A Surveillance of AfD by Verfassungsschutz Can Be Expected (Says Another Illegal Mole)

SPIEGEL reports that information on AfD was already collected in the intelligence agency’s state bureaus. Thirteen states have sent reports to the Berlin headquarters. The Vice President of the federal agency, Thomas Haldenwang, told the parliamentary committee Innenausschuss that a final decision about a surveillance is expected before the end of this year.

Innenausschuss is the committee responsible for interior security, i.e. police and intelligence agencies. Its meetings are usually not public. A hearing of a vice president of a secret service is most certainly confidential. This means that a mole leaked this timeline to SPIEGEL illegally.

“The AfD is moving in the direction of right-wing extremism,” says Interior Minister of the State Baden-Württemberg Thomas Strobl of Merkel’s party The Union. He urges to act quickly. SPIEGEL quotes law professor Christoph Möllers as saying, “When a leader of a state chapter spreads a völkisch worldview, a surveillance is justified.”

The professor is irrelevant. SPIEGEL uses him to change the focus to Björn Höcke. Before I talk about him, I have to explain “völkisch”. I am not aware that Mr Höcke used the term. It has no actual meaning. The direct translation would be “people-ish” or “folksy”. The reason why it is actually no longer used is that it was very often used by the Nazis. So this quote from an unknown law professor serves the purpose of painting Mr Höcke in a certain way without saying something of actual substance.

Mr Höcke is the chair of AfD’s chapter of the state of Thuringen. He makes everybody cringe for two reasons:

1) His uncough delivery style at his speeches makes people think of the 30s when the audio technology was still very poor. It is the style, not the content, that is icky.

2) He believes that words and expressions that are now associated with the Nazis should be used in their original meaning. As a history teacher, although banned from working, he knows better than your average German what the original meaning of words like “nationalism” (a democratic movement in the 19th century) or “patriotism” once was.

Mr Höcke is not important enough to look into his actual positions in detail. They might be stupid. The problem is that the elites use him as a bogeyman to roll out anti-democratic policies. The AfD youth organisations (“Junge Alterantive”) of the states Lower Saxony and Bremen are already observed by the respective state offices of Verfassungsschutz.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer will announce a new leader of the federal level office of Verfassungsschutz at the end of October or early November.


3 thoughts on “A Surveillance of AfD by Verfassungsschutz Can Be Expected (Says Another Illegal Mole)”

    1. The absurdity is that indeed parts of the communist party (LINKE, once leading the Eastern dictatorship under the name SED) are under observation from both several state offices and the federal office.

      The sub-groups currently under surveillance are:
      – Marxistisches Forum that openly demands to bring back the Eastern dictatorship
      – Kommunistische Plattform
      – Geraer Dialog/Sozialistischer Dialog who believe in a “revolutionary victory over capitalism” (probably hands on).
      – Cuba Sí

      None of these people should be under surveillance. I don’t understand how after gestapo and stasi Germans don’t understand that an agency spying on its own people, not foreign agents or infiltrators, but the OWN people, is a problem. The major reasons as advertised for secret services are things that should be done by the police. One can discuss whether search warrants and so on should be easier to get by when there is fear of a terror attack, but delegating it to secret groups and moving the whole thing into the dark comes with enormous risks.

      One risk is that we don’t know who is an agent and who is a trouble maker. Parts of the RAF, almost the entire leadership of the tiny neonazi party NPD, and even Islamists have been found to be Verfassungsschutz agents. At the same time we never hear from cases when the Verfassungsschutz could help the police to stop an attack. Some Verfassungsschutz agents are said to have had contact with the NSU serial killers. Currently a woman is believed to have known the plans from the jihadi Christmas market truck attack a while back.

      How does Israel make sure that the intelligence agencies actually do what they are supposed to do? What are your safeguards against abuse?


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