More Anti-Jewish Garbage From ZEIT ONLINE

ZEIT drives me crazy. They hunt down every single self-hating Jew to write articles for them. Omri Boehm did an article with the title “Jerusalem – Our Golden Calf.” The teaser written by somebody else makes already clear that Jews really have it all wrong and are morally dubious if they think to have a relationship with the place.

Theologically nothing speaks for the romantic identification of Israelis with their capital. Rather to the contrary, this is messianic idolatry.

Note that they make the “mistake” from a liberal perspective to acknowledgement Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It is so obvious that one has to watch the tongue in permanent political correctness to ensure the Jews be shamed enough. Whoever wrote the teaser slipped and admitted that he saw Jerusalem as the capital. That is heresy on the left.

The article, which is a translation from this English blog post, starts with Boehm’s declaration that the ‘heart’ of Judaism is the Tora only and the rest of the bible is some kind of paraphernalia. It is true to some extend, but not to the extend that he makes it out ot be. In the Tora, he asserts, Jerusalem is mentioned as rarely as in the Quran. This is very handy because of the time period that the Tora covers. Tora ends before the chosen people reach the Holy Land. Jerusalem and Salomo’s Temple have not been erected. The reason why the city is never, and indeed the entirety of Israel seldom, mentioned in the Quran is that it plays no theological role in Islam whatsoever. Jerusalem is not Mecca or Medina.

Boehm goes great lengths to say that the people asking for a kingdom to replace the revolving reign of Judges was an act of heresy. Prophet Samuel prays to G-d and the Lord agrees with a kingdom immediately in hope to make the people more loyal to him. Boehm sells it as a betrayal to G-d. In the same way, the Christian concept of Jesus Christ as G-d becoming human to lead more effectively could be interpreted as an act of mistrust and the people’s desire for a savior as an act of disloyal heresy. Boehm is so convinced of his interpretation that he smears the kingdom as idolatry.

Then he claims that Jewish law forbids that Jews rule Jerusalem. He does not quote the law because he can’t. Instead he says that Trump’s decision to move the Embassy is against Jewish law as well, so is the reestablishment of the state of Israel in the twentieth century. Jew-hatred replaces actual quotes from the scripture to justify the claims. Despite the fact that he doesn’t quote scripture, he is sure to talk truth to fundamentalism.

Then he throws around the word zionist twice and sees the admiration for the country as pagan. In my humble view the only pagans who care to grab the land of Israel are Muslims. For Boehm modern left-wing novel authors, Hebrew intellectuals, are prove enough that Jerusalem does not matter.

Trump is finally the explanation for the title. The capitalist Midas turned Jerusalem into a tawdry golden calf. “[Jerusalem] is also not the basis of Jewish thinking or literary significance.” In his mind the bible is not of literary significance. With religiously illiterate Jews like Boehm, you don’t need calves.

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