ZEIT online Quiz about Marxism

Mainstream media outlet and Marx fan newspaper ZEIT online offers a quiz on Marxism. Like many people who are appalled by Marxist theory everytime they see it, my knowledge isn’t actually extensive. So I did the test and here is what I found:

Q: Where does ‘ware fetish’ or ‘goods fetish’ have its origin?
A: Work and product have a value as such.
Q: How does Capitalism differ from earlier forms of ‘property forms’ or ‘wealth forms’ (German: Vermögensformen)?
A: Its mobility
Note Note: The obfuscation is the main tenet of Marxism. Words are chosen to be unintelligent. So. Whatever.
Q: What status do bourgeois women have?
A: Production instruments for child output
Q: Which artist was member of a communist party?
A: Pablo Picasso
Q: How did Marx characterize religion in the sentence before his infamous “religion is the opium of the people?
A: As the spirit of unspirited times.
Q: In early socialism the idea of “work money” arose: A certificate on the work value that can be exchanged for goods of equal value. Did Marx support the idea?
A: No, because it were a form of money that allowed no control.
Note Note: I don’t even know what to note. Baffling!
Q: What does Marx mean with the expression ‘raw communism’?
A: The extinction of all individuality.
Q: Who said, “The communists fight for human rights and so do I?”
A: Soeren Kierkegaard
Q: When Lenin called for the coup against the provisionary government of Russia, some Bolsheviks opposed. On what ground?
A: Russia were not yet ripe for socialism.
Q: How would the state dissolve according to Marxist theory?
A: It will be replaced by a bureaucracy
Note Remember that we are supposed to like it.
Q: How does Marx define ‘communist humanism’?
A: The reconciliation of the species of men with nature

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