The Left Knows Already That the Dalai Lama Is a Nazi Right-Wing Bigot

There was hardly a country where the Dalai Lama was more popular than in Germany. The media went completely silent about him when he began criticizing Her Holiness Angela Merkel.

6 thoughts on “The Left Knows Already That the Dalai Lama Is a Nazi Right-Wing Bigot”

  1. I remember that the Dalai Lama voiced the opinion that the Syrian refugees should return to their homeland after the war to rebuild the country. That was in 2016, I think. Also, the Lama positioned himself as a Marxist. But since the extreme Leftists demand 100% conformity even a Marxist gets to be called a Nazi.

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    1. Yes, he did. It is also mentioned in the video. Today, he’d be thrown a cake into his face like Stalinist Sahra Wagenknecht. Have you seen his books in bookstores since? Didn’t these leftist want a nation for these brown Tibetians? Wasn’t the Lama their spearhead defending his culture against the competing socialists in China? The irony is palpable. They will have the same awakening with the Kurds and the Palestinians.


      1. To be honest, I seldomly visit the bookstore these days. I remember that some book selling chain boycotted a certain book by a certain author (don’t know the title and the name) because he was deemed to be a Nazi. I don’t know, I guess for hardcore leftists as well as for hardcore rightists, there’s one elemental rule: your either for me or against me.


    1. He always had these squinty eyes. Who knew what he was up to? 😉
      This is what I found so upsetting about the Roseanne case. She came out of the belly of the beast. If these people can be mistaken for Nazis, we all can. Plus, it is not even a local thing.


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