Browsing ZEIT Online

I thought for a while that this could actually be a series: German media in constant outrage about being accused of left-wing bias and their headlines.

There will be no such series, but I run you through ZEIT online today.

This is normal and speaks for itself. No results for the browser search on the word “Merkel.” Seven results for the word “Trump.”

Most prominent article: “The Fear of the Dreamers.” Insecurity under Trump, but they ‘don’t give up.’

A regional SPD meeting bickers about the coalition treaty. For starters, it contains nothing, just as expected since ….. long before last election.

North Korea article hidden behind a paywall.

Some cheesy private story about professional care of the elderly and death from an individual perspective.

Behind paywall, an article about social media censorship. The public teaser makes clear that the reader is whipped up against those who believe in the human right to free speech.

Headline: “They have the hardest job in Germany.” They are Quran teachers employed by the German state to teach in German schools.

Story: Thousands march against the right-wing government in Austria. Meanwhile, each Monday thousands march against Merkel, but that does not hit the news, and if it does, it is not shown in a positive light.

New law proposed so that driving must be slower on German highways.

#MeToo. I don’t even read the teaser.

“America’s systematic decline.” Behind a paywall. Teaser along the lines: Trump is bad, but the US is doomed anyway.

“Muslims in the US – I deny to cave in to hate.” A portrait about a high-ranking female CAIR member. I read it. No bad word about her and her organization.

“Wurzen – Investigation into Mass Brawl About Suspected Extremism.” If I hadn’t decided to write this “browsing” article, I would have missed that. Teaser: “The town has seen racist attacks before.” Hmmmmm.

“Tunisia – Longing For a Strongman.” This article is hilarious because it only knows the leftist tools to criticise any protests. They are against ‘austerity policies’ so they are good, but somehow not good. ZEIT has a tough time.

The rest is gossip and trash like ‘Can you drink rain water without risk?’

Good night!


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