Germans: A Minority By 2060

Germany’s Foundation Germany came into existence when the Prussians unified the provinces previously belonging to the Holy Roman Empire. That only happened in 1871, making Germany a relatively young country. As a new dominant player in Europe, the balance of power was disturbed.

Germany’s fertility rate is 1.45. The average woman is already 29 years old when she has her first child. Unsurprisingly, for many older mothers, the second child never comes. This extremely low fertility rate is the reason Germany’s population is bound to shrink. Despite the waves of immigrants entering Germany, it still shrinks. Moreover, it ages. Germany’s median age is the second oldest in the world, at 47.1 years old.

Muslims in Germany have a fertility rate of 1.9. Although having half a child per woman more than the non-Muslim Germans, it is still below the replacement rate. It is worth highlighting that many Muslims in Germany are Turks that arrived decades ago, or Bosnians that fled during the Yugoslav war. The newly arriving Muslims are mostly African and Middle-Eastern.

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