Can We Just Enjoy Soccer? No!

The photo on her article. I don’t know what she was thnking.

We all hate how the left is politicizing every aspect of our lives. The soccer team does not even wear national colors and the national animal, the eagle, is hidden unerasable within the logo of the German Football Association. It is the only national sign. This is how far the left has invaded this year’s world cup.

Today ZEIT publishes an article by complaining about the fact that the game has been politicised. She is right. Her teaser reads, “Among leftists it is scorned upon to be a fan. For the reactionaries the National Team is not German enough.” Left or reactionary. She calls the players the National Team, they call themselves The Team.

“Leftists are annoyed by German flags, black-red-yellow sausages and other products of an unleashed patriotism-capitalism.” Marx is lurking. ZEIT is still running articles about Marx and Engels. Currently they praise how prophetic they were in predicting international trade. Fawn. Wordwide trade is scientifically recorded since at least the neolithicum. Marx, swoon, Marx…

She complains that showing support for the German team is seen in her internet circles as “tolerance for capitalism, nationalism, and racism.” One breath. “Even though the team is the best Germany has to offer at the moment,” their qualities were diversity and youth. Gone are the days when “agism” was the new racism. Young and diverse are the reasons why it can make fun. Why? “It makes reactionaries really angry.” This woman breathes hatred.

Those who are not on the left criticized soccer players Özil and Gündoğan because of their meeting with Erdogan. She finds this “hypocritical,” displaying once again that leftists don’t understand the very words they use when accusing others of something. When she criticizes the right-wing criticism of the team she sees herself confronted with an overemphasis on the “supposed German values.” She insists that we have not become world cup winner last time because of black, red and yellow sausages, and “even much less so” because Germany outside of soccer deserved it. We won because of the players.

Today, Germany will play against Sweden and the only reason why I don’t want them to lose is because I hate Sweden. I’m also breathing hate like the Marxist lady. We are happy to see the men playing. Otherwise we would perhabs witness rapes with so many Germans and Swedes in one place.

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