The Jewish Question Today

Haredi studying the Tora

When I started with this blog, which is an off-spring of my now dead twitter account, I really did not want to write much about Judaism. In fact, I turned my back to blogs focused on Israel, antisemitism and the Jews because I felt that they were too monotonous. You all noticed how that went. I seriously try again and again to de-Jew my blog, but events and the public debate draw me back.

So where are we? Israel won the Eurovision Song Contest with a men-hating song and is going to host the event next year. In Jerusalem. The reactions can already be predicted. Jakob Augstein, prominent left-wing journalist and political commentator, once declared that a kippa was already a “provocation”. A major event in Jerusalem will push all the right buttons.

The US Embassy in Jerusalem opens and is met with riots that the wildly antisemitic media agencies call “protests”. The reactions of the security forces lead to martyrs and the crocodile tears dominate the media coverage.

At the same time false accusations of antisemitism are a stable in political fights and “experts” enter the scene to denounce racism. They only get a microphone when it’s useful for the power circles, but this is true for all “experts”. The media and the elites scream, “Catch the thief!”, and continue to demonize Jews.

Recently, German parliament Bundestag held a ceremonial session in honor of the 70th birthday of Israel. Don’t worry! They didn’t miss work. The Bundestag is largely ceremonial. The laws are written behind doors and are not altered by a non-existing “debate”. But speeches are delivered and the best speech was given by conservative MP Alexander Gauland.

After listening to the ever same lip services from the other MPs, he said that solidarity with Israel also includes that we must be willing to fight and die on their side. Now, this pissed off all the right people: the ludicrous Reichsburger, the neo-Nazis and the anti-imperialist left.

Across Europe and North America there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of anti-terror investigations against jihadis going on right now, many of which were started with the help of intelligence agents. Some are British, some are American and many are Israeli. Most of the innumerable ISIS execution videos show spies being killed so that Westerners, including the German police officers, can quietly defuse bombs, collect weapons, freeze bank accounts and arrest suspects. The question is, “Would Germans risk their lives to fight for the lives of Isrealis as well?”

The answer is yes and no, of course. Among the soldiers there are strong morals and they would fight to save Jews. Would politicians let them? No.

Instead they have decided to pay even more lip service. Now, bureaucracy positions are created to speak in forked tongues: antisemitism commissioners (German: Antisemitismusbeauftragte). I don’t even know if they are Jewish. It might be a minor detail. But it speaks of the general climate. Judaism is always something to be ashamed of. Hardly any Wikipedia entry tells the reader if a person is Jewish or not. Names are also less clear a marker than in the English-speaking world. “Rosenberg” or something with “stein” can lead you anywhere. Few public figures say it (e.g. Henryk Broder, Lea Rosch or Michel Friedman). Most keep it low-key (e.g. Angelika Kalwass or Hugo Egon Balder). Germans have also a strange habit of hiding the fact that Jews are a people and not just a religion. Atheists like George Soros or Sam Harris are regularly said to be “of Jewish faith”, which is utter non-sense.

And it is this climate of unidentifiable Jewry and more or less subtle antisemitic media rhetoric that breeds a mixture of misinformation and hostility among common people, which in turned is used by the elites to shed crocodile tears and to weaponize antisemitism against political opponents while undermining patriotism with broad accusations against the wider public.

On the side of state “antisemitism commissioners” there is another elite mouthpiece, an equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League: the Council of the Jews in Germany”. Like the ADL, the Council is moving ever more to the left and is losing ever more support in the Jewish community. Since 2012 the lobby group is officially bribed by the government with millions of euros every year. Germany offered few dimes when holocaust survivors were many, now that they are out of the way and the genocide can be instrumentalized more easily, the money rolls. You can guess that at least since 2012 conservatives are few and far in between. The law was already written in 2003 to facilitate the payments a decade later. So the political shift of the lobby group and its future dependence on the government were planned.

One of the peculiarities of public PC is that Jews are obliged to distance themselves from Israel. Outspoken advocates like Michel Friedman make a huge fuss over the notion that Jews must not be confused with Israel. I understand the strategy, but I question its moral. Who, if not diaspora Jews, could step up and call out all these antisemitic lies all the time? Shall I not feel compassionate about Jews who live off-shore?

The desinformation campaign is so successful that there is a consensus that orthodox Jews are downright evil. This is not even questioned. This is also true for Christian evangelicals. Like evangelicals, orthodox Jews are dumb and evil. Fact. Don’t ask! Don’t ya…I said don’t ask! Fact. They are dumb and evil!

As pictures for orthodox Jews the media regularly uses images of the Haredi sect. It is as if one spoke about Protestants and showed pictures of the Amish all the time. Yes, Amish are Protestant and, yes, Haredi are orthodox. Fun fact: Haredi dislike being called ultra-orthodox and only Germans continue to call them such for the higher mission of making Jews look ridiculous.

The game is that the less Jewish you are the better a person you become. Very Jewish are the Haredi who are also referred to as “ultra-orthodox” (or only as “orthodox”). Strange that nobody suggests that the Pope is less Christian than the Amish, but I digress. You eat kosher – quaint but okay. You have your son circumcised – on the verge of child abuse. You support Israel – Nazi.

But, of course, the most sinister aspect is the thicket of lies. From the Gaza “prison”/”concentration camp” over warnings about “Jewish fundamentalists” (they mean literacists, yes all three of them) to a plethora of conspiracy theories. Whenever Islam and Christianity are criticised, Judaism is just thrown in for good measure no matter how undue.

And the lies roam without borders. They come with Muslims, move to the neonazis, are picked up by the left, reinforce each other, form clusters and it’s almost impossible to pinpoint where what comes from. Sure there are areas in society where antisemitism is worse and areas where it’s less. Mainstream conservatives, particularly (evangelical) Christians, are probably most tolerant and least racist.

Enough for today. I would rather we did not have to talk about this at all.


6 thoughts on “The Jewish Question Today”

  1. Einer der besten Artikel, die ich zu diesem Thema je gelesen habe. Oft habe ich Hemmungen zu diesem Thema Stellung zu beziehen, doch nun sehe ich, dass ich mit meiner Meinung bisher nicht arg daneben lag. Glaube ich zumindest. Wäre gut, wenn es den Artikel auch auf deutsch gäbe, um auch die richtigen zu erreichen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dankeschön!!!

      Die “Richtigen” erreichen wir auf unseren Blogs eh nicht. Ich hab angefangen auf englisch zu bloggen, weil ich von Twitter rüberkam. Es hat etwas gedauert überhaupt etwas im dt. Raum zu finden, was meinen politischen Vorstellungen entspricht (bin ein Thatcherite). Sah mich eher als Informationsmultiplikator für die Situation in Deutschland in den fremdsprachigen Raum. Meine Leserschaft ist überwiegend nicht deutsch und ich will die Sprachen nicht mehr mischen/wechseln.

      Grundsätzlich darf man natürlich alles was ich schreibe heillos plagiieren.

      Liked by 1 person

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