I Missed The Boat on Spain


Dear readers,

first of all let me thank you for your trust and support. This blog is still very young and yet I ran into many amazing people so far who leave interesting, often informative or funny comments on this site. Thank you very much for being you.

My journey to blogging began when I was blocked on Twitter. My first post was about that experience and I deleted it when I realised how petty it is to even talk about it. I regret that now. Let me recall for you the experience!

I took to Twitter because of the consolidation of power under Angela Merkel and the descend of Germany in what I see as an autocracy. I don’t use the word lightly and I’m not petty.

So I went to twitter and found that many people who I admire were there, especially English-speaking intellectuals. At the time, only a few months ago, which is frightening enough, twitter was a free speech haven while Facebook went full-blown Chinese.

There were not many Germans on Twitter. The first thing I learnt was that nobody reads my stuff if I tweet in German. The second thing I learnt was that you have to provide a stream and shouldn’t obsess about a perfect post. In short, I adopted the culture of it. That also means: off-colour jokes. Yet, I was definitely tamer than really anybody in English-speaking countries. Within the approximately three weeks that I was there a boatload of Israeli embassy personnel followed my feed.

I was kicked off without explanation and I refuse to hand over my personal phone number to twitter. Facebook was off-limits and so I turned to blogging. Yet, I kept in mind what I learnt on twitter.

My twitter feed was not about my person but about my issue: the human rights situation in Germany. I retweeted and translated headlines from mainstream German newspapers into English, adding only little commentary. I learnt that I must be focussed and not litter my feed with too many things that are irrelevant. And, of course, the golden rule of writing: don’t bore!

WordPress plays by different rules. One has to write proper words and you don’t have an excuse to be lazy about providing a context. I noticed too late, after establishing an English-language following, that there was a German-language blogosphere. But I am ultimately glad about that because the German blogger style is somewhat different.

There are a few exceptions like Philosophia Perennis, JouWatch, or my follower Heimdall Warda who provide crisp eye-catching information. But the German style that appeals to a majority is the long, boring diatribe where relevant information is far and in between. The attitude is: If you can’t handle bore, you are not sophisticated!

Ultimately blogging in English gives me the opportunity to share things that are quick and funny. I don’t have to type up everything myself, but can refer to people who have done a good job. In the end I am only a wheel among many in the machinery of information distribution.

Despite my realisation that I have to be focussed, I noticed that I can’t get others to talk about Germany if I can’t talk about other countries. It seems to be a fair deal, yet in practice this is a difficult straddle.

So I looked out to other conservative blogs which talk about other countries. And I see great people like Aaron Sperber who covers Austria. If it wasn’t for the language, I’d definitely reblog him from time to time. I found Cliff Arroyo, a dude from Florida who blogs about his life in Poland. Just recently I had a run-in with the partly anonymous conservative Israeli bloggers of Simply Jews (obviously I covered Israel before and will try to strike a balance).

But I missed the Spain situation. We all know that something blew up with this Catalan referendum. It appears that the big news agencies and therefore the media in general did not report on the destruction of Spanish democracy in recent years. It comes to my attention only now and I realize how the critical Spanish were isolated in the same way as critically thinking Germans.

So here I am and I have no sources. I ask you. Do you have any suggestions where I can find a reasonable, conservative, English-language blog about the civil rights situation in Spain? It would be much appreciated.

Thank you in advance,



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