Conservative Politician Alice Weidel Leaves Talk Show

A few days ago Angela Merkel, rarely seen speaking in public, deigned to give an appearance on a “debate” with her “challenger” Martin Schulz. Merkel’s party CDU and Schulz’ party SPD are currently working together on the helm of the government.

There are, however, also some other parties who are not part of the coalition. State channel ZDF invited leading figures of the parties most likely to win seats in the upcoming election for a “debate”.

Oh, and some leaders of the governing parties were also invited. Merkel’s party is technically split into a Bavarian part (CSU) and rest-German part (CDU). In total the government parties had three “discussion” participants in the show. Defence Secretary Ursula v. d. Leyen (CDU), Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) and Andreas Scheuer (CSU).

There were also two proxy party leaders (of “libertarian” party FDP and the Greens) and a woman from the socialist party DIE LINKE. At some point, CSU politician Andreas Scheuer called AfD regional leader Björn Höcke a ‘right-wing radical’. In German that is equivalent to a neo-Nazi.

Alice Weidel of AfD was left with no choice but to leave the show if she didn’t want to sanction the insult against a member of her party. The host said while she left, ‘this is a strange debate culture’.

She then weight in and claimed that Alice Weidel would stage her departure because she would know the turn of the discussion to the topic ‘social equality’ (German: soziale Gerechtigkeit). She opined Weidel had no desire to work on it anyway.

Only the producers of a talk show know what things are said at what time during the well-planned shows (complete with paid audience members). German viewers are not even left in the dark about the fact that the propaganda is entirely orchestrated. The next thing which was to be said was that the gap between rich and poor is too large. Alice Weidel did not play the fiddle the orchestra master handed her.

4 thoughts on “Conservative Politician Alice Weidel Leaves Talk Show”

  1. get it into context… judge the AfD-politicians by what rightwing, anti-feminist, anti-muslim, anti-genever convention bullshit they themselves are proposing. leaving the talk show belongs to the same political-media technic also other members of this party crade for over and over again (i.e. ‘Bernd’ Höcke): attention.
    and for what it’s worth: Weidel could have easily discussed the ‘accusation’ the Höcke is a Neo-Nazi, but chose not to do so (and then left). Anyway, check for yourself if Höcke didn’t propose racial biologism in a speach. A form of racism europeans strongly helped to be cultivated in the late 19th century and ended up having eugenics rule over live and death.
    To make a sad story short: FUCK AfD!


  2. There was no time alotted for Alice Weidel to defend Björn Höcke on this show and she would not have given the chance to do so. The host Marietta Slomka announced explicitely that the show would proceed with every attendant pretending to care about social inequality.

    If you watch the embedded video more closely you will find that Mr Höcke was not the topic of the discussion at all. Mr Scheuer of party CSU did not want to talk about the matter which Alice Weidel addressed, namely what she saw as a legalisation of illegal immigration. Instead he just called a member of her party a name that is considered gross in Germany. There is no way a front-runner of any party could sanction an insult against a lower member without losing loyalty within the party. I see no way to condone Mr Scheuer’s behaviour.


  3. if food tastes shit, you tell it to the cook.
    if a (prominent) party member paints racist pictures about afro-germans and african people in general, you may call him a Nazi.
    A german satirist called Weidel “Nazi-Schlampe” (= ‘nazi bitch’) in an attempt to combine Weidel’s proposal to “put political correctness in the garbage can of history / p.c. gehört auf den Müllhaufen der Geschichte ” (A. Weidel). Explaining why she sued the satirist Weidel claimed she feared for the lifes and security of her family. Anyway, she can’t have it both and got fucked real smooth. We will see how the judges will decide… most likely pro-art!

    To bring this ‘discussion’ to an end:
    AfD has several ties to neo-Nazi partys (NPD), some politicians of their party strongly and openly propose rightwing/nazi-ideologies, don’t believe in climate change. Calling them what they are is just mirroring their actions and words.

    nazi-bitchy greetings!


    1. Dear Mr Benesch,

      I understand that you want to put the debate aside, but let me still offer you some common ground. There should not be a law that can be used to sue somebody over insults and I don’t support the mentioned lawsuit.

      Insults, however, can be dehumanising. In this particular case Mrs Weidel was called a Nazi by some celebrity who can’t tell political correctness from civility.

      It led people to believe that Mrs Weidel is indeed a Nazi and in the current witchhunt climate the weirdoes are out “to kill Hitler baby.” This resulted in a worse security situation for Mrs Weidel.

      As I said before Mr Höcke was not the topic of the discussion and slandering his name was a tactic to force Mrs Weidel off the stage, which is unacceptable.

      I stand corrected, but I think you try to quote Mr Höcke on a speech he gave at a protest march. In said speech he said that Africans breed a lot. He may also have used some rhethorical mean like ‘it’s in their genes to have many kids’. I don’t remember it exactly, but it was ultimately harmless. If I remember rightly, he said something much more stupid at the speech that was completely neglected in the vain outrage that ensued (I won’t look it up now). It does not make Mr Höcke a Nazi.

      I also see that the censorship cult gives birth to much what it claims to prevent. The book Finis Germania did result in a revivial of anti-Semitism, because people did not see it anymore. The elites who tried to silence the book have lost their credibility and whatever they say, the opposite of which is believed. On top if it author Sieferle was a left-wing hack, which lend the diatribe extra credibility (this is because (Western) Germans believe that the left is harmless).

      There are no ties between NPD and AfD. Your phrase is, of course, vague enough to find ‘something’, but there is ultimately nothing noteworthy.

      Mrs Weidel’s political views are mainstream conservativism. I wouldn’t know one of her positions that could not have been taken by the likes of Margarete Thatcher or Ronald Reagan.


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