the party have been smeared with paint.

This is in no way restricted to conservative targets. Political crimes have become common place. Two instances thatw are comparable with the latest attack occurred in 2015. The car of communist politician Michael Richter was blasted with a bomb. And during her compaign to become mayor of Cologn, Henriette Reker, fell victim to a brutal knife attack. She was elected while being in a coma.


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