Blonde in The Belly of The Beast

Followers of my blog know that I feature frequently videos that talk about larger issues than everyday affairs. One of my favorite sources is the beautiful and sweet twenty-something Becky who runs a YouTube channel with the name ‘Blonde in the Belly of the Beast‘.

She grew up in St Louis, studied at Mizzou, worked at Wall Street, moved shortly to LA, settled down in Seattle, and is in search of a suburban home right now. She recently married a military serviceman. She has been doxxed and her birth name is Rebecca Hargreaves. Because she disclosed her first name right from the start and has now a different surname anyway, I hope she won’t mind if I refer to her with this speakable alternative to ‘blonde in the belly of the beast.’ Why do I write about her? Because she has the best channel on YouTube.

Her videos are usually between 15 and 20 minutes long and well researched. Social and political topics that are rarely spoken about are presented in a crisp, academic way. All of her sources are transparently mentioned and, if possible, linked to in the description box.

She decided to start her video blog (vlog) when she was travelling across Europe. She ran into Muslims every step of the way and realised that this group of people behaved very differently from everybody else. The most intense situation happened when some dudes were circling around her, looking menacingly into her eyes while she was sitting on a bench. A policeman came along and did not reprimand the men. Instead she was told to get her shoes off the dirty bench.

The videos differ in quality which is normal for any series, including my blog posts. Yet, I have not seen one video that was actually bad.

Sometimes it takes a while to open one’s mind for an issue. I have seen videos that sound like satires, particularly when she speaks about men and women. I was laughing when she talked about leading gender-conform lives and that men should be dominant in their relationships.

Live and let live! I can respect all kind of personal arrangements and if a woman wants to be led, I am happy to lead. I respect if people make other choices. For me it was cringe-worthy at first to hear somebody advocating for male domination. And sexy! I must admit that. So, even for me, opening my mind for Becky took a moment. One can advocate for something while respecting other choices.

Why does one cringe in the first place? We cringe because of our romantic idea that sexual identity does not matter. It does. I realise now that her blog is only possible because she is a woman. It is only women who live through hell in high school and know all the traps of human interaction. Only women have this absurd knack for observing human behavior.

If you put your romantic idea aside and allow yourself to watch the world through Becky’s lens, you see the female reality: women who exploit unattractive men, coward men who think it is not modern to defend women against violent attacks, feminists who perpetrate or hide sexual assault, unhappy career women, childless frumpies and so on. It opens the door to the reality, a reality in which women want children more strongly than men and in which men want to support and defend women, yet for romantic ideals both men and women deny themselves their wishes.

Of course, her video blog would be dull if she only talked about romantic relationships, about manliness and womanliness. She talks about leadership, technology, guns, corruption and all other aspects of politics and society. I don’t agree with everything she says, but I can agree to disagree. Sometimes I even change my mind. So check her out!

8 thoughts on “Blonde in The Belly of The Beast”

  1. I have seen so many shxxxx marriages so I am not sure if it is “all” because of gender indoctrination. It seems more a kind of general alienation from faculty of reason (the gender doctrine is a very mighty tool in the process, but only working, because of much deeper traumata). Until the wars there was a kind of “moral cage” that provided a frame for men and women in all those cases, where their reasoning or mental capabilities fell short. But since this cage is broken up (not a bad thing) the western society neglected the obligation to appropriately develop mind and reason (that is really a bad thing). The moslem society has a very strong cage and tries to stuff everyone in. We will see if our (ancestrial) strive for freedom and quest for knowledge is strong enough to reject to be stuffed back or if we first have to go back into the cage and brake out again (quite a bloddy thing I guess). I fear the latter becomes more likely.


    1. Yes, I’ve also come to think that the moral breakdown is a result of the traumata that were the World Wars. The Peloponnese Wars did the same to ancient Greece. The decline of the Roman Republic came with the turmoils which resulted from the (today noted as communist) land reform by the Gracchus brethren. It was preceded by the almost fatal Punian War with Hannibal.

      In both cases and today the height of a culture is reached with an inertia of former glory at a time of moral decline, the latter unseen in the blinding light of the past, the dead star in the sky.

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