Intelligance Agency Claims German Army Employs 200 Right-Wing Extremists

Another pointless intelligence agency, another pointless report. For starters I begin with a quick assessment of the usefulness of German intelligence services in general. They are all forbidden by law to cooperate with the police or the legal department. Their only function is to monitor and to shame people.

As if this were not absurd enough they are all targeted at Germany’s own citizens. I don’t remember one Soviet spy who was ever expelled because of the work of a German intelligence agency.

The military runs its own intelligence. It’s called MAD. This is not a joke. The letters stand for the German name ‘Militärischer Abwehrdienst’. So we all feel save, right? Because they look out for the ene….oops…no…they monitor us. MAD obsesses over the likelihood of a coup d’etat through the German military.

The service could identify about 20 new right-wing extremists in the forces each year for the last ten years. Unsurprisingly, the term is not defined. At a parliamentary hearing MAD’s president Christof Gramm confirmed that about 8 new ‘neo-Nazis’ could be identified per year. Whatever constitutes the right-wing extremism of the remaining 12 times 10 individuals is left in the dark.

Yet Irene Mihalic, the MP who requested a report from MAD on the neo-Nazism of our army personnel, asks for repeated probes into the military to discover ‘extremist ambitions’ and ‘persons, strategies, and networks’ of the eight newly identified culprits per year. Mihalic is a member of the Green party. The media cheers her or is uncritical at best.


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