Conservative Politician Frauke Petry Will Enter Parliament as an Independent

The story of the scandal hits the news agencies, yet few know German politics well enough to explain what actually happened. On the standard general election press conference of conservative party AfD Frauke Petry, who serves as a co-chair of her party, announced that she won’t join the party’s fraktion.

The news agencies Reuters, Associated Press and AFP don’t bother to explain what a fraktion even is and as a consequence readers of English news outlets will find the story inscrutable. They just translate it with parliamentary group or parliamentary party (which is utterly confusing).

It is not uncommon that a member of parliament who does not vote with his fraktion will be punished by the group. This is known as fraktion discipline (German: Fraktionszwang).

The punishment can be that a candidate may no longer be put on the voting lists of the following election. Germany is a collectivist culture, which also means that we vote in a collectivist system. The parties compile lists of their candidates in advance of an election and the seats of the parliament will be filled with the candidates on the list in proportion of the seats the party wins.

It is still possible to run for a seat without being on a list. It is just much more difficult. Green party veteran Christian Ströbele was removed from the list of his party after he voted against sending troops to Afghanistan, but he still won his seat in the two following elections. Most candidates run on a party list ticket and also for a specific seat at the same time.

Another punishment for voting against the fraktion can be the expulsion from it. In this case the speaker of the parliament will offer an MP less speaking time than members of the parliament who belong to a fraktion. It is also common that the party will expel the MP.

Frauke Petry decided not to even join the fraktion which means that she can legally been excluded from her party and that the speaker will award her less speaking time. She will also be hampered in her work in the parliamentary committees. In exchange the small c conservative can vote and speak independently of her party and can ensure that conservative policies are indeed promoted and ultimately put into practice.

Members of the AfD’s highest party committee such as Alice Weidel and André Poggenburg have called for her exclusion from the party. This is a pity because much of the AfD’s appeal was their proposals to cut down on collectivism, e.g. by reducing party control over election lists and to introduce referenda on important policy decisions.

8 thoughts on “Conservative Politician Frauke Petry Will Enter Parliament as an Independent”

  1. very correct! “It is not uncommon that a member of parliament who does not vote with his fraktion will be punished by the group.” As I was working in the Bundestag I was once surprised to see a deputy being not there the next day within a political group. He was fired because he said in the Bundestag what he wanted to say without getting the agreement of the political party…. That is freedom in Germany 😉 hi hi hi

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  2. Petry and her husband committed treason. Their disloyalty, as well as their greed for money and power, is very damaging to the party. They planned this long time ago. The AfD was way too naive in dealing with them. The AfD should have foreseen this and should have gotten rid of them months ago.

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    1. I don’t like their current behavior either. Still I think its worth to hold any aggression back because German conservativism is too weak as a movment that we can allow external pressure to divide us.

      Petry is not the right person for the work inside a political party, particularly a German one. It is difficult to advocate ideas which one does not share and to gloss over people who one wildly disagrees with. The problem is collectivism.

      She is still an asset for the conservative movement. Whatever ways she will find through publishing, ad campaigns or something else, it may benefil all of us.

      She has two characteristics that are very valuable. She knows exactly what socialism is and she is said to be a perfect English speaker (she lived in the UK for three years). She may become an important connection between the UKIP crowd and those who can unmask Merkel’s socialist leanings.

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      1. Ich habe Petry zu Beginn auch einmal gemocht. Then I realized what a phony she is. Ich kann bei ihr keine politischen Qualitäten erkennen. Sie wurde nur wegen Lucke überhaupt relevant, er hat sie groß gemacht, er hat sie gefördert. Als Dank hat sie Lucke umgehend verraten und eine Verschwörung gegen ihn angeführt. Sie sah sich schon als Alleinherrscherin der AfD an but the opposite was true, she got no power at all. No one likes a traitor. Complete misjudgment of reality on her side.

        So what are her qualities actually? Extreme Machtgier, komplette Falscheinschätzung der realen Machtverhältnisse, Lust zum Verrat der eigenen Förderer, complete lack of subordination. I never heard anything of political substance from her either. There’s zero content. She got no clue about anything. In this regard she’s a copy of Merkel: She got no convictions, swill tell you anything you want to hear.

        Just look at her divorce. How can you marry an idiot like Pretzell? She must have no Menschenkenntnis at all to make a choice like that. Compared to them Bonnie and Clyde were reasonable. Two years from now nobody will be talking about them anymore.


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