Boxing Champion Manuel Charr Is Not A German

When I first heard that a German was declared WBA heavyweight Champion in boxing I was just happy for him. I don’t watch traditional boxing, but I believe in the moral function of sports and the importance of supporting their appreciation. Finally, decades after Max Schmeling won the title for Germany in 1930 a new hero seemed to have risen like a phoenix from the ashes of effeminate decay.

Now we learn that Manuel Charr is not a German. He is an Arab from Lebanon. That does not take away from his honor and success, and I’d like to take the chance to congratulate him now: well done, warrior! Before him the most successful ‘German’ boxers were the Klitschko brothers from Ukraine.

What strikes me now is that we don’t have successful German martial artists. We also don’t have a notable rugby team. In fact the most macho sport Germans can compete in is Association Football, a sport where the fans are regularly more violent than the athletes because their rough nature is not sufficiently satisfied. This is both cause and symptom of a moral decline.

The social network Facebook once made a study that showed in what regions of the US college football teams are most often ‘liked’. The most enthusiastic region was the South, followed by the Mid West, rural areas were more thrilled than urban ones.

In conservative areas moral men are hard men. In liberal areas immoral men run rampant unopposed by effeminate weaklings. Prisons are filled with hard, immoral men from leftist areas and crime rates are low where the well-raised, religious men are the hard men. The South and the Mid West are also the regions that are most successful in military recruitment. American Football is just about as safe and just about as violent to attract a sizable number of manly fans and to encourage men to be real men.

It should be no surprise that one of the most successful countries in modern history, the United Kingdom, is also the birthplace of many of the world’s most popular sports. Athletic activity, it seems, advances fairness, camaraderie, ambition and the neccessary restraint to uphold a framework of rules. At the same time, English, unlike any other language, has integrated the fuzzy logic that good men are ‘gentle’. So far Britain’s aristocracy could offset this notion by serving their country in the military, leading the nation by example. Prince Harry is swooned by the ladies for being the rough and tumble prince, who speaks fondly about killing enemy soldiers. When the tabloid Sun was criticised for publishing a picture of him being naked, with his genitals on display, they defended themselves with praise: Harry is our military hero! I suppose, the Queen was amused.

But what does it mean if Germany loses its sense of manliness. First, we lose the ideals for how a man should be. The virtue of restrained passed down to us from our ancient Roman heritage vanishes. A boxer may not bite the ear in the fray and a sexually aroused man must accept a woman’s ‘no’.

By losing our sense of manliness we also seem to weaken traits that men are born with. Men want to defend their family, women, and children. The protection traditionally extended to larger units and to the entire nation. Men sacrifice a lot to achieve a goal. What does it mean for a nation if men don’t want to defend the borders? And is it a coincidence that man are insulted more regularly since the debate about borders and migrations has risen to prominence?

But not all can be explained with ‘feminist’ aggression. Since decades the testosterone level of Western males is sinking (this study for the US is age controlled). This is paralleled by a rapid decline in the number of sperms per ejaculation. Both is sometimes attributed to the evil toxic industries that (could) poison us all, but many scientists see an abating interest in sports as the main reason. So far the number of sperms is still considered high enough to procreate, but with the ideal of marriage went the wishes to have children anyway. Without certain ideals men won’t marry and men won’t accept a ‘no’ to be in the way of their sexual advances.

The left has done a great job using those as pawns who have a harder time striving for gender ideals. We are showered with transgender and gay issues on a daily basis now. To make a long story short: gays and trannies are not the problem. People who lived in loving straight relationship (so their own account), but come out glamorously as ‘gay’ are a concern (e.g. soccer star Thomas Hitzelsperger).

We see a surge of fake gays and fake trannies, of people who actually don’t have a hard time to conform to an ideal. I also don’t mind bisexuals. If there is a partner you love, go for him/her! But why do singles glamorously announce that they want to live a gay life now?

The problem is not trannies. Real trannies by definition match gender ideals of the aspired sex. Generally they do so much better than the general public. But why is there so much fuss about pseudo-trannies who simply cannot throw a coin?

There is also no problem with girly men and butch women. They can just be admired as individuals as everybody else. Ideals don’t compel us to comply, they guide us. Sports are a way to shape us without force, gently.

Boxing Champion Manuel Charr has a dark past. He was a hard man before he was a moral one. His criminal record includes theft and grave bodily harm, even an attempted murder. However, he has been law-abiding for some years now. His path reflects his Arab background, a culture with a very mixed moral record, with strengths and weaknesses different from our own. His fortitude did not rise out of a German culture of strong men. Now, he seeks the German citizenship. Will he be held dear as a hero?


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