Watching News Show Heute


It is hard to get to German TV ratings, but heute is considered either the first or second most watched news show in Germany. The episode aired yesterday at 7 p.m.. Before the show they gave a preview.

  1. “New uncomfortable challenge for the Putin Trump summit. The US indictment of Russian spies puts pressure on the relationship between Russia an America.” Note how vague the phrases are. There is also no “alleged spies”.
  2. “14th of July. France celebrates her national holiday. Macron promotes a strong Europe.” How is this part of a national holyday?
  3. A German tennis player won Wimbledon.

“After Trump’s controversial appearances on the NATO summit in Brussels and the attacks against British PM Theresa May in London, Europe looks worrysome at the first summit meeting between Trump and Putin.” Europe is presented as a fatherly Big Brother figure that looks and worries and is a human. They don’t quote polls here and nothing before or after the sentence tells us if the Commission, some national leaders, a number of public organizations or whatever expressed these views. What is more interesting is the extremely unnatural pronunciation. Controversial is stressed, attacks and Putin as well. It is not just what is emphasized but also the voice and gesture is unnaturally intense.

“[The meeting is] overshadowed by the US indictment of 12 Russian spies who are believed to have influenced the US election in Trump’s favor.” What does that even mean? Nothing overshadows.  They just want to cram in unsubstantiated speculations about the last election to question the legitimacy of the US presidency. A video starts and begins with the meeting…oh, no, sorry…it is about the presentation of the charges against the alleged spies. I just realize that the meeting is scheduled for tomorrow. The topic is not a news topic yet. Of all the things that are going on in the world they chose to broadcast some flimsy chain of talking points that mention the name Trump with things that people don’t like such as indictments, spies, Putin and so on. They also show a Trump statement from his meeting with Theresa May in which he talked about a “rigged witch-hunt”. They translate “rigged” with a word that can mean “inflated” or “exaggerated”. False and purposefully misleading translations are very common on German news. This is a very mild case.

The next topic is about Germany…oh no…sorry…it is about…oh….Donald Trump. They show the protesters in Scotland and remind the viewers that there were also protests in London the day before. “Trump leaves Britain irritated.” The reasoning is also voiced in some newspapers. He scolds and praises the same individuals. Trump might say that May does this well and that poorly. But journalists only know “praise ally” and “demonize foe.” Irritating. The video ends with “In many things Trump and Putin will have different views. What they share is their interest in a weakened Europe.” The psychotic leftist mind-reading aside, Europe is presented as some Big Brother figure again.

On they go to talk about Germany..oh..sorry…I mean France…eh..Trump. France celebrated the 14th July. “[Despite the mishap at the jet show] the military parade has something of a symbolic defiant answer to Donald Trump.” Macron wants an EU army that is not controlled by democratic nations and that is, of course, eh…good. Norbert Roettgen of Merkel’s party CDU seconds that we need this EU army. “Military must be an indispensable component of the European foreign policy.” Stripped off the “German guilt” a German dominated Europe wants to engage in wars again, but this is now good because it does not do it through an evil nation with its democratic structures.

Germany. Finally. Sami A, once the chauffeur of Osama Bin Laden, was deported after years of living in Germany on the doll. Cheers. Oh, wait! A court has ordered that they are not yet through with their procedures. The terrorist’s native country Tunisia is said to practice torture and this spoke against the deportation. Now, the German authorities ask Tunisia to get the man back into a German prison hotel, but the Arabs decided that they rather keep him. No discussion whether the laws should be changed to allow the deportation of violent offenders to countries that allegedly practice torture or the death penalty.

Critics of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer are given the floor. Unsubstantial moaning about “style” whatever that means.

Minute 9:00. UN Migration Pact. “About 250 million people look for a new home according to the UN.” Strange. I heard the problem is solved and, if you still talk about it, you are a “Nazi.” The pact creates “legal perspectives” and wants to coordinate the “fleeing/flight.” The US boycotts it.

“A lot of them flee from Syria.” War doom modus. Assad/Russia/Iran vs Israel “which occupies the Golan heights”. Next stop: Israel and the Gaza strip.

Germany. The environmentalist laws are so extreme that basically every car maker had to manipulate their official emission level statements. Now, Opel is in the crosshairs of the state prosecutor. But instead of admitting that the regulation is too tight, the corporations are scolded. A court has decided that some cars are no longer allowed to drive in the inner city of Stuttgart. The commuters? Fuck them.

Of all the problems to pick from they chose crowded airports for the the last story before the sports section. For some reasons they give a man the floor who wants the security in the hand of the state. “But that would be expensive.” In this case I’m also anti-business. Just abolish it all and crack down on Islam!

I spare us the sports news.

3 thoughts on “Watching News Show Heute”

  1. heute is the most ridiculous propaganda show on German television and is only topped by the bullshit of Claus Kebers heute-journal. That’s why German language has more suitable words to characerize this show: gequirlte Scheiße.


    1. I think the TV “magazine” shows Panorama, ttt and Monitor also do a lot of propaganda. With the exception of this post, the main news show don’t make a great post for foreign audiences. It just made sense because the fish is big enough. The “magazine” shows, however, can give me a headstart, explaining something in more detail because some offer separate videos for different topics. I could introduce a public figure like my a rub up on Thea Dorn.

      So I follow the “magazines.” I did not include their location on my guide for German media use.

      But I would let you know the location of any politics show on public TV if you asked me (Email).


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