Lawyer Joachim Steinhöfel Won A Great Battle For Free Speech – Let’s Win The War Now!

Freedom of Opinion on The Web – The logo of the new free speech initiative

With growing bewilderment we observe how Germany is damaged by illegal mass immigration. We are in solidarity with those who peacefully protest so that the rule of law is restored again on the borders of our country.

This is the full text of the petition “Declaration 2018.” The details of the motion were presented to the parliamentarian committee after a sufficient number of signatures supported it. These lines were posted on Facebook by a user who asked people to sign up. Facebook deleted his post as “hate speech.”

The text was already examined by the petition committee of the parliament Bundestag and also published on its website. The Facebook user was ready to sue and civil rights hero Vera Lengsfeld, Jewish blogger Henryk M. Broder and journalist Alexander Wendt called for donations to pay the legal fees. The support was enormous. Thousands of citizens, who in some cases even made available several thousand euros individually, allowed the court case to go forward, but also to carry it through several circuits. It is one victory in a series of many.

To back citizens’ right to speech Joachim Steinhoefel has set up the Initiative for Freedom of Opinion on the Web (German: Initiative für Meinungsfreiheit im Netz). The initiative will pick up law suits strategically to widen the range of what can be said. It is politically neutral and can benefit antifa, Islamists, and conservatives alike.

Please, help seek a way to support the initiative. You can donate to cover for the legal costs. You can offer your help when you are a legal professional. You can ask people around you if they can help in one way or another. And you can use your various platforms to make people aware of the cause.

The German-language webseite for more information is:


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