Blocked for Comment Section on Newspaper Tagesspiegel


It reads, “Login failed. User account ‘BenGoldstein’ was blocked.”

I cut out Islam, made no jokes (or only benign ones), did not comment on gender…didn’t help. The narrow-mindedness has become extreme. There is no way that my choice of words, the “tone”, could have been a problem. Others actually behave rudely. Most of my comments were on the topic of antisemitism.

I would lie if I said that I don’t find this whole development depressing. How can a culture fall so deeply so fast? Germans are specialists.

And the French are following. According to ZEIT the Supreme court ruled today that the principle of “fraternite” allows people to hide illegal immigrants and break the laws. This is the most ridiculous verdict I have ever heard. It is the abolishment of laws as such and their replacement with gut feelings.

And there is this glib cheering that the article conveyed. The commenters either chimed in with own cheers or showed their teeth, “time to show resistance to the right”. What are they even talking about? Resistance against a minority that holds no media power, no government positions, no anything.

At this point Merkel is no longer better than Assad. We are only lucky because push hasn’t come to shove – not yet. Yesterday’s attack on the bus is not even discussed as a terror attack. We didn’t have any for an eternity because they are just reclassified as everyday crime. Label gone, problem gone. Without blogs and foreign press, you also wouldn’t know that neighbouring France had immigrant riots after their soccer world cup triumph. Two people died, many wounded, not a word in the big news.

P.S. 1 The way how my account disappeard lets me almost think that they got the technicians in to create a function to block me. First my profile page disappeared. Then I was told that my password was wrong. I knew already what they were up to. I don’t want to pride myself. But what is it about my views, that is so dangerous?

P.S. 2 Tagesspiegel belongs to the same publisher as ZEIT.


11 thoughts on “Blocked for Comment Section on Newspaper Tagesspiegel”

  1. I only comment at the Wall Street Journal. It’s becoming crowded with liberal trolls but they don’t block as far as I know. I lived two years in Munich, 62-64. After visiting Dachau, I had a hard time relating to most Germans. Still do. I still like the beer, although the imported stuff isn’t the same. Fredericksburg, in the Texas hill country west of Austin, was settled by Germans in the 1840s. I once asked the town library’s matron if the original settlers included any Jews. The distasteful look she gave me was an editorial to her negative reply.


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