The Klaas Heufer-Umlauf Interview With Alice Weidel

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When I saw the short interview above, I got a bit nervous. I’m not affiliated with any party and I did not follow what AfD is doing. Then I saw this.

Klaas Heufer-Umlauf is a TV presenter. Whatever he does is expected to be taken humourously. The style of the interview is that he mentions random words or expressions and Alice Weidel is to give her view on them.


Something to be protected while being open-minded about the world.


It means that one loves one’s country and should make politics for the own country. Therefore my co-frontrunner of the last election [Alexander Gauland] used the slogan “Germany first,” but it should remain in the frame of the reasonable. Reminds me of something…. Trump. America first. Hm…it isn’t really my slogan. [some gibberish] Does one believe that if one says “German first” that it helps Germany? “America first,” for example, doesn’t help much. That remains to be seen. I must admit that I’m not thrilled about Trump’s bottom line. I hoped for more. surprised? Yes. He had presented himself as a maker. I thought he does something. But [I didn’t expect] that he would have a mixed bottom line and that he would partly lack a political sensitivity. I would have expected a bit more.


This word actually has no meaning. A direct translation would be people-ish. Because the Nazis were socialists who claimed to be for the little man, it was used by them and is now sneered on. Here are some dictionaries and how they try to translate something like people-ish: leo, Langenscheidt,, Linguee. So the best answer would have been: “I don’t know.”

Very difficult. I did not think of it in many years. Neither did I. Joko references to Frauke Petry, the former party leader who has left the party since, who opined that one could use a word like people-ish in a positive context. I don’t believe that one can or should. But she also meant it differently. Gibberish ensues. She explained to me that it could be something meaning a combination of people and nation. But it didn’t make sense to me and I said that ‘völkisch’ was a no-go.

Germany 2027

Hopefully a safe country with wealth and security for the following generations who hopefully live in peace and respect in the middle of Europe. That is my vision. Do you believe that we will have democracy again in 2027. You ask for a resurrection of democracy in Germany. Is that going to happen until 2027? We must supplement our existing democracy. It says resurrection of our democracy. Hm … we ask for members of parliament who hold party positions to not hold public offices. This is some Green party trash position that has no value and has nothing to do with democracy. But it could weaken a bit the Chancellor’s control over the electoral lists.

Then democracy must also be supplemented with referenda. I find they are extremely important to revive democracy. I’m also pro referenda once in a while, but having taken part in some, I can see that they don’t deliver what some people hope for. Revival. But it is still there. Yes, but there are weaknesses. People with party functions should surely not hold public offices. Then resurrection of democracy is not what you mean. It is, for example, by stopping people with party functions to hold public offices. The term would be supplementing democracy and not resurrection. You imply that democracy did not exist. Ok, it must be supplemented. Write it into the party platform. Okay, I will.

Does Alice Weidel KNOW what democracy is? Does Alice Weidel KNOW what liberty is? And isn’t it strange that she can be pushed over with a feather on every single topic? Could the folks at AfD, PLEASE, replace her with somebody who is actually in the libertarian-conservative spectrum? If she cannot criticize the lack of freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience, market of ideas, equality before the law, separation of power, separation of church and state and so on and so on, she cannot have a high position in a pro-liberty movement.

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