The Neonazi Mind – Tom Purcell about the Depiction of his Friend Billy Roper in the Media


Conservatives are often accused of being just like Nazis. It is easy to shrug it off, but to be honest repeated accusations corrode the soul. So what do we share and how do we differ? We share that we disagree with the political left in one way or another. We also share a skepticism about the media. The differences could fill endless pages. Neonazism is a cult with a mythology which spans from the Khazar myth over central bank babble, Holocaust denial and “Talmudism” to crocodile tears over Palestinians. It’s peppered with conspiracy theories about secret services and actions which Israel supposedly undertakes to grab land and grow and grow and grow to the size of New Jersey. The following text is perfectly legal under German law. You find the TV documentary it talks about as a YouTube video on top of this article. I perfectly trust that any reader can read it with enough skepticism on his own. It should remind us that free speech ultimately does not hurt. Of course, I don’t condone his views.

(First published here)

NBC, Billy Roper & Jacob Goodwin; Path to Radicalization:  A Mother Turns to Hate

by Tom C. Purcell

“I’m not a White Separatist, I’m a non-White Extinctionist.” – Billy Roper

Even I was a bit shocked by these words from my friend, Billy Roper.  You can hear Billy himself say the words in This NBC Documentary on Jacob Goodwin and The Shield Wall Network in Arkansas.

Now, the filmmakers did not adore Mr. Roper, as you can probably imagine.  They were not native Arkansans and perhaps the furthest thing from Southern culture.  In fact, although not shown in the final production, I was informed that one of the directors was brought to tears in a debate with Billy.  What is in the final production, is the same director’s aggression towards Mrs. Goodwin, Jacob’s mother.  She’s a sweet, motherly lady and for some reason, this person continued to badger her about “the holocaust”.  Said filmmaker didn’t show us anything of Billy Roper besides the shocking quote at the top and a few mentions and sightings, and he wouldn’t debate Billy on “the holocaust” or much at all it seems, but persisted to corner Mrs. Goodwin, who repeats that she doesn’t know that much about history and WWII.

This production is a microcosm of how the wider U.S. treats Southerners.  Leave the smart ones out of the picture (besides provocative, out of context material) and zero in on simple working folks and a sweet ole mother.  Ever seen ‘Paradise Lost’ from the 1990s?  Same approach on a greater scale.

As far as the very provocative quote, I’ll leave it to the viewer and reader to carefully consider.  My informed opinion is that he makes such comments to get your attention.  It definitely gets your attention.  I had to backtrack the video and watch/listen to it a few more times.  It gets you thinking on different levels:  What does he mean?  Does he really mean to extinct other races?  Why does he feel this way?  Who is this man?  Who is Jacob Goodwin?

I could be wrong, but I don’t believe Billy wants to genocide all but the fairest Whites on Earth.  It seems a bit impractical, does it not?  And despite his rather extreme views and extreme words, he’s smarter than that, don’t you think?  It’s especially suspect because that particular cut slips by quickly, as if they had to get that included no matter what.  It’s also clear to the viewer that pieces including Billy Roper in the final production are carefully edited to only make Billy look a certain way, and equally clear that Billy is aware of this likelihood.

“A Mother Turns to Hate” is what they chose to subtitle the documentary.  A mother turns to hate… Is that what it’s really about?  Not at all.  It’s about Jacob Goodwin and his time in the pen for defending a countryman from an urban terrorist, more or less.  These flimsy filmmakers made it about the poor man’s mother, and made it look like a problem that she didn’t know and embrace “the holocaust”.  Is that what it was about?  “The holocaust”?  Not at all, but that’s where they took it, only not to Billy or Jacob’s father or someone who studies such matters, but rather to a nice mother who’s distraught that her son is in prison for basically doing the right thing.

Again, they depict middle-low income Southern Americans negatively on purpose.  They are not painted in a positive light for the likes of say, a Californian.

Billy Roper eventually left a comment under the article to explain himself:

I use the radical flank effect in order to allow those more moderate than myself in rhetoric to express similar views which, by comparison, seem more palatable. The cutting edge of the knife is not the thickest. I’ve written thousands of articles, held dozens of public demonstrations with speeches, published fifteen books, and given hundreds of interviews since the video clip from fourteen years ago they like to use where I was addressing a skinhead crowd in language best suited for them. But I’m not complaining. As the country polarizes more and more on the way to balkanization, I seem more and more to reflect the coming breakup of America. It’s not ME that has shifted, but rather the Hegelian dialectic. ;->


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