Man Investigated for Punching A Drunk Who Groped His Daughter in Front of His Eyes

Newspaper Merkur reports the story of a man who saw a drunk Eritrean grope his daughter in front of him. He punched the man in the face. The police filed two charges: the groping of the Eritrean and the physical attack of the father. Petra Wiedmann, speaker of the police, said:

It is the task of the judiciary to assess the case. There is a suspicion that there were two crimes, one sexual harassment and the other a physical injury. The police is required by law to charge both.

She added that there were other ways to act in such situations. Which other ways? Just watch the sexual harassment of one’s daughter as it happens? She claims that particularly at this time of the year there were policemen in “five meter distance” on the tram station where the incidence occurred.

Despite the fact that this is untrue and unpractical, I want to come to a bigger point. Unlike the US or the UK, Germans are strongly discouraged from protecting themselves and their family members. The police and the judicial system seem inapt to determine whether a defense was adequate or too violent in nature. German tabloids never praise somebody for striking down a mobster.

The alternative is already laid out in the statement of the police: trust the police to protect you. At first, we are made defenseless and then we are told to rely on authorities. In short: It is the ultimate emasculation.

Throughout this blog I have come again and again to this weird point that I believe emasculation can ease a totalitarian takeover. The learnt helplessness in combination with the vilification of manliness, our rebellious nature and our basic drive to protect ourselves, our families and our communities make it very easy for an overreaching authority to fill the voids. Following the infantilisation, the state becomes mother and father of its people.

What the framers of the US constitution argued in support of the 2nd Amendment is the official definition of right-wing extremism in Germany. If you believe that an authority will only refrain from aggregating its powers when it must plausibly fear to stare down the barrel of a gun, you are an extremist. Thomas Jefferson famously said, the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. But he was a white man. So what did he know?

We all agree that a good constitution does help to create a sequence of peaceful transitions of power, yet it is the threat to authorities with potential violence from a defiant, armed citizenry that stabilizes this system.

Turkish-German bestseller author Akif Pirincci famously said in his doomed pegida speech that he realizes how the government has lost its fear of the people. The conservative novelist went so far as to say that as a consequence he could imagine they would like to run the gas chambers again. This was heavily criticized and he lost all book deals over it. The day before yesterday, civil rights hero Vera Lengsfeld and Jewish blogger Henryk Broder were granted a hearing at the petition committee of the federal parliament Bundestag. Dr. Rottmann of the Green party asked the petitioners how they “have such a confidence.”

What also came to light during this hearing, which only came to be because Mrs Lengsfeld gathered thousands of signatures, is that the bilateral agreements and the “European solution” are a complete smoke and mirror game. This in itself shows how much the elites have lost their respect. Three individuals have been relocated because of the applauded Greece-Germany Agreement and not a single individual has been relocated because of the Spanish-German Agreement. This is a pattern most people, including the opposition, are not aware of. The international summits and the “multi-lateral politics” are just photo ops which result in NON-BINDING paperwork. They do nothing but burn taxpayer money and present fodder for the media circus.

To wrap it up: The elites have completely lost their respect because they have lost their fear. Men have been emasculated to the point where they are even expected not to protect their families anymore. They do not challenge and question authority, but they relinquish their manly role to the authorities.


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