Gender Roles – Culture has Biological Consequences

Rebecca Hargreaves gathered some circumstantial evidence showing that plummeting testosterone levels in males have a root in cultural changes. I realize that, whenever I touch on this, I want to clarify that I’m very pro-gay/trans. I don’t say that to signal “virtue”. None of my positions that I voice here are there to kowtow to anybody. They are my believes. Still the urge to run down all the pro-gay stuff is strong, but knowing this I just link to a previous article to get that off my back. You are free to explore it or leave it.

The discussion is not exactly young. For some decades we hear from women that they are worried about the loss of femininity in the wake of the feminist revolution. I think this perspective had some chance to air in the public because women were championed and allowed more participation in this debate than men. At the same time ‘men’s rights’ activists emerged. They were given hardly air time and those who did get the mic kowtowed to the entire feminist agenda while whining that they want to mother their ex-wives’ kids. My compassion is with them, but I doubt that they channel the concerns about the change in gender relations sufficiently.

For many years the queer community is growing and outside said community worries about this trend are denounced as “hate”. I have noticed that gays themselves start to ask questions. It happens far and in between, but it happens. Is the mantra that we must separate biology from culture sustainable at all? What feels and looks like pure biology might be the result of cultural factors. How can we explain that the numbers are still growing in Western societies where gays don’t hide anymore for quite a few years now? They sure don’t all just “come out”, they also become.

This is also important because of the enormous cultural influence of this group. It should be fairly obvious that from Madonna over Katie Perry to Conchita Wurst a narrative was pushed and talent played a minor role. If you were concerned about all this moving over the edge of reason and that it might turn into an attack on straight men, you had been laughed at. Now we have it. The chorus of the Eurovision Song Contest’s winning submission can be understood with only rudimental knowledge of English and goes: “I’m not your toy, you stupid boy!”

I don’t engage in snowflakery. My point is not that my feelings are hurt by a stupid song. The issue is that the following of this song contest grows while it becomes more and more political and men-hating from year to year. Most viewers are female or effeminate men, often homosexuals. These men are not less, but actually more aggressive than hard men who are comfortable with their manliness.

And despite the plummeting quality of the show it has towering ratings. 203 million viewers show that the younger generation has completely bought into the propaganda and rewards subconciously everything that looks gay or unmanly. Meanwhile, entertainment is losing support when it encourages mock fighting and competition like American Football, martial arts, rugby, violent movies, hunting and so on. A glimmer is left and targeted at specific groups, communities that should rather build up other manly qualities at the moment. So we see that Hollywood, Bertelsmann and even state-sponsored street work projects (e.g. martial arts training for stray kids) do encourage blacks and Muslims to be warrior-like (Marvel movies, hip hop etc.).

The lower the morals of a community, the more the left accepts and supports violent behavior (The support for Palestinian thugs is baffling). The higher the morals the more you must be disarmed and discouraged from using violence (military, police, responsible gun owners).

We are now at a stage where the American Boy Scouts are destroyed. This again started with the harmless proposal of allowing queer group leaders. The debate is over. Still: I support gay group leaders, but with the caveat that this were safer if we can “say something when we see something.” I do believe that pedophilia is more common in gay men.

Soon girls who “feel like” boys were admitted. A heartbeat later all girls were admitted. And just when you wondered whether straight boys are still okay, they changed their name to “Scouts BSA”, dropping the boys. Seriously, the Boy Scouts are no longer Boy Scouts. Now, Germany has been emasculated much earlier (and is much more down the road) and we would have never named the organization “Boy Scouts”. Instead, the German name translates to “Path Finders”, which sounds cultish enough.

But the Boy Scouts were not some Oprah-esque path finders. If you want your kids to go camping and to play with girls, there are a myriad of options for you. The Boy Scouts were established to play with boys in a manner that would instill strong morals, courage, strength, survival skills, military tradition and masculinity. So you won’t be surprised that the demand to believe in G-d was also embattled and finally killed in 2016.

I can predict with some certainty that they will soon be despised from all sides. It is the fate of the German Burschenschaften. The Burschenschaften are student fraternities that had their origins in the democratic awakening in the early 19th century. They were instrumental in forming a nation with a parliament out of the counties which were in the place of what is now Germany.

Like the Boy Scouts they sought not only to form men, but hard men. Thought leader Friedrich Ludwig Jahn advocated that men must exercise and build up their muscles, making themselves ready to fight. A Burschenschaft admitted new members only when they would take part in a fencing match against a comrade. The superficial wounds were shown with pride.

Needless to say that totalitarians get really nervous about strong men who have a more complex moral system than “all violence is bad.” So the Nazis destroyed all Burschenschaften when they rose to power and they are despised and – ironically enough, linked to the Nazis – ever since.

I think that gender confusion is a strong topic to red pill people. Deep down people know that gender roles serve many important functions. During the Paris terror attack in the Bataclan Theatre the attackers cut off the testicles of their victims and stuffed them into their mouths. The Islamists do know.

The left has cornered us by spreading the idea that men talking about what makes men men show signs of (hidden?) homosexuality. To some degree they are right because only gay men allow themselves to speak right now. The more honest ones of them admit: Outside of their serious mating endeavours, they rather see hard men than wussies. Maybe you should too.


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