Is #Metoo A Political Purge?

All the world is talking about the Kavanaugh hearing at the moment. Similar situations have been in the making for months. The original outrage about a real Hollywood rape culture has been parlayed into a mob all over the world, with terrible consequences for everybody, but the Hollywood rapists.

Two employees of the Hohenschoenhauser stasi memorial museum in Berlin are alleged to have assaulted women. Helmuth Frauendorfer, the vize director, is accused in a letter from seven women, some of whom want to remain anonymous. He is said to have texted young women who work for him. The content of the texts is … wait for it … work related. The closest thing they have to sexualize the topic is that he offered his employees to overnight at his place several times. Outside the texting issue, the most sexual thing is that he hugs too hard and makes compliments. He also openly spoke about going to brothels and swinger clubs at work.

His boss, director Hubertus Knabe, is accused of having created a “climate of a female image of the fifties.” The left believes that talking about brothels and swinger clubs was all the rave in the 1950s. The allegations were made public by Klaus Lederer. Lederer is a member of the party that ran the dictatorship in Eastern Germany. The center he is targeting employs many victims of communism as guides.

Meanwhile there is an effort to purge state channel WDR. The media is already firmly aligned, but apparently there are still naysayers within their ranks. Trade unionist Monika Wulf-Mathies wrote a report on the public broadcaster. The result is that there is still “structural power imbalance between men and women.” Power abuse would lead to sexual discrimination. It is all vague. It does not even speak of harrassment. Yet, new regulation will be introduced and employees are expected to evaluate their bosses soon. A mob witchhunt culture is in the making.

Monika Wulf-Mathies says that people should not point their fingers at WDR now. They should rather look into their own businesses for the power imbalances there.

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