Making an Example of … Roseanne

Left: Valerie Jarett, Right: Planet of the Apes

Roseanne Barr, sitcom star and Domestic Goddess, got her show cancelled after tweeting “Muslim brotherhood & planet of the Apes had a baby=VJ”. VJ stands for Valerie Jarrett, a former advisor of Barack Obama. It was the highest rated sitcome in years, but the outrage machine ran loose. Roseanne apologized and swore to abstain from Twitter in future. To thank her the reruns of the old seasons from the 90s were also pulled off the air. Never, never, never apologize to liberals.

We are supposed to believe that this is a racist joke. Strange enough, in a recent case of social justice transgression the show master was left alone. Joy Reid of left-wing news channel MSNBC was accused of having multiple anti-gay slurs on her blog. She was tweeting them out at a time when she was just a black community hero where homophobia is more accepted than in the wider public. After she rose through the ranks to holier spheres her sins were discovered. She apologized, too. It went like, “I feel really, really sorry that my accounts on blog and twitter were hacked and I did not pay enough attention to stop the intruder from placing these messages out there.” I’m paraphrasing, but this was her story. Unlike Roseanne she has a news show where the attitude of the host might play an actual role. Joy Reid kept her show. Why? She is left-wing.

But this existential fury Roseanne suffered had a precursor in Germany. The author Akif Pirincci gave an unfortunate speech to a pegida crowd. He was nervous and read from a script. The masses were big and loud. They interrupted him in the middle of the sentence. When he resumed his speech the latter half of it could be misunderstood as a regret that the concentration camps were closed. Of course, the media loved to take it out of context. They made no mistake. The complete video, plus transcript, were available on the internet within a few hours after his appearance. They still lied.

Akif Pirincci organized dozens of court injunctions. I don’t remember the exact number. They were many. All were permitted. The media lied. As a consequence all his books, the political ones and his novels, were silently banned. Even Amazon claimed that they were no longer available. People tried to order them in book stores and were told that the publisher would not deliver them anymore (a lie). They were even removed from public libraries (he sued and won). Since then Akif Pirincci stayed public through social media, that is with his blog and YouTube interviews. His books were listed again by the stores eventually.

Like Roseanne, Akif Pirincci broke into the public because he was useful for the left. His masterpiece Felidae is a detective story that denounces the racism of the Nazis. It also made use of a vulgar, pornographic language.

One German TV star had her show even cancelled in the midst of a live airing. Margarete Schreinemaker was accused of tax evasion. I think, the charges were dropped later, but I don’t want to research the details now if there was some misbehavior involved on her part. In her show, a magazine, she announced to air a video to explain her situation from her own perspective. Within the first seconds of the video, the plug was pulled and a man appeared to read out a message saying on behalf of the channel Sat1 that this would not ‘meet journalistic standards’ (as if they had some). Schreinemaker would be gone. She broke the holy commandments, “You shall not dislike taxes” and “You shall not disagree with us.”

But why does the left do this? Why do they turn against their former allies and eliminate people who are so big in the public eye? Because they want to make us afraid. Nobody is safe. If even VIPs can be made invisible, so can you. If Tommy Robinson can disappear in the dark, so can you. And when all traces of a person can disappear, why not you?

8 thoughts on “Making an Example of … Roseanne”

  1. “Because they want to make us afraid (the left) Nobody is safe. If even VIPs can be made invisible, so can you. If Tommy Robinson can disappear in the dark, so can you. And when all traces of a person can disappear, why not you?”

    You said that the left wants to make people afraid and then followed that up with scare-tactic sensationalism. Please check your own contradictions before you post your ill-informed opinions. What’re your sources on any of this information?

    I’ll defend your right to free speech, but the first amendment does not protect anyone from a reaction hate-speech. Roseanne Barr shouldn’t go to jail for her comments, but the free market exists, so companies/people have the right to not support her financially.

    Have a great day, and consider ethical sources of news. I’m not on the left or the right, I just want fair and balanced dialogues. Have a great day!


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