ZEIT for Hatespeech against Evangelicals

The article is titled “God wants it!”

“Illegal entry into the US is a crime,” said the devout Methodist [US Attorney General Jeff] Sessions, and “crimes must be punished.” The consistent and fair application of the law were in itself good and moral, so God had wanted it.

Right from the start the evilness of the evangelicals is proven by their association with Donald Trump and his Cabinet. The rule of law is presented as a fundamentalist Christian idiocy and not as the cornerstone of a Western Republic. I think at this point it is fair to say that Germany has ceased to be a Western nation anyway.

In addition to Jeff Sessions, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Education Minister Betsy DeVos, and most importantly Vice President Mike Pence are evangelical Christians and decidedly Christian politicians, as well as Minister of Urban Development and Housing Ben Carson and Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Many Cabinet members are members of a weekly bible study, a tradition that no American government has followed for a 100 years.

The pure evil. ZEIT insists that they are many.

Evangelicalism is a growing mass religion, with more than 40 percent of Americans calling themselves evangelicals, according to Gallup polls. They stand in a long tradition of American Free Churches, which believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and an immediate spiritual rebirth through Jesus.

Yes, ZEIT tells their readers that 40% of US Americans believe the Ark of Noah collected all animals of the earth. Literally. And without even voicing a mischaracterization themselves they build on an anti-Christian prejudice and see a contradiction between the supposedly hectoring Christians and a lack of interest for Trump’s sex life.

“The moral convictions of many evangelical leaders have become a function of their partisan identification. This is not mere gullibility; it is utter corruption. ,” wrote conservative politician Michael Gerson in a furious essay for the Atlantic.

I don’t even bother to look up “Michael Gerson.” Hell, the Atlantic complains about the right! I wonder what Angela Merkel has to say.

Even more than other conservatives, the evangelicals have created a dense bubble, even a parallel society. They marry among themselves, send their children to separate schools and universities and have their own media, which are courted by Trump.

There are more than 40% conservatives? I’m pleased. I thought, there are the unpolitical bimbos and some thirty-something percent on each side. I wonder if the leftists marry conservatives. All studies that I’ve seen show that left-wingers are far less accepting of roommates, friends and relatives of other political persuasions.

It wasn’t Trump to teach evangelical Christians that the facts of the media and the elites can be ignored if they threaten the own identity: almost 70 percent of evangelicals eventually deny the scientific theory of evolution.

Whatever “threaten identity” means, the quote makes clear that the German media expects 100% gullibility. Evolution is a broad term. It isn’t that there is a consensus on sheer everything and all missing links in the fossil records were connected, but this is how the left presents it to you.

The fact that homosexuality is met with ever less contempt in the American population looks to many like a sign of definitive decadence.

This is much more true for Muslims than for evangelicals. And this is the whole problem with the text. They pick a modern, law-abiding group and smear it while the same people are perfectly willing to gloss over Islam.

Fifty percent of the white evangelicals she interviewed believed immigrants were detrimental to the economy, she [Janelle Wong of University of Maryland] wrote in the Washington Post.

I’m shocked. What is wrong with the other 50%? Then the Ku-Klux-Klan is mentioned, not as the military arm of the Democratic party, but as a bunch of middle class Protestants. Their rhetoric resembled the anti-Islam rhetoric, says ZEIT. I know, ditzy.

I haven’t followed the kids-in-shelters drama on the Mexican borders. They just lace the article with hints that the situation kind of proved Trump’s depravity. The end is strange. The entire whiney media charade resulted in a legal change that puts the kids into prisons with their parents and not into these shelters. So the left got what they wanted and …eh… is that good?!? Anyway, according to ZEIT evangelicals tended to side with the media on this one and are now fine with Trump again because the children are in prison. These cold-blooded lizzards.

I don’t believe for a second that anybody ever gave a fig about these children including the supposed parents who tried to carry them across the borders (There is a lot of human trafficking going on).

But anyway, the article lists what evangelicals are: Methodists, Baptists, members of the Anglican Church, and so on. Just everyday Christians. And it is anti-Christian hatred that drives the writers to pen these pointless articles. The piece also tries desperately to link evangelicals to a white skin color. I wouldn’t mind if the game was fair, if evangelicals were given equal time to defend themselves and if criticism of Islam could be voiced in the same way without negative consequences for people who express their views. The truth is, however, that aggression knows one direction: from the left against the right.




3 thoughts on “ZEIT for Hatespeech against Evangelicals”

  1. The compassion and humanitarian decency the US demonstrates for the illegal immigrants and especially their children (if they are theirs) is unprecedented in human history. Most countries arrest an illegal alien at the border, put him in jail and force them out of the country a.s.a.p. without any regard to their welfare. The US doesn’t just treat the illegal inmates better than any country (just look at 2nd/3rd world contries where inmates sleep on bare floors and get barely any food or medical care in jail), but indulges in extraordinary care for these kids when they seperate them from their alledged parents. Now they even pay for DNA tests to make sure these kids are not trafficking victims. That’s how a highly civilized and very rich society treats foreigners who have basically no rights at all in the US. That’s how these “evil evangelicals” treat other people. Legal immigrants actually have rights. The Left wants them to flood the borders w/o rights, to go underground – vulnerable to abuse, to work as a slave and to hope for an amnesty that may never occur. The Left covers up their own evil by calling the right evil.

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    1. That’s an important point. I’ve also noticed that the left drives people purposefully into illegality. It is a way to abolish the rule of law. If everybody is a criminal, you can prosecute to persecute whoever you want. This is typical in Russia. Everybody is corrupt in Russia, but only members of the opposition get harrassed. You cannot pay your bills without breaking the laws. And this is the situation the left wants for the West as well. It makes everybody dependent, anxious and obedient.

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